10 Things Canada's Left Gets Wrong

March 2nd, 2013 | J. Hodgson

Have you noticed that Canada’s leftists are scrambling around in a chaotic fashion? Ever since the Conservative Party won the election in 2006, leftists in Canada have been failing. It wasn’t obvious at first, but the election in May of 2011 really solidified the fact that Canada is veering to the right on a lot of issues and leftists of all stripes can’t let go of their former social framework. Here is a list of 10 things leftists have lost in Canada over the past 7 years.

#1. The debate on “climate change”
Remember the ads showcasing Stephane Dion and his “tax on everything” policy back in 2008? They worked. Stephane and his Liberal dream of taxing the air we breathe ended with the election of 2008. Mainstream Canadians have moved on from the issue, even if they loathe having to actually say it out loud. The whole eco-Marxist agenda may not be as fully baked as conspiracy theorists would have us believe, but people know there’s something fishy about the whole ordeal. Apocolyptic predictions by leftist eco-tards have hardened the normals in Canada against this endless rhetoric. “Carbon tax” is the latest eco-buzzword kicking around Ottawa, but make no mistake...it’s just political juggling. A distraction for the climate thumpers while real business is done.

2. Mainstream white guilt
“Idle No More” was the latest leftist moment of rage. The Occupy movement failed when people realized urban camping was basically just make-believe homelessness, so the organizers decided to simply rebrand. If they couldn’t start a class war, then why not a race war? How to begin?

Go back to the old well of “liberal white guilt” and pull up a bucket full of righteous indignation! Problem is...it’s 2013, not 1983. Normals in Canada aren’t buying the whole “liberal white guilt” routine anymore. Too much time and too much money has been thrown at Indians in hopes that they’ll get out of their own squalor. Instead of seizing opportunities and moving forward, this soft socialist apartheid has left Indians worse off than ever. Mainstream Canadians are no longer embarrassed to admit that the status quo isn’t working and they won’t let leftist “racism” rhetoric stop them from expressing their opinions.

#3. The moral equivalency of Islam
Minister of Immigration, Jason Kenney, updated a booklet that stated, "Canada's openness and generosity do not extend to barbaric cultural practices that tolerate spousal abuse, 'honour killings,' female genital mutilation, forced marriage or other gender-based violence."

Justin Trudeau flashed his morally relative credentials by taking exception to the inherent criticism that permeated the pamphlet. You see, leftists like to think that all cultures are created equal and to criticize is to be intolerant. Since leftists believe intolerance is the most wicked thing in the world, criticizing spousal abuse or genital mutilation within the context of foreign culture is simply wrong. Except for people who live in the real world. They realize that criticizing barbarism isn’t only right...it’s crucial. Justin Trudeau slowly figured it out and retracted his comments.

#4. Thinking corporate tax cuts are wrong
Roughly 77% of Canadians work in the private sector. Raging against the businesses that pay people’s wages is a losing issue. When Harper cut the corporate tax rate, tax revenues from corporations went up!
Left-wingers don’t let that stop them from raging against rich CEO’s or claiming corporations are somehow avoiding paying a fair share (whatever that is). Mainstream Canada just shrugs at their antics and goes back to work. People are happy to receive a wage increase while working for a company that the government allows to be prosperous.

#5. Thinking of poverty as a crisis
Let’s get something straight. Poverty in Canada has been solved. Congratulations! We’ve done it!
The poverty industry doesn’t want to admit the truth of course, because it would jeopardize their own existence. So we’re fed a steady diet of “poverty crisis” stories by the media and we’re supposed to shed a tear every time we hear stories about someone struggling. Mainstream Canadians have finally realized that poverty...real, hungry, dangerous poverty doesn’t exist in Canada any longer. When real poverty does occasionally show up in Canada, we know it isn’t due to lack of opportunity or government/charitable support. It’s due to criminal levels of neglect, horrible life choices or mental health issues. These are marginal issues that have plenty of resources for those who want them. There is no “poverty crisis” in Canada and every time a left-wing activist claims that there is...mainstream Canadians shrug.

#6. Unions
I asked an NDP supporting friend of mine a question. “When did unions start to become unnecessary?”
His reply? “When the members started buying boats.”

Basically everything that unions fought for back in the day has now been enshrined in legislation for everyone. An 8-hour workday, statutory holidays, health and safety standards. You don’t need a union to get these things. In other words...unions won. Hurray! So why are they still around? To organize “hate Harper” rallies? To criticize Israel? To protect lazy workers? When Harper legislated Air Canada workers and Canada Post employees back to work, Canadians agreed with him. Why? Because unions are forty years past their best-before-date and everyone knows it.

#7. The wage gap between men and women.
Nobody cares about this one anymore. Women have gained equality. If they earn less money, it’s on them, not society. The media keeps going back to this every time some study is released comparing median earnings between men and women. Usually the data is horrible. No account taken of what types of jobs are being done. No account for hours worked by men compared to women. No account taken for education levels. It’s really bad. It leaves viewers with the impression that life unfolds like this...

Female Applicant: Hello.

Boss: Yeah, whatever, listen we have a job opening for an office assistant.

Female Applicant: Please consider me for the job!

Boss: The last guy we had here made $15.00 an hour, but if we hire you, we’ll just pay you $14.00 an hour...you know...cause...women.

Female Applicant: I’m still oppressed by this male dominated society...ugh.

Boss: You know it baby! You know it!

This never happens and everyone except zany leftists know it.

#8. Animal rights
People have been eating animals forever. This isn’t going to change. PETA clowns can protest KFC all they want, but our society has taken animal rights about as far as they will ever go. Pets are protected. Farm animals are treated well until they brutally, but quickly, aren’t. Wild animals are protected, but sometimes hunted. It’s a bunch of shades of grey and you know what? It’s pretty much accepted by everyone. People know instinctively when the far left is stepping outside of socially accepted norms. Animals have as many rights as they’re ever going to get.

#9. The wage gap between rich and poor
Margaret Thatcher said it best. When people talk about “the gap”, they are spewing envy. Plain and simple.
The Occupy crowd failed miserably. All that talk about the 1% didn’t gain traction, because decent people can smell envy fueled hatred from a mile away. Some people are rich, some people are poor. That’s life. Stop whining.

#10. Anti-Americanism
Canadians have been anti-American since 1776. It really is a sad trait outlined in great articles like this.
While the tendency to be anti-American still remains in Canada, the frequency seems to be diminishing. Canadian self confidence is ever so slowly rising and, with that rise, the insecure need to look at our neighbour as a barometer lessens.

The conservative movement can sometimes feel like it’s moving at a glacial pace, but strides are being made and things are getting better. Canada needs to keep racing in the right direction (no pun intended) in order to meet the challenges of the 21st century with the moxie and verve necessary to achieve and accomplish.

Keep going Canada!