Justin Trudeau's Third Way 

September 2nd, 2014 | K. McGregor 

Even though Canada is doing quite well under PM Harper, there is still a loud outcry from the Liberal camp that all is falling apart. The Liberals just can't stand the idea of a conservative government. This loathing from the Liberals is a stark change from the Liberals of the old under, say, Lester Pearson. Politics then was still rough and tumble, but the Liberals never stooped to assassinating and destroying their political rivals.  Today's Liberals have become ruthless in their pursuit of power. The question is, why? Canada is already one of the best run and wealthiest countries in the world.  So, what is the Liberal Party's endgame and is it part of something bigger that the public should be aware of?

When I think of Justin Trudeau I cant help but think his ideas are a clone to his father's and British Prime Minister Tony Blair's Western European version of the Third Way (specifically the Tony Blair/Anthony Glidden's account) that can be describe as free-market capitalism and state socialism combined. Blair argued that free-market capitalism is inhumane and exclusive and denies equal opportunity to all classes and social groups. Blair also argued that socialism denies the individual freedom of choice and incentives to engage in entrepreneurial activity. His solution was to combine them both, giving individual choice to the market place and, at the same time, the opportunities of the welfare state.

It was in the mid 1990's when Blair actually declared support for this new conception that he referred to as the welfare capitalism approach, involving politics that recognized individuals as socially interdependent and advocated social justice, cohesion, equal individual worth and equal opportunity.  I feel Canadians are going to find Blair’s statement hard to distinguish from socialism when Liberal leader, Justin Trudeau, rolls out this plan after the election in 2015... if he is successful. 

Any way you slice it, I believe that the endgame of Trudeau and his European (and many American) cohorts, if not exactly Tony Blair's Third Way, is an advanced form of it.

This political concept is not new. It's been around for years, being promoted by the likes of Bill Clinton, Gerhart Schroder, Obama etc.. Check out this link from the BBC. Blair's "pie in the sky" speech to the Labour Party could also be a rough draft of a Justin Trudeau speech.

The Third Way being pushed by the left, like Trudeau and his Liberals, definitely has its points and it's clear the world needs a better way. It's also clear that the individuals promoting the Third Way truly believe it's the route to a better world. Unfortunately, I don't buy it.

In my view, the left is just replacing business for government and simply put, I believe business will do a better job than government. Once government has power over the people, it won't be able to control itself. 

If you read the link above you know now there is a lot to this Third Way that will affect you, your kids and everyone else in Canada.  Thus far, Liberal leader Justin Trudeau has said very little about anything, and it's doubtful he will. Instead, the Liberals will float along with the backing of the majority of the news media, bashing PM Harper and the Conservatives. This is disturbing since the public will not have a clear view of Liberal policy until after the election.

I'm hoping that voters will demand more information in the 2015 election, instead of being swayed just by trumped up scandals and personality. Canada is doing very well right now. It would be a shame to be thrown down the path of government socialism because we didn't bother checking what the new Liberal party stands for.

As a last note, lets remember who is running Britain now. It's David Cameron's Conservatives. So much for Tony Blair’s third way...and, hopefully, so long to Trudeau.