May 1st, 2022 | RR

Don't Panic, Stocks Are Going On Sale

May 10th, 2022 | RR

The United States could be headed into a recession, but that will depend on whether the GDP numbers for Q2 are in the negative like they were in Q1. Canada seems to be doing a bit better, despite many economists warning of a recession here as well. Usually, though, if the U.S. goes into a recession, Canada and most of the world follows. The worst thing anyone can do in a situation like this is panic, sell all their stocks and jump out of the market. 

Woke Progressivism Is A Cult

May 1st, 2022 | JH

The trucker convoy was a catalyst that 30% of the country cheered for and 70% of the country was left dismayed and appalled by. When “two weeks to flatten the curve” turned into “two years to introduce Communism” most people on our side of the great divide were ready for revolution. Meanwhile, the progressive majority carried along as though March of 2020 was forever.

The Conservative Case For Sustainable Energy

May 1st, 2022 | DS

Sustainability is something we all strive for in our daily lives. When confronted by shortages, dependencies and disruptions, the need for sustainable and reliable food sources, income sources and energy sources becomes paramount. Our lives since the onset of the pandemic have been fraught with labour shortages, unreliable production lines and significant, unwanted changes to how we consume and behave. 

Poilievre Represents The End Of An Era

May 1st, 2022 | JH

There’s a lot of hype about Pierre Poilievre being the great savior of Canadian conservatism. Based on social media accounts it looks like Pierre is creating a movement that is energizing the base and bringing in new people left and right with issues like housing policy and bitcoin. The best thing about Pierre based on widely shared YouTube videos is that conservatives see a fighter. Finally, a fighter.

Why The Liberal-NDP Deal Is Good

May 1st, 2022 | RR

Conservatives have been belly-aching over the new Liberal-NDP agreement for weeks. As they often do, they fill their feeds and articles with apocalyptic doom and gloom about the “end of Canada”. Not all of it is that bad and I'm here to tell you why the deal is a good thing for everyone, not just conservatives. Conservative policies end up being good for a majority of Canadians, even when they don't realize it. 

Canada Keeps Useless Restrictions, Rejects Normalcy

May 1st, 2022 | CW

Covid hysteria is now over, but here in Canada, of course, we’re still dragging our feet on getting back to normal life. The glorious Truckers For Freedom convoy helped scare the hell out of our ruling class and incentivized getting the bulk of the mandates rescinded, but one element of the mandates is stubbornly remaining on the docket. Proof of vaccination in order to fly on a commercial plane in Canada is one of the last remaining rules left in place.


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