Trudeau's American Liberalism 

August 1st, 2014 | D. Stone 

It's easy to remember the fear campaign launched against Stephen Harper by the Paul Martin campaign in 2006. The Liberals tried desperately to attack Harper on issues of abortion, on sending troops to Iraq, and on "sacrificing Canadian Healthcare for US-style tax cuts". One Liberal attack ad even warned Canadians that they were about to "elect one of the most pro-American leaders" in Canadian history. During the 2014 Ontario election, the provincial Liberals used Hudak's trip to Washington DC against him, accusing him of seeking advice and strategy from conservative Republicans. The anti-American fear rhetoric launched at Stephen Harper has mostly failed. Flying under the radar, however, has been Justin Trudeau's not-so-unique brand of US-style liberalism. 

US Democrats have accused Republicans and conservatives of waging a "war against women". The arguments they use to prop up their accusations include Republican support for defunding Planned Parenthood, conservative opposition to giving "free" contraception to women, and Republicans being generally misogynistic. At the same time, Democrats and popular liberals get away with calling conservative women "Republicunts" and suggesting that someone should defecate in Sarah Palin's mouth. Popular liberal comedian, Bill Maher, once called Sarah Palin a cunt and Michelle Bachman a bimbo on his HBO show, Real Time.

Comparing Justin Trudeau's brand of liberalism to American liberalism, unfortunately, produces a lot of the same results....some of them far worse and far more hypocritical.

Even though Stephen Harper hasn't touched abortion in his eight years as Prime Minister, the Liberal Party will make women's rights and abortion a 2015 election issue. Abortion is legal in both Canada and the US, but by pushing divisive non-issues for political gain, Liberals will think they can defeat Stephen Harper.

Justin Trudeau started off his campaign for Prime Minister in a memorable fashion when he answered questions at a "Ladies Night Out" event with an all female crowd. Posters for Trudeau's event were so hilarious and sexist with their Warhol artwork that government-relations expert, Lisa Kirbie, said, "I thought it was an attack ad, thought up by the Conservative Party's war room." To everyone's dismay, it wasn't an attack ad. It was a real event. 

In 2015, Canadian voters can look forward to a "war on women" narrative courtesy of the Trudeau Liberals. There is no war on women waged by Conservatives in Canada, but it will be a focal point of Liberal attacks. The real war on women will be waged by Canadian liberals and their ladies nights, their degradation of conservative women, and their hatred of the average, stay-at-home housewife. If you're not the kind of woman the Liberals want you to be, they will degrade you, humiliate you, and ridicule you into conformity. 

The narrative has already started. For leftist bloggers at Rabble, Stephen Harper's $3 billion contribution to maternal health in developing countries isn't good enough. According to Murray Dobbin, the Conservative Party's maternal health initiative further proves the party's hatred of women because it doesn't include abortion. 

"The alarm being expressed around the world about Canada's stunning decision to exclude abortion from its global maternal health commitment is totally appropriate. It represents a return -- however symbolic in Canada -- to barbarism." - Murray Dobbin, "Do Harper Conservatives Hate Women?", Rabble

Strangely enough, despite his love of women's rights, Justin Trudeau has refused to condemn sex-selective abortions in his crusade to make abortion an election issue. In places like China, sex-selective abortions that favour males over females are common practice. It's also a common practice in some African countries and some of the developing countries where the Conservative government has chosen to support maternal health, making Canada's exclusion of abortion the opposite of "barbaric". Due to Canada's liberal immigration policies, a higher number of immigrant women in Canada have also been choosing abortions based on the sex of their children. 

When asked if he would ban sex-selective abortions, Trudeau told a reporter that he would "leave discussions like that between a woman and the health professionals that she encounters."

American liberalism has exposed itself, without the help of conservative pundits, as a hateful, bigoted and disgustingly misogynistic movement. To make matters worse, Justin Trudeau has even tried to adopt the American left's anti-Israel approach to foreign policy. 
Barack Obama's approach to Israel has made him one of the most negative forces to stand in the way of Israel's independence and safety. As Breitbart's Ben Shapiro points out, one of Barack Obama's first phone calls as president was to Palestinian Authority leader, Mahmoud Abbas. Obama's Secretary Of State, John Kerry, recently made comments calling Israel an "apartheid state", despite the fact that all Israeli citizens, including Muslims, have the right to vote in Israel's secular democracy. To find out more about Obama's anti-Israel influences, read this.

In Canada, Trudeau has been reluctant to acknowledge Israel's right to self-defence or its right to exist. At the beginning of the current conflict, Trudeau and high profile Liberals refused to single out Hamas as the aggressor. After an Ipsos-Reid poll revealed that 52% of Canadian Jews voted for Stephen Harper in 2011, it seemed like a wise strategy for Liberals to finally throw some subtle support behind Israel.

Canadian voters will be faced with a decision. It may or may not be easy for some independent voters to overlook Justin Trudeau's blatant attempts to mimic the American left and its strategies. If a hypocritical sense of superiority on women's rights and foreign policy is enough to sway voters, Canada may be in trouble when 2015 rolls around.