July 1st, 2022 | DS

Blockchains Are Here To Stay And So Is Crypto

July 1st, 2022 | RR

Cryptocurrencies may not always be the wisest investment choice, especially for less seasoned traders, but cryptocurrencies and the technology they run on are here to stay. The number of politicians, particularly Conservative politicians, who don't understand blockchains and crypto is astonishing and disturbing all at once. The ongoing collapse in crypto has only fuelled the ignorance and angst against those who have supported the technology.

The Future Belongs To The Strident And Illiberal

July 1st, 2022 | JH

In 1989, the Soviet Union gave up their fight against Afghanistan. After ten years of fighting, they were driven out of the country by a bunch of stone-age yak herders with machine guns and a steely resolve. The Russians went back to Russia and two years later their entire empire collapsed in a fit of bankruptcy and exhaustion.

An Inch For A Mile: How The Left Plays And Wins

July 1st, 2022 | TC

With the overturning of Roe v. Wade has come the expected left-wing rage and vitriol. Calls to burn down the Supreme Court, kill justices and overthrow the government are perfectly reasonable and normal now, because when we take the left's freedoms and set them back, they throw down all their cards. When they take a loss, society feels the brunt of it. Frighteningly, now that they have experienced this devastating loss, we can expect them to strike back and to ask for more inches so they can rob us of another mile.

How Liberalism Is Destroying Public Healthcare

July 1st, 2022 | RR

As our healthcare system faces unprecedented struggles, there are glaring cultural problems that are making it worse. Healthcare costs have risen with higher immigration and the pandemonium of the past two years, but other factors are often overlooked when talking about the struggles facing our public system. Social and cultural liberalism are putting weight on our healthcare system in ways no one is willing to discuss. 

Woke Progressivism Is A Cult

May 1st, 2022 | JH

The trucker convoy was a catalyst that 30% of the country cheered for and 70% of the country was left dismayed and appalled by. When “two weeks to flatten the curve” turned into “two years to introduce Communism” most people on our side of the great divide were ready for revolution. Meanwhile, the progressive majority carried along as though March of 2020 was forever.


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