It's Time To Re-Open The Abortion Debate

January 2nd, 2022 | RR

The age of bodily autonomy and choice is over. The right to choose no longer exists. Almost every country on the planet has proved it by requiring citizens to put something into their bodies in order to participate in society. Some countries have done it outright by making it mandatory, while others have created a passport system that forces the unclean to become clean or face exclusion. Yet, there are still groups arguing that women should have the right to kill unborn babies because their bodily autonomy still matters, sometimes—when it's convenient for them. As usual, bodily autonomy is a selective issue and only applies to women after they've made a mistake or a regrettable decision. With that, it's time to fight back against double standards, lopsided rules and the killing of unborn children.

Whether you're pissed off by that first paragraph, or agree with it, I encourage you to read this to the very end.

If you've always been pro-choice, like I have been, you need to ask yourself how many rights you're willing to lose before you fight back. You should have noticed that certain groups have been able to gain rights and keep the ones they've had, while you continue to lose yours. How long are you going to let this system continue?

Revolutions aren't always violent. In a democracy, they don't need to be. Elections are bloodless revolutions. Since 2020, we've seen public sentiments change dramatically. At first, the public wanted safety and security—now, they're getting fed up. Life was supposed to go back to normal and masks were supposed to come off. Two years ago, the idea of mandatory shots was a conspiracy theory—today, it's closer to reality. Most normal people are becoming increasingly uncomfortable and agitated by the things that are happening around them, but they aren't doing anything about it.

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If you've always believed that abortion is murder, now is your time to act. With governments and activists erasing the freedoms that once preserved your bodily autonomy, pro-choice activists and women's rights crusaders have no legs left to stand on. The freedom to choose and control our bodies is not exclusive to sexually active women. If we let them think it is, this charade will never end. Either all of us have the right to choose, or none of us do.

The best outcome would be if the tyrants retreated. The only way to achieve that is to fight back and to escalate the battle. At the moment, we are bending over and letting them take our rights. We're letting them kill unborn babies while we submit and inject ourselves for the sake of “earning” back our freedoms. Not only is that unfair, it's pathetic. Until we fight back and take one freedom for every freedom they take, they will keep doing it.

We need an eye for an eye, or we will lose.

Along the way, we could be saving lives and reducing the country's need for immigrants, while reducing public healthcare costs at the same time. They will, however, tackle this debate with more lies and misinformation, so we should be prepared to counter their tactics.

But Abortions Don't Put Others At Risk

Neither do the “unclean”.

The pro-choice cultists will tell you that abortions and mandatory shots can't be compared. They will use the apples and oranges argument, but they're wrong. They will say the unclean pose a threat to others around them, while abortions are totally harmless to society (or, in some cases, even beneficial). However, they're wrong. Both arguments are about bodily autonomy and the freedom to choose what we do with our bodies. Banning abortions and mandating shots are of equal detriment to our rights to personal autonomy and freedom. 

We can argue that murdering unborn children is detrimental to our society in ways their tiny brains can't understand.

Up to 100,000 abortions are performed across Canada every year. That's 100,000 potential taxpayers, doctors, engineers and scientists who were robbed of their chance to live, to contribute and to fix our societal problems. Over a decade, that amounts to one million lost Canadians. To fill the void created by low birthrates, countries like Canada bring in millions of unskilled immigrants with different cultural backgrounds and religious beliefs. Often times, these cultural differences create long-term problems for the country and for the immigrants. We need not look further than the cultural “ghettos” in our big cities and in countries like Sweden, France and the UK, which are often populated by immigrants and refugees who have refused to assimilate.

On the other side, in a room full of fully cleansed people, one unclean person poses no significant threat to anyone else. Even two or three unclean people don't pose a threat to a room of fully cleansed individuals. Those who have been cleansed and protected should be safe from the illnesses and filth emanating from the unclean. If their miracle cures work as they should, there is no reason for the clean to fear the unclean or to bar them from restaurants, planes and normal social activities. The argument that the unclean pose a threat to the fully cleansed is absolutely false and it contradicts a century worth of science.

"The age of bodily autonomy and choice is over."

In theory, those who seek to be cleansed for safety should do so, without imposing their unscientific dogmas on everyone else. Once cleansed, they should carry on and mind their own business. This is what would happen in a truly free, mindful and sane society.

With more than 70% of the Canadian population fully cleansed, freedom and normalcy should have returned by now. Because they haven't, fighting back is more important than ever.

Abstinence And Public Health

Refraining from sexual activity is safer than promiscuity. Free abortions encourage unsafe sex and promiscuity by giving partners that extra choice—one that comes after several other choices have been made to result in pregnancy. This sounds archaic to some, but the evidence to support abstinence as the healthiest lifestyle choice is undeniable. From a cultural perspective, teaching and encouraging monogamy and abstinence until marriage could reduce overall healthcare costs across the country.

In 2018, Canada saw a 40% increase in sexually transmitted diseases over ten years. Overall, rates of chlamydia have been increasing by 5% annually since 2009. Since 2009, rates of gonorrhea have been increasing by 9% a year. In 2018, there were more than 30,000 cases of reported gonorrhea in Canada.

Since 2009, the rate of syphilis infections in Canada has tripled. Since 2009, syphilis transmissions have increased by 259%.

In 2018, there was an increase in HIV transmissions in Canada from previous years. According to Health Canada, rates of HIV and Hepatitis transmissions in the country are not declining. On average, Canada sees more than 2,000 new HIV transmissions every year, with similar numbers for Hepatitis. 49% of new HIV infections are among sexually active gay men, but up to 25% of transmissions are among heterosexuals, which amounts to approximately 500 new HIV cases per year from heterosexual activities. In total, 33% of new transmissions are heterosexual, but some come from injection drug abuse—which can eventually lead to sexual transmission.

All of these diseases cost money to treat.

If left untreated, many of them lead to severe complications that require hospitalization and expensive procedures. Often enough, infections like chlamydia, HPV and HIV go unnoticed and patients end up requiring expensive treatments and hospitalization. On top of annual abortion costs, which run upwards of $600 each, these diseases and infections put a significant strain on our public healthcare system.

Testing for these diseases also costs money and labour.

Since we're in the realm of trying to refuse the unclean health treatments, feminists and women's rights activists have even fewer legs to stand on. Many of them are the same people who have been advocating to exclude and segregate the unclean from the rest of society, up to and including the refusal of health services. The argument that the unclean put a burden on our public healthcare system can be played both ways.

By banning most abortions, we can return a sense of personal responsibility to couples who choose to engage in risky sexual activities. In return, we might see a gradual decline in promiscuity and unsafe sexual activity across the board, which would then result in a reduction in sexually transmitted diseases. Combined with a culture that promotes and encourages abstinence and monogamy, we could be looking at a significant reduction in healthcare costs over several years.

Canada Offers Free, Limitless Abortions

In conclusion, it's important to remember that Canada has some of the most “progressive” abortion laws in the Western world. On the political spectrum, Canada's laws on abortion are further left than most other democracies. Not only are abortions legal until the very last minute of the third trimester, they are fully funded by Canadian taxpayers.

Women who engage in risky sex have the choice to abort a pregnancy, without having to pay an extra penny. That's not to say that an abortion is an easy choice or an easy process for a woman, but the morality of free and limitless abortions is one worth debating.

If you disagree with what has been discussed here, maybe you should reflect on what you've done to protect the freedom and bodily autonomy of your friends and neighbours. Mandatory shots and free abortions cannot be reconciled in one sentence, unless you lie to yourself. You can fall for the ruse that the unclean are a threat to your family, who have all been cleansed—but, then you can't definitively say that the cure you used to clean yourself is effective. If it was, you would have nothing to fear.

If you think the unclean are a burden to our healthcare system, you must then admit that anyone who chooses an unhealthy or dangerous lifestyle is as well. That would include promiscuous people, police officers, fire fighters, bad drivers, construction workers, motorcyclists, obese people, the elderly, the infirm and dozens more.

If you are a pro-choice woman who is scared by what is happening with abortion laws in the United States and, possibly, in Canada—perhaps you should get on the right side of history and join our fight against all forms of tyranny. Rather than selectively choosing who can and should have the right to choose what happens to their bodies, be more consistent in your beliefs. Realize that the harder you push your hypocrisy and double standards, the harder we will push back.

More importantly, know that if you fight with us, we will fight with you.

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