Alberta Is No Welfare Case

December 19th, 2018  | R. Rados
alberta welfare

The Trudeau government's latest $1.6B bailout is a slap in the face. To make it worse, it's a sleazy political move by the Liberals to quell outrage about equalization payments while turning Alberta into a federally dependent welfare case. 

After making it more difficult to build pipelines to support Alberta's economic backbone with bills like C-69 and laws that require consultation on "gender effects" in communities, Trudeau is now trying to play politics in time for the next federal election. He wants to have something to use against Albertans who have complained about equalization or loudly stated that Alberta has been treated unfairly. Justin Trudeau wants to have something to throw back in our faces when we complain about other provinces getting unfair equalization payments. That's a part of what this is about.

The other part: the typical Liberal method of stripping away an individual's ability to prosper independently of government. Just as liberals do to individuals, the Trudeau government is trying to strip Alberta of its independence and ability to prosper and wield any kind of economic power. 

Trudeau is trying to make Quebec and Ontario the centre of the universe again, while making Alberta a weak, federally dependent welfare state.

Make no mistake about it. This is what Liberals do.