The 2020 Conservative Strategy Guide

We are putting together a conservative strategy guide for 2020 and beyond. In order to successfully bring down Justin Trudeau and to implement a strong Conservative government, we need to hear from all conservatives. We need to hear from you. 

Help us put together a feasible strategy by giving your insights, views and opinions on what you would like to see, how you would like your representatives to represent you, and what strategies you think would work for any conservative party attempting to form government. Your words will help shape the overall strategy. When all the information has been compiled, we will release the official 2020 Strategy Guide. 

Answer the questions below and add your comments to the best of your ability. No personal information is required, all answers are optional and we are not affiliated with the Conservative Party. The questionaire is most friendly on a tablet, desktop or laptop computer.

The 2020 Conservative Strategy Questionaire

Your age:

Did you vote in the 2019 federal election?

Do you consider yourself a "conservative"?

Do you think the CPC should hold a new leadership election?

Did Andrew Scheer's personal positions on gay marriage and abortion hurt the Conservative Party's chances?

Select which issues needed more attention from Andrew Scheer and the CPC in the 2019 campaign:

How did you view Andrew Scheer's campaign?

What does a Conservative leader need to BE in order to win a general election? (select all that apply)

Do you think the Trudeau government has treated Alberta and Saskatchewan unfairly?

What are your views on Climate Change?

If Trudeau's minority falls, will you vote for Andrew Scheer's Conservative Party in the next election?

Should the Conservative Party spend less time and resources trying to win seats in Quebec?

Should Conservatives spend more resources and time trying to win seats in Atlantic Canada?

Of these regions, which ONE should the CPC make a major priority in the next election?

Should resources be taken out of winning Quebec to focus on those three regions?

Should conservative activists/groups focus on popularizing Jagmeet Singh to help bleed votes from Liberals?

How many non-voting people do you know that could be potential Conservative voters?

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