Ten Ways Conservatives Do It Better

August 1st, 2017 | Liberty 5-3000
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After the success of our most recent top ten article, we came to the realization that Buzzfeed was right. No, we don’t agree that hormone treatments or undergoing sex-reassignment surgery can change biological realities, but it did become apparent to us that people do, in fact, like top ten lists.


We on the political right receive a constant barrage of insults from the left on a daily basis. If we’re not called racists, bigots or homophobes, we’re labelled as unintelligent. It’s easy for us to get disheartened when dealing with such a malicious and unrelenting enemy. Accordingly, we thought we’d deliver a pick-me-up and share with you the top ten ways the political right does it better.


10.  We’re Better at Quitting Smoking


A 2009 study of American smokers conducted by the Pew Research Centre, (available here), showed that liberals were 6% more likely than conservatives to be smokers. Not only are liberals more likely to start smoking, they’re also more likely to continue smoking.  63% of liberals continue to smoke, contrasted with less than half of conservatives who keep smoking once starting.

The study cites both stress levels and self-reported happiness as underlying factors in both starting smoking and quitting smoking, and cites political ideology as a key factor in self-reported stress levels, saying, “people’s ideology (but not their party ID) is linked to stress. Liberals are more likely than conservatives or moderates to report being frequently stressed in daily life.”

While studies of this nature never fully provide all the answers we are looking for, we can speculate that the conservative ability to stay on task and not blame external societal pressures for our own personal behaviour, both play a role in why conservatives are less likely to become smokers and more likely to quit once starting.


9.  We’re Better at Dieting


It would appear that the conservative value of personal responsibility plays a significant role in dieting. Unlike the political left, who’s body positivity movement blames a myriad of external factors for obesity, such as unrealistic beauty standards, "food deserts" and even the design of our cities, the conservative is more likely to take personal responsibility for their actions.


We on the right believe in self-control and free-will and, unlike our left-wing friends, tend not to blame systemic or external factors for our behaviour. The National Academy of Sciences found just that, with their report that political ideology was linked to self-control, a major factor in the ability to go on and stick with a diet. Conservatives agreed with statements that related to free-will, while liberals placed the blame on cultural or systemic external factors as the reason for their actions and behaviours.


The 2015 study (available here) concluded, even after using multiple participant samples, that there was “a clear difference in self-control as a function of political ideology, as political conservatism (versus liberalism) was consistently related to greater self-control. Indeed, this self-control manifested in the form of attention regulation and task persistence.” It must have killed the researchers involved in this study, as they also had to concede conservatives had several other positive attributes, writing, “conscientiousness, religiosity, and even happiness, are associated with conservatism, each of which could contribute in some way to the present findings.”


8. We Give More To Charity


A book published by a professor named Arthur C. Brooks in 2006 entitled “Who Really Cares: The Surprising Truth About Compassionate Conservativism”, showed that while liberals and conservatives are both equally likely to donate to charity, conservatives give more, regardless of income.  


Brook’s research found that “conservatives gave about 30 percent more money per year to private charitable causes, even though his study found liberal families earned an average of 6 percent more per year in income than did conservative families. This greater generosity among conservative families proved to be true in Brooks’ research for every income group.

7. We Do More Volunteering and Donate More Blood


It would appear that those of us on the political right are 17% more likely to give blood than those on the political left. The author of this study, Arthur C. Brooks, indicated that if moderates and liberals donated at the same rate as conservatives, the blood supply in America would increase by 45%. To top that off, the good folks at the Huffington Post provide an info graphic confirming that those of us on the right are also more likely to volunteer, with 33% of Republicans having volunteered for a cause, contrasted with 24% of Democrats.


6. We’re Better Tippers


Considering the political left see themselves as the spokespeople for the poor, they sure don’t reflect their love for lower income people in the form of gratuities or tips.

A study conducted by CreditCards.com in June of this year, found “Republicans and independents are the big tippers. The poll found that 57 percent of independents and 59 percent of Republicans typically leave an average restaurant tip that exceeds 15 percent of the bill. Only 46 percent of Democrats could say the same.”

The study also found that both Republicans and Independents were also more likely to tip people in professions that one normally wouldn’t consider giving a gratuity for, like coffee shop workers or hair stylists.

5. Our Men Are Stronger


A recent study conducted by Brunel University London, concluded that physically weak men, who spent less time at the gym, were more likely to support socialist policies.


The study, which took 171 men’s measurements and noted their physical activity, concluded that not only were muscular men more likely to agree with the statement that some social groups should dominate others, but also found that “the number of hours actually spent in the gym was also linked to having less egalitarian socioeconomic beliefs”.


It’s no secret that our fire departments, military and police forcesall jobs that require traditional masculine strengthare overwhelmingly comprised of those on the political right. While it was unclear to the researchers whether political beliefs determined gym attendance, or whether gym attendance shaped political views, it should be said that whenever you’re looking for a much-needed break from the male-feminist types, you can probably find a couple hour’s refuge at the gym.


4. Our Kids Aren’t Out Causing Shit


A recent study of European Antifa protesters, reported on by Heatstreet, showed that more than 1/3 of Antifas were jobless, 90% were single and 92% of them still resided in their parent’s residences.


Similar things can be said about the Occupy Wall Street protesters. Slightly more than half of the protesters actually had full-time jobs and surprise, surprise, over 60% of them had attended university. I’ll leave it to you to determine what kind of "education" these protesters actually received.


Nuff said.


3. We’re Happier


The Pew Research Centre’s 2008 study, relating to happiness in America, showed that Republicans came out on top37% of whom reported that they were “very happy”, contrasted with Democrats, with only 25% sharing the same sentiment.

The study cites a myriad of reasons as to why this could be, listing Republican’s higher wealth, religiosity, better health and increased likelihood of being married, as some possible explanations.


Higher reported happiness by the political right is not solely an American phenomenon, however, with Pew themselves acknowledging, “there is a growing body of scholarly research, not just in this country but around the world, which supports the basic finding of these Pew surveys: that Republicans (or conservatives) are happier than Democrats (or liberals), and that these gaps persist even after basic demographic factors have been controlled”.


2. We’re More Sexually Satisfied


The political left is quick to paint us as dissatisfied and sexually repressed people and point to the traditional sexual morality contained in the Bible as the underlying culprit for being so. It would appear, however, that despite the left’s attempt to psychoanalyze us, we are, in fact, self-reportedly more sexually satisfied than those on the political far left.


YouGov survey of 19,000 individuals residing in Sweden, Germany, France, Denmark, and Britain found that those on the political right were more sexually satisfied than their left-wing counterparts.  People who identified across all five countries as being “very right wing” were more satisfied that those who identified themselves as politically “very left-wing”.


The researchers involved in this study provide the caveat that correlation does not equal causation, but go on to speculate that the conservative overall life happiness could serve as a potential explanation. Regardless of the reason, we’re feeling pretty good that the extensive consent forms pushed by pan-sexual, non-binary, other-kin and transgender lesbians kind of kill the mood.


1. We’re Better Looking


This one should go without saying. But we’ve now got evidence beyond just comparing and contrasting our openly right-wing celebrities and political commentators with those on the political left.


A 2016 study by the Journal of Economics showed that better looking political candidates tended to be on the political right, with their good looks going so far as to serve as a visual queue to uninformed voters as to their political ideology. The study concluded that “politicians on the right are more beautiful than politicians on the left in Europe, the United States and Australia. This is bound to have political consequences, as their beauty advantage, all else equal, makes candidates on the right more likely to win office and implement their preferred policies.”


The success of good looking conservatives is often written off by the political left under the banner of the "Halo Effect", wherein the political left alleges it has been proven that better looking people are shown to have more favourable treatment by others, leading to increased salaries, better success in school and even reduced prison sentences, amongst other things.


While the study does not provide all the answers we’d hope for relating to causation or other intervening factors, it does show that better looking people tend to be on the political rightsomething we needed only a set of eyes to prove. Although, having empirical evidence in our favour is good too.

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