The Great American Purge

October 1st, 2017 | T. Carter

Some could find an argument to suggest that America is undergoing an historic purge under the presidency of Donald Trump. It isn't like something we would see in the movie franchise The Purge, but it might result in a kind of social, political and cultural cleanse. Divisive rhetoric and heated political discourse have been building in America since George W. Bush left office, but with Donald Trump, it all may come to a head.

While Black Lives Matter called for dead cops and North Korea built its nuclear arsenal, Barack Obama did nothing. Under Donald Trump, things are much different. Rather than allow sentiments to build in one particular direction, Trump has fought back and escalated the cultural and political war that has been brewing since 2008. It may very well be Donald Trump's presidency that fundamentally changes America. Which ever side happens to win will be the side that determines what kind of country America will be.

Things have reached a boiling point under the Trump Administration and, even if Trump is a one-term president, America won't be the same when he leaves office.

Racial Tensions

Barack Obama was supposed to be the president of a so-called “post-racial America”. Yet, under his presidency, racial tensions and divisions reached some of the highest levels since the 1960s. Under Donald Trump, things have gotten even worse—not because of Trump himself, but because a silent half of America had been waiting for a leader like Trump to fight for them.

America has been heading down a long road of self loathing and apologetics since Barack Obama took office in 2009. This self loathing and guilt-riddled culture created by Democrats has been unhealthy for all Americans, even the ones who have been encouraging it. The anger, the protests and the violence condoned and validated by Democrats and Obama himself have backfired and been devastating for their party and for their country.

The subtle but divisive identity politics of the Obama Administration and Democrats created BLM and the rash of violence directed at police officers and at conservative speakers on university and college campuses. Rather than condemn the rhetoric of Black Lives Matter and Antifa, Barack Obama quietly certified their behavior in the same way Donald Trump has been accused of defending the far right protesters in Charlottesville. Had someone other than Trump become president, America would have followed the same path etched by Barack Obama, which consisted of excusing the violence of the far left and demonizing their opponents.

Continuing Barack Obama's habit of condoning left-wing violence would have only prolonged the inevitable purge that has now begun under Trump. Had Barack Obama been a different kind of president, perhaps things wouldn't have gotten this bad at all. Perhaps there would be no such things as Black Lives Matter or Antifa, had Obama condemned their violence and rhetoric and dissuaded them from stirring racial tensions against whites and conservatives. Had Obama been a better president, perhaps there wouldn't have been an appetite for Trump's style of politics.

Now Trump is here and he's fighting back on behalf of another, silenced half of America.  

Self Loathing

Americans have been told, for eight years, that their very existence is a threat to freedom, global equality and peace. They have been told, for eight years, that they can never be forgiven for slavery, genocide and oppression. For eight years, Barack Obama told Americans that they must feel shame, guilt and regret for America's past sins and never dare attempt to move on from them. Americans were told to repent for their past by opening their borders, suppressing their pride and reconciling their heritage.

To remain in power, Democrats and Obama tried to make America's minorities feel like victims of Americanism. This strategy to attract minority votes recently backfired when Democratic leader, Nancy Pelosi, was shouted down by immigrant activists for working with Trump on a new DACA deal. The same pro-immigration movements built up and funded by Democrats have grown into an uncontrollable Frankenstein. To Pelosi's horror, her own party's creation shouted “Democrats deport!” and “Democrats are deporters” as she tried to reason with them.

This is the America Democrats have built with eight years of Obama. As Americans were taught to loathe themselves, non-Americans were empowered and driven to attack our country's new weakness.

With Donald Trump, a silent majority was awakened. The Trump Administration's strong stand for relentless patriotism and self-love has empowered the other half of America that no longer wants to hang their heads in shame or accept the guilt of their founding fathers. These two sides are now stronger than ever before, but only one will come out alive.

American Power

Barack Obama paid Iran billions of dollars more than once. His first tour as president was to Cairo, where he legitimized Palestine and backhanded Israel for displacing Palestinians. As Kim Jong Un tested missiles and Syria collapsed, Barack Obama went to bed and slept like a baby. Barack Obama's America was eight years worth of laziness and complacency that Americans are paying for today.

Today North Korea is testing nukes and Iran is testing ballistic missiles, according to CNN:

Iran has said it successfully tested a new medium-range missile, in defiance of warnings from the US that such activities were grounds for abandoning the countries’ landmark nuclear deal.

State television carried footage of the launch of the Khoramshahr missile, which was first displayed at a high-profile military parade in Tehran on Friday. It also carried in-flight video from the nose-cone of the missile, which has a range of 1,250 miles (2,000km) and can carry multiple warheads.

Not only did Barack Obama quietly embolden anti-Semites around the globe, he aided Iran. Iran has been one of the greatest threats to Israel in the Mid-East, yet Obama felt no urgency in dealing with the country's rhetoric and military ambitions. Instead, Obama signed a nuclear deal that included billions worth of payments to Iran, followed by a controversial ransom deal. This infamous ransom payment was covered by the New York Post:

Amid all the fuss over President Obama’s “ransom” payment to Iran to free US hostages, less scrutinized is the president’s justification for airlifting cash to Tehran: that we owed them the money. It deserves more attention, because the administration has failed to make its case.

To review: On Wednesday, the Wall Street Journal reported that the Obama administration not only paid $400 million in cash to Iran on Jan. 17, but $1.3 billion more in cash in two subsequent shipments — all in Swiss francs, euros and other currencies. The administration claims the payments were returning money Iran paid in 1979 under the Foreign Military Sales program for military equipment it ordered but did not receive, plus interest.

It’s a misdirection. And as Congress returns from its recess, it’s time to focus on two key questions the administration has been refusing to answer ever since the beginning of the year: How was the payment calculated, and was it really due?

Today Trump is having none of it. Trump has rallied against the Iran nuclear deal, escalated threats against North Korea and reaffirmed American military superiority. Trump is rebuilding years worth of American pride and power that were lost under Barack Obama.

Under George W. Bush, there were disastrous and unjustified wars, but Syria and Iraq remained stable and controlled to a much better degree than they were under the Obama Administration. Under Obama, Syria collapsed, the Islamic State became a dangerous force and Europe faced a refugee crisis caused by American inaction, incompetence and complacency.

Since the end of the Cold War, American exceptionalism and power have kept the world order together, but under Obama, the world began to burn because of a drawback in American power. Trump is now attempting to radically regain America's military influence to help restore some stability that was lost under eight years of laziness and self loathing. To regain that stability, there will need to be periods of instability and chaos—until the world learns that America refuses to let countries like North Korea and Iran control the agenda.

With some victories against Iran and North Korea, Americans at home will begin to regain their faith in the American world order. This will all be thanks to Donald Trump and some Republicans. When the threats posed by both countries are eliminated, Americans will be quick to acknowledge the success of American military influence.

The Purge

Polarization has grown and begun to boil over in America. Two polarized sides are now strong and at war with each other. It may seem like a very black and white picture, but there are some colors of reason between it all. Not all Americans will choose a side, but they will be forced to become spectators in an ongoing civil war of sorts.

Talk of a real civil war has grown, but it is doubtful that it would come to that. Americans on both sides have far too much to lose. This war of culture and ideology will be fought differently on a new American battlefield.

America is wealthier and stronger than it was during the first Civil War. Americans who fought had little to lose and felt as though they had more to gain in war, but America is a different country today. This purge will consist of ongoing outbursts of political violence, escalated political rhetoric and shifts in consumer spending. The losers of the purge will be the ones who lost their fortunes in entertainment, media, banking and sports for infecting their enterprises with destructive, one-sided politicization.

Since ESPN has been politicized and NFL players have chosen to kneel during national anthems, ratings for ESPN and the NFL have sunk. The latest Emmy's hosted by left-wing hack Stephen Colbert had the lowest ratings in years and some heavily promoted movies and television shows have failed to perform. Since the censorship and politicization of Twitter, the company has seen a decline in fortunes and an entire fiscal quarter with no growth in active users. All of this is due to the heavy, one-sided politicization of entertainment and American culture.

This is how the purge is happening. Once successful enterprises and institutions will collapse as Americans choose to reject the leftism and political lectures of America's wealthiest leaders and innovators. The Great American Purge is upon us and one clear winner is emerging, but will it stay that way until the end?