Redford For Prime Minister

August 1st, 2012 - Poletical Online Survey 

When asked which Canadian Premier or opposition leader should be Canada's next Prime Minister, 29% of Poletical readers chose various personalities from across Canada, none totalling a very large majority.  Three of the top four most popular choices are from Western Canada while only one is an opposition leader.

Based only on votes from within Canada, Alberta's Progressive Conservative Premier, Alison Redford, is the most popular choice for Prime Minister with 24%. She is closely followed by Nova Scotia's NDP Premier, Darrell Dexter, with 18%.

The poll has a Western bias, with over 63% of the votes coming from B.C., Alberta, and Saskatchewan. Multiple votes from the same IP address were discarded along with votes from outside Canada or from 'unknown' locations.

The poll also asked Poletical visitors whether they believe Stephen Harper should resign before 2015. 59% said the Prime Minister should resign his position as Conservative leader while 41% said he should not.

Alison Redford won her party's renewal against an uprising amongst conservatives in Alberta during the province's 2012 spring election. The election gained national coverage and helped propel the leader, as well as her rival, to modest popularity. She is now the favourite choice for Prime Minister amongst 24% of those who took the poll.

Nova Scotia's successful NDP Premier, Darrell Dexter, has won the favour of 18% of Canadians. His centrist, business friendly platform has strayed from the roots of the NDP doctrine and helped Dexter maintain a balanced economic policy. Dexter is the first NDP Premier east of Ontario.

Danielle Smith gained both fame and notoriety across Canada for her positions on free speech and climate change during Alberta's hard fought 2012 election. Her right-wing positions have earned her relative popularity across Canada with 17% of Canadians favouring her in the role of Prime Minister.

Brad Wall and the Saskatchewan Party soared to victory in 2007, defeating the province's long standing NDP majority. Since then, Wall has remained one of Canada's most popular Premiers. 12% of those asked would like to see him in the role of Prime Minister.