America Is In A Revolution

October 1st, 2020 | AR

There are two Americas at the moment. One is about to emerge as the dominant victor in a cultural revolution that has been unfolding since 2012. Cultural revolutions have been shaping America since the very beginning. From the post-WWII boom in music and fashion in the 1950s, to the sexual revolution of the 1970s, each passing revolution has changed the country. This next revolution threatens to overturn the decades-old rule of corporate media and entertainment, but it all hinges on the success of one side.

Post-war America saw a boom in style, fashion and music. The era spawned the suburbs, rock & roll and mass consumerism. It marked the end of an era ruled by military service, hard labour, social minimalism and industrial stewardship. The old ways were abandoned by a new generation ruled by creativity, innovation and experimentation. It eventually took America to the Moon and ended segregation.

By the 1970s, the fun had ended and the new ways became old ways. A sexual revolution defined by freedom and a rejection of social conservatism emerged, setting aside the principles of family, monogamy and rigid discipline for a more care-free future. This new era spawned mass media, pop culture, individualism and tolerance.

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By the mid 1990s, the fun had ended. By the beginning of the new Millennium, only a few corporations controlled the politicians, the media and the cultural narrative. Everything from the two Gulf Wars to the uprisings in the Middle East could be linked to corporations, greedy politicians and profit. The fashion trends, the wars, public opinion, hit songs, viral videos, elections and the zeitgeist were all being guided by just a few wealthy and dominant corporate entities.

After the 2012 election, enough Americans started to become aware of the situation that it would make Donald Trump their next president in 2016.

To be clear, Donald Trump is imperfect. He is nothing more than a product of a new American counter-culture that has grown tired of corruption, deceit and hypocrisy. He is not the creator or a permanent fixture of the other America—he is merely their vessel of change.

The Onset Of The Revolution: 2012 to 2016

By the beginning of the 21st Century, a complete consolidation of media had happened. By 2012, so few people controlled most of America's mainstream media that there was virtually no variance in political opinions, ideas or expressions among anyone involved in news, media, film, music and entertainment. There wasn't allowed to be.

Cable news coverage of the 2012 presidential election, together with the filtered political opinions of celebrities, was an important catalyst for what would become the next cultural revolution in America.

With the help of mainstream media and celebrities, Mitt Romney was raked over the coals. He had been one of the most noble men to ever run for office in America at the time, but his treatment by journalists and cable news was anything but admirable and nothing short of disgraceful. Romney would eventually go on to join those very people who had destroyed him, but at the time, he had been an exceptional candidate with very few skeletons.

In 2012, Mitt Romney's only crime was that he was a conservative.

Media and journalists were left with nothing but manufactured scandals. Stories about dogs in kennels strapped to the roofs of cars—and legal business practices that resulted in inevitable layoffs—were used to deflect from the many failures and scandals of Barack Obama. Such stories dominated headlines long enough to destroy Mitt Romney's chances of becoming the next president. With repetition and deceit, the corporate media was able to ensure the re-election of Barack Obama. It was a disgraceful display, but it did not go unnoticed.

Corporate media, whether television or music, was able to elevate the popularity of Barack Obama while diminishing the reputation and character of his conservative opponent.

In the years that would follow, resentment against “Hollywood elites” and mainstream news would begin to grow. The term “fake news” had not yet been born, but it was on display for all of America to see. The Ferguson riots and the rise of BLM, Antifa and militant Marxists would be propelled and elevated by mainstream media in ways Americans had not experienced before. Using isolated incidents, like the death of Trayvon Martin, the media would stir division and create a culture of hostility, fear and distrust.

The media could not only control trends, it could now instigate violent riots by spreading misinformation and publishing selectively edited news. The corporate media could now push American culture toward any extreme it wanted.

Fortunately, millions of Americans could see through it. On America's surface, mainstream culture was fomenting division, rage and ideas of “systemic racism”. Under the surface, a new counter-culture of skepticism and anger was emerging and bubbling to the top. This would be the beginning of the Two Americas  that would eventually declare war on one another.

The last time we saw two Americas go to war was in 1861, but not all wars are fought with guns.

The First Acts Of War: 2016 to 2019

2016 was supposed to be Hillary Clinton's year. It was supposed to be a piece of cake for corporate media and Democrats, who all thought they had the election in the bag. However, something went terribly wrong. Americans in many important states had decided to fire the first shot and to send the establishment, the corporate media and Democrats a message.

To the dismay of what would become known as the “deep state”, Donald Trump had managed to subvert all of the common avenues and mediums to get his own message across to millions of Americans. None of the corporate media's networks were effective in securing the presidency for Hillary Clinton. This put the deep state and corporate media into a state of war.

The next shots would be fired by the corporate media and journalists, who would spend months investigating Donald Trump's connections to Russia, which had already been presented to the public by Hillary Clinton and Democrats before the election, with the likely intent of preparing them for a rejection of the results in the event of a Trump win.

Joining the first phase of war, the deep state would mobilize its resources inside the FBI and CIA in an attempt to “prove” collusion between Russia and the Trump campaign. Agents across many law enforcement bureaus would begin preparing a case against the new president, using any fabricated details and misinformation that they could find. From fake dossiers to recorded discussions and cash transfers, the media and deep state would work together for the eventual impeachment of Donald Trump. If all was to go well, Republicans and Trump loyalists in the Senate would lose their seats in the mid-term elections—gearing up for an eventual impeachment and conviction.

"By the beginning of the 21st Century, a complete consolidation of media had happened."

Once again, the deep state's plans failed to materialize. Republicans and key Trump loyalists maintained their control in the Senate, making any chances of a conviction next to impossible. Once again, the corporate media's message fell flat with American voters. They had been virtually disarmed.

Impeachment succeeded, but conviction and removal did not. Worse yet, Trump's approval ratings had not moved. For many more months and years, the corporate media would press on with polls and “scientific” studies suggesting that Trump voters are uninformed, unintelligent and racist. Some would go as far as saying Trump supporters are “subhuman” and evil.

The corporate media would go on to antagonize and encourage Antifa and BLM. Every police incident, every act of racism and every hint of “white supremacy” would be broadcast on repeat for weeks until civil unrest and civil disobedience became the new normal.

Social media mega-corporations would begin censoring more content and building a firewall to protect Americans from Trump and his supporters.

Full Warfare: 2020

A new virus and a new wave of civil unrest would sweep across America. Trump's historically low unemployment numbers would be erased overnight by a new pandemic and media would begin to exhibit the most shameless bias ever seen. Coinciding perfectly with an election year, America would be pushed to the brink of all out civil war and violence.

Every unusual death would become a COVID death. Every police shooting would be cause for an uprising. Every riot and looting spree would be deemed “peaceful” in the name of racial justice, while every protest against unreasonable lockdowns and economic devastation would be deemed a danger to public health.

As the corporate media and deep state started to lose grip, desperation began to set in. They made 2020 the year that they would declare a full scale war to save themselves and to restore the control they once enjoyed. It would be their last chance at holding power.

As America straddles the edge of real civil war, the deep state and corporate media have battened down the hatches and prepped the artillery. Their tactics have grown more shameless and desperate, but also more dangerous and suicidal. Being on their very last leg, they have nothing left to lose. At this point, it is all or nothing for the old America.

Democracy matters less to the old America than it ever did before. They will burn it all down to protect themselves.

In a last ditch effort, they have begun to condition Americans into expecting a drawn out election. Democrat strategists, Mark Zuckerberg and mainstream corporate news have raised the expectation that the election will not be decided on November 3. With millions more Americans expected to vote by mail, it could take weeks to determine the true winner.

Using several fake polls that show a significant lead by Joe Biden in major swing states and in the national vote, the stage is being set for an “illegitimate win” for Donald Trump.

The spectre of voter fraud has never loomed over America in the way it has this year. Those who warn against it are delegitimized, ridiculed and labelled as loons. The hypocrisy and bias will flip in the event that Donald Trump secures a legitimate win, even after the mail-in ballots have been counted. In such a case, those who bring up the possibility of fraud will no longer be loons. We should come to expect this kind of hypocrisy after witnessing narratives about “peaceful protests” that pose no danger to public health and “racist rallies against lockdowns” that do.

In retaliation against the deep state and corporate media, New America flocks to their generals and leaders in alternative media. Since 2010, alternative forms of media have enlightened a whole generation of Americans. It has again become healthy and reasonable to question everything and to raise doubts about the invisible enemies that old America has put before us. All of the threats that old America told us we had to accept without question, like climate change, nationalism, systemic racism and contagious pathogens—they are all being questioned now. New America uses information to retaliate and to rewrite the narratives.

The ultimate retaliation will happen on election night.

If New America's numbers fall short, it could bring about a crackdown unlike anything we have ever seen. Old America, which is the deep state and corporate media, will use the full force of their victory to crush their remaining opponents. Free speech, free media and free assembly will be slowly dismantled, followed by the Second Amendment—leaving few weapons for New America to fight with and, in a few short years, New America would lose the revolution entirely.

If New America's numbers overwhelm and the election is won by Donald Trump on November 3, we should expect chaos. Old America will not go down without one last fight.

The results will be dragged out, just as they've conditioned us to expect. Numbers will be skewed, challenged and attacked—but with strong enough numbers, no amount of fraud or meddling could produce a legitimate defeat for Donald Trump and the New America. Even then, we should not expect the old America to go out without one last act of desperation... whatever that may be.

A New Dawn: 2021

Next year will be a new dawn for someone. Only one of the two Americas will be left standing, the only question is: which one?

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