The 2012 Mainstream Media Report

January 5th, 2013 | D. Stone 

For the 11th consecutive year, Fox News buried its competition in primetime ratings. The controversial network drew more ratings in 2012 than CNN, MSNBC, and HLN combined. The network's daytime ratings grew significantly in 2012 compared to 2011, reports. CNN's ratings have continued to plummet to historic 15 year lows, even after the network hired a new president. Formerly popular programs like Piers Morgan Tonight and AC360 saw a total decline of 20% in viewership during 2012. 

Conservative blogs, websites, and news networks ended 2012 on a higher note than 2011. The Drudge Report boasted its highest visitor count in its overall history while websites like Breitbart and Townhall saw overall increases in traffic, upwards of 30%. Much of this increase can be attributed to an election year and growing partisanship in US politics.  

These trends fit comfortably with the continued decline of liberal media in North America. 

Piers Morgan ended 2012 with no bump in popularity following his outrageous comments about gun control and the Bible, which triggered a petition on the White House website in favour of having the Briton deported. The petition has since topped 80,000 and produced discontent in the UK, where some have said he is not welcome to return. 

2012 saw the death of Andrew Breitbart and an overall increase in traffic to his popular blog network. 

Along with Breitbart, other conservative blogs grew drastically in popularity, including HotAir and RedState, each seeing increases in traffic higher than 30% during 2012. Liberal websites like the Huffington Post remained flat and consistent, despite the US Presidential election. 

2012 saw the demise of Newsweek in print. Newsweek was founded in 1933 and became a web-based service in 2012, ending its print edition permanently. Canada's PostMedia cut thousands of jobs in 2012 and dramatically scaled back printing. 

With major mainstream networks in decline, 2013 is sure to see more known liberal venues go under. 

Kudos to a new year of real progress.