News Dump: April 8-15, 2016

News Dump March 25 - April 1


Belgium's minister of transport resigns following an EU report detailing lapses in the country's airport security systems.

Supreme Court Of Canada

The court strikes down a Conservative "tough on crime" law that required mandatory minimum sentences for certain drug offences and sought to eliminate the credit for "time served" given to convicts who are denied bail. One day earlier, the court ruled to grant Indian status to 600,000 metis and non-status Aboriginals.

Zika Virus

The US Center For Disease Control confirms that Zika "more than likely" causes skull deformities in infants and that the virus can be transmitted sexually.

Bernie Sanders

The Democratic candidate visits The Vatican before a crucial New York primary, but does not meet with the Pope. Sanders holds a press conference to commend the Pope and encourage Americans to adopt his views on climate change and moral economic practices.


The search for survivors continues following the country's largest earthquake since 2011. 9 people are confirmed dead after a 6.5 magnitude quake strikes the Kyushu region.


Germany grants Turkey the right to prosecute a German comedian for publicly reading a poem that criticizes the country's leader.

Manitoba Election

PC leader, Brian Pallister, comes under fire for spending more than 10% of his time at his property in Costa Rica. The criticism comes days after the only leaders debate, which polls show was won handily by Pallister. 


52% of NDP delegates vote to hold a leadership contest, defeating Thomas Mulcair at the party's bi-annual convention. Controversy swirls over the party's motion to adopt some parts of the controversial Leap Manifesto written by Avi Lewis and his wife, Naomi Klein.