The Three Pawns 

April 1st, 2015 | K. McGregor 

As the years roll by it's getting more and more obvious that the three main political parties, the NDP, Liberals and the Conservatives are really marching to the same drum. Regardless of what government has been in power, taxes have risen, debt has piled on and more of our freedoms have been stripped. Our elections are really about nothing. The political parties toss out a few bones to the voters to fight over to make them feel included in the process when, in fact, the die has already been cast. The news media takes these political bones and revs up the voters into a political frenzy with their speculative commentary, playing voters like a ping-pong game where the voters are the ball being batted from one side to another, or one party to another. You really have to think hard to see an advantage in voting for a particular party.

Not one of the main three parties have any real objections to belonging to NATO, an organization that is having an ever-increasing influence on our Canadian way of life. Whether you like it not, all three parties want to participate, so it doesn't matter who you vote for. All parties subscribe to NATO's 300 page non-binding and voluntarily Agenda 21 that was born in Reo de Janeiro, Brazil, in 1992. Like all documents, there is opposition, but Agenda 21 is still being carried out. This document has far-reaching effects on our country, like combating poverty, changing our consumption patterns, achieving a sustainable population (scary) and telling us how to implement our science, education and technology. It can literally take the decision-making out of our hands. But, regardless of who you vote for, the agenda has already been written and won't ever be an issue in any election.

The NDP, CPC and Liberals are also on the same page when it comes to taxes. The Canadian tax burden has skyrocketed over the last fifty years. Come every election, the promises come fast and furious. But after fifty years, the taxpayers pay more and receive less. The Canadian Consumer Tax Index for 2012 calculates that over the past fifty years, an average family's total tax bill has increased by a staggering 1,738%, while over the same period the cost of shelter has increased by 1,185%. Food by 518% and clothing by 500%. But the political bands just keep marching on. Even Alberta has taken the plunge into debt and higher consumer taxes.

Even the latest three party kerfuffle over the long gun registry (non-restrictive category) is really smoke and mirrors, since individuals who wish to possess or acquire firearms in Canada must still hold a licence in order to possess a firearm. The licensing, safety training and safe storage requirements for anyone who uses or owns a firearm continue to be in force. It may not be a registry per se, but authorities know who has firearms. Its more of a three party political/media dog and pony show to grab voters. Outside of the non-restrictive guns, all other arms have to be registered. It is interesting to note that the Canadian long gun registry came into existence in 1993, just after Agenda 21 was passed at the UN in 1992.

As I mentioned above, you really have to think hard to see an advantage in voting for a particular political party. They're all like pawns in a chess game functioning the same. Since the Canadian 2015 election is going to be a pivotal election for our future, I'm going to vote for experience and who I think can get us the best deal in the new emerging world. Stephen Harper.