June 1st, 2020 | RR

How Leslyn Lewis Wins

June 18th, 2020 | RR

Imagine what the headlines could be on the day after the Conservative leadership vote in August. We here at Poletical  aren't ones to care about race and gender, but having a black woman win the leadership would force our mainstream media into a corner. They've been avoiding her candidacy and going out of their way to ignore her, even going as far as mentioning Green Party leadership candidate, Annamie Paul, as “the first black woman to seek leadership for a major political party in Canada”.

Canada's Future And Black Market Currencies

June 1st, 2020 | JH

As our federal politicians embrace Modern Monetary Theory, we’ll be looking at an old fiat currency problem. Printing paper money in order to hand out free cash in our late-stage democracy will likely result in inflation, not right away to be sure, but eventually. There are a variety of excuses for why this won’t be so, the most compelling of which is demographics, imports of cheap products from the third world, and the overall example of Japan. 

Three Idiotic Trudeau Conspiracy Theories

June 1st, 2020 | RR

There are a lot of things to be mad about when it comes to Justin Trudeau, but we shouldn't be leaning on unsubstantiated and ludicrous conspiracy theories. They make us look dumb and they put holes in our credibility. If we are looking to take Justin Trudeau's scandals seriously and if we expect to have our opinions and criticisms taken seriously, we cannot continue to push these asinine conspiracy theories about this prime minister. God knows, we don't need these theories when it comes to finding things to criticize about Justin Trudeau.

What A Fall Election Means For Trudeau

June 1st, 2020 | JH

It’s likely that Trudeau’s Liberals are planning a fall election. If you’re a conservative in Canada, you are likely dismayed and disheartened by recent polls that show Justin Trudeau’s Liberals winning a massive landslide majority if an election were held today. Leger has the Liberals at 44% with the Conservatives down at 25%. Abacus Data has the Liberals up at 39% with the Conservatives down at 31%. The trend is clear. Since March, the Liberals have dominated the polls across the board. If anything, they seem to be getting stronger and stronger.

This Is Real Conservatism

June 1st, 2020 | KW

There is an unspoken feeling about conservatism in Canada. A quiet collective knowledge that something is not quite right about the sensibility and it does not quite represent itself well. Think of it as a haze that blinds you just enough to identify conservatism, but still leaves you doubtful, still to be persuaded it could be something else.

Unemployment Ends Governments

June 1st, 2020 | RR

As we edge closer to a possible election call, Justin Trudeau's fate could be decided by Canada's post-Coronavirus employment numbers. Many are predicting Trudeau will make the call this fall, possibly as soon as late September, giving Canadians an election date somewhere in and around mid November. If current polls are accurate, Trudeau's handling of the pandemic is being rated highly by most Canadians and the Liberal Party is polling in majority territory. However, it's tough to beat solid and consistent historical trends.

Corporate Media Deserves Backlash

June 1st, 2020 | TC

On May 29, the exterior of CNN's headquarters in Atlanta was defaced and severely damaged. As riots broke out in Minneapolis to protest the death of George Floyd, CNN was one of the three major news networks calling for “justice” in the death, even following the arrest of the officer responsible. Rather than allow the justice system to serve the people, CNN was among the voices encouraging protests and—in not so many words—civil unrest. On May 29, that unrest landed on their doorstep in Atlanta.

We Are At War, Everywhere

June 1st, 2020 | Spartacus

On every ideological front, we are at war. At home and abroad, we are fighting an enemy that seeks to upend the freedoms we have come to know and cherish. Both democracy and capitalism are in danger, not just at home but around the world. At home we face political parties and media that seek to redefine our rights, while abroad we are seeing a corrupt and persistent hierarchy emerge as the new leading force in global economics and politics.


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