An Alberta Warning 

October 1st, 2015 | K. McGregor 


Living in Alberta with our newly minted NDP government under the guidance of Premier Rachel Notley, I'm getting a first-hand look at how radical their ideas are. It's utterly shocking how many Albertans took a thriving Alberta business culture and flushed it down the toilet. What we're left with is a government that has insulted all Albertans by calling Alberta the "embarrassing  cousin". A government that wants to shut down the Oil Sands  one of Alberta's biggest employers  within 20 years, with no plan to replace our jobs and will increase taxes, including oil royalties, when oil prices are at rock bottom and thousands are being laid off. Billions of dollars in oil sands projects and jobs have been put on hold, most likely permanently, because of the NDP's  policy on oil. All this devastation, just because some Albertans bought into the idea that we needed change. All they had to do was look around at other countries like Greece or states like California to see what extreme change the NDP was really talking about.

The NDP's agenda, if not the same, is very close to the governor of California, Jerry Brown. Brown, like the NDP, is all about tax increases and extreme environmental action. Brown's climate change legislation targets for reducing gasoline usage was 50% by 2020. Luckily, it got shot down this September. This would have meant a 10-30% increase in gasoline prices. This may be fine for the well to do, but for the lower and average working stiff its a big bite out of the pay cheque, if they could even get gas to drive their cars. Can you imagine this happening in Canada under the NDP? Within 4 years, half of Canadian cars would be forced off the road due to gasoline rationing.  This legislation is happening now in California.

Brown, like the NDP, often talks about climate change in terms that border on apocalyptic. Brown said, "We are talking about extinction,"  in July while at a conference in Vatican City. This is this kind of extremism that the NDP is emulating. This is the extremism Canadians need to take a careful look at before voting in this election.  Again, it's already happening now.

Brown was also looking for a $3.6 billion tax increase for road repairs and public healthcare. Like the NDP in Canada, labour groups in California were hoping for new tax dollars to create jobs and propriety. Unfortunately, this is a short-term gain for a long-term pain, like what is happening in Greece  where the tax dollars ran out. Business will fail or just move out like it did in Detroit. Higher taxes are not the long-term solution to prosperity. Real jobs created by real businesses are.  Brown, like the NDP, just doesn't get it.

Brown, as I do , supports sustainable housing. The difference between us is the California Bill SB350Clean Energy and Pollution Reduction Act of 2015. This bill stipulates that all existing buildings must get 50% of their energy from renewable sources. The cost to the homeowner is estimated to be approximately $58,000 US to convert their homes. If the owner is unable to meet the requirements, their home will become non-compliant, greatly reducing its value.

This is where I part with Governor Brown. This type of  environmental extremism being phased in, this quickly, could devastate many homeowners. This is happening right now in California and I believe it will happen in Canada with an NDP or Liberal government.  Canada needs a slower approach to these climate issues. The Alberta NDP, only a few months in power, has already gone negative on our energy industry. The Ontario Liberals have practically bankrupted Ontario with their energy program. As an Albertan, I'm warning all Canadians that environmental extremism is Canada's future with a NDP/Liberal government.

PM Harper has acknowledge climate change, but unlike Governor Brown, the Conservatives have a go-slow policy, so we won't end up taxed to death or broke like Detroit and Greece. This is why I'm voting Conservative on the 19th. This is our best choice to keep Canada out of the environmental quagmire.