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June 1st, 2022 | CW

Ayaan Hirsi Ali has written a book detailing the rise of crime, especially sexual assault and rape, throughout Europe following the arrival of asylum seekers during the great migration crisis of 2015.

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Asylum seekers migrating to Europe is a perpetual problem. Proximity to Africa and the Middle East means that Europe is always vulnerable to masses of people seeking to escape the regions of violence and poverty they find themselves in. When they travel to Europe, a funny thing happens. The violence and poverty follow.

Why is this?

According to Ayaan, the answer is mostly Islam. Backwards, aggressive, misogynist zealots arrive in Europe and seek to reshape the communities they arrive in. They like Europe’s generous social welfare programs and all the free money that goes with it, but as for everything else, that’s just infidel corruption and weakness. They hold everyone and everything in contempt.

This corrosive and exploitive ideology becomes entrenched within a secular, weak, woke, modern Europe and begins to unleash crime and rape and destruction without pause or consequence. As a result, Europe is changing.

“As a young girl,” she told me, “I never worried about feeling harassed or unsafe in my surroundings. For me, this started to change in 2015. It is a recent phenomenon that women are not safe here during the day. It’s a problem all over the world that women are not safe at certain times of night. But here during the daylight, being harassed and receiving disrespectful sexual remarks didn’t happen to me before. All the German cities I know have changed. Two guys harassed me while I was visiting Bonn, my hometown, this summer. They were very young, certainly under twenty-five, and clearly immigrants. In this situation I would normally show a clear response – perhaps even an aggressive one – but I was with my two-year old son, I didn’t want to provoke them further, so I just gave them the finger. They laughed and moved on to harass other women walking near us.”

“Are all men behaving in this way now in Germany?” I asked.

Nicola’s face became strained; she was visibly uncomfortable answering. “Sadly, no. I have to say for me it is a consequence of migration. It’s hard to articulate. It’s a problem with culture and the attitudes of Arab men to women.”

Her face creased further, and she wriggled in her seat, even more uncomfortable. “Until a few years ago, I was a real leftist here in Germany. My political view was that we should always be tolerant and respect other cultures. In high school, I worked for antiracist groups.”

She rubbed her brow. “I didn’t dare to come forward and talk about these things with my leftist friends. I didn’t want to be called a racist.

-Page 68 of Prey

As a result of Europe’s progressive hegemonic culture, the reality of migrant rapists running amok is not recognized. At an institutional level governments and courts are reticent to recognize the problem because reality betrays their ideology. When rape cases do make their way through the courts the sentencing is light and breezy, giving the perpetrators further confidence to break the law. When threatened with jail,the perpetrators laugh.

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Former Swedish policeman Mustafa Panshiri met many young men in immigrant enclaves who laughed at the prospect of serving a sentence in a Swedish jail.

They would say, “You could go to Swedish prison and just do bodybuilding.” Well, that is true. It’s not like prison in Afghanistan or prison in Somalia. They know that there’s television there, you can play cards, you can play pool. So, it’s not something that is so intimidating.

-Page 109 of Prey

After detailing massive amounts of research and statistics and personal stories from victims and residents, the reader is left convinced that young, Islamic asylum seekers in Europe are committing rape and assault at increasing levels and the systems and institutions of governance don’t want to admit this because of fears of being labelled racist.

Ayaan concludes the book with these policy prescriptions…

Rather than focusing on where people come from and their motivations for leaving, I believe the main criterion for granting residence should be how far they are likely to abide by the laws and adopt the values of their host society.

Page 259 – Prey

(This sort of cherry picking is unrealistic without major non-woke attitudinal overhauls that require self-interest and common sense.)

She then goes on to address the push factors that lead to migrants marching towards Europe. She puts the onus on Europe to go out after these Muslim countries and stop the destabilizing factors that lead to refugees marching into Europe in the first place. She advocates increasing military budgets to “build institutions and the rule of law.”

(This sort of nation-building has been pretty discredited by the neo-conservative misadventures we’ve seen over the past twenty years.)

She also advocates stronger border control across Europe, which is probably her best advice.

She also addresses the pull factors…

A crucial part of the overhaul is reconsidering the attractiveness of western Europe’s generous welfare states. The social contract between citizen and state is breaking down in places where welfare schemes are accommodating large numbers of beneficiaries whose families have never contributed to the system. The original welfare state was predicated on a notion of reciprocity, but to newcomers it looks more like universal basic income. The Nobel laureate Milton Friedman said that you can have free immigration, or you can have a welfare state, but you cannot have both.

Page 262 – Prey

She then suggests tying welfare payments to demands like making sure your children attend public school and making sex education mandatory.

She advocates reinstating the rule of law. In other words,stop applying wokeness to sentencing.

Lastly, she encourages the ruling class to listen to immigrants who have successfully integrated.

In writing this book, I have come to the conclusion that we need a new women’s movement, one that views the world not in terms of multiculturalism and intersectionality but in universal terms and that, in the spirit of John Stuart and Harriet Taylor Mill, is prepared to stand up for the rights of all women.

Page 274 – Prey

This is a good book and well worth the read. I’m a fan of Ayaan Hirsi Ali and have been for a long time. She is a complicated person with strident views and a fascinating story. She is wildly condemned by Islamists for her outspokenness and apostasy and her commitment to free speech and human rights is exemplary.

"As a result of Europe’s progressive hegemonic culture, the reality of migrant rapists running amok is not recognized."

Ayaan offers some reasonable solutions that may help with the current situation, but intersectional, multicultural, woke progressive post-modernism is the flavour of today’s culture and this holds people back from doing anything that normal people understand must be done. Ayaan is a classical liberal and thus believes in reforming institutions, hence (for example) her advice to reinstitute the rule of law in Europe’s soft courts.

The problem with classical liberalism is that it has directly evolved into the intersectional, multicultural, woke progressive post-modernism of today’s culture. Ayaan Hirsi Ali, along with the slew of other modern pop intellectuals like Jordan Peterson and the intellectual dark web guys, rebel against modern wokeness, but their rebellion tends to aim at nothing more than rewinding the clock back to an earlier date of progressive development.

Classical liberals like Ayaan are middle managers. They think fundamentalist Islam is too far one way and woke progressivism is too far the other way. They think their way, right in the middle is what’s obviously best and this position needs to be made stronger and more muscular.

Fair enough.

But from a Dissident Right perspective these middle managers are ultimately doomed to lose. They don’t realize that their classical liberalism gave birth to woke progressivism and as time marches on the trajectory will likely get worse not better. These blind spots are seen in questions and solutions she didn’t ask or even consider.

Ayaan details the problem. Looks at the ineffective responses of the system and then investigates better solutions that could be applied without ever asking a simple question, “Why bother with any of this?”

The book details how Europe has an industry now built up around dealing with all these problems and everyone is looking for the best solutions, but the ideal solution for most Europeans would be… no migrants.

Wouldn’t it be better not to have to figure out how to integrate all these angry young men and instead just pack them on ships and say goodbye? Spain had the solutions to Muslim invasions back during the Inquisition and it worked. What about Charles “The Hammer” Martel of France? He drove the Muslims back from their conquest and there were no more Muslim problems for centuries. In a kinder manor, why doesn’t modern Europe at least just deport them all?

Ayaan seems to hold out hope that playing by the system’s rules will lead to positive reforms. Ayaan details the corruption of incentives to keep the empathy money flowing and she warns that if the system doesn’t respond positively, then alternatives like right-wing populism will fill the void and she seems to think this is a bad thing. She also warns about unofficial alternatives like vigilantism, but would vigilantism really be so bad in this context?

It was only a couple of hundred years ago that Europe was dangerous enough that people needed to arm themselves when going outside. I remember reading about England before police forces were a thing and people would load up with knives and swords when heading out of their house in London. Taking care of business was just a way of life. Maybe Europe is just returning to the norm. Maybe foxes in the henhouse will make for stronger hens.

Vigilantism can also have the Dark Knight effect. If you recall the Batman movie The Dark Knight, the ultimate plan that Bruce Wayne had was to effect enough humiliating vigilante pressure on, not the criminal world, but the system itself… the courts, the police, the government, that the ruling class would be motivated to realistically address crime so that Batman wouldn’t be necessary.

I have firsthand experience with the “Batman effect” from living in Calgary, Alberta. I lived downtown during an economic boom between 2004 and 2011. Consequently, loads of people were moving to Calgary seeking a better life… and many of them failed badly. The downtown core began to fill up with homeless people, junkies, thugs, and prostitutes. It began to effect businesses and people turned to the local government and police force for assistance. At that time our bureaucratic government and police force found it easier to ignore the problem and pretend everything was great. The more people complained the more the gaslighting failed to convince. Shootings and stabbings were becoming more and more commonplace and still nothing was done.

Then one day Curtis Sliwa showed up and did a press conference announcing that he was forming a branch of his Guardian Angels organization in Calgary. Dressed in combat boots, black khakis, a shiny red jacket, and a red beret…Curtis and his organization did a patrol in downtown Calgary, smashing crack pipes and interrogating bums and skids.

The media loved it and broadcast the whole thing.

Very quickly thereafter the Police Chief was fired and replaced by a Clint Eastwood-type of guy who announced that, effective immediately, police would be patrolling downtown Calgary and making their presence known.

The Guardian Angels disappeared. The Leviathan State re-asserted itself. Elements of the ruling elite were overturned due to outside influences. Vigilantism effectively cleaned up downtown Calgary.

Here's something else never addressed in the book: Ayaan recognizes that the majority of asylum seekers are young men. The reason for this is that they are perceived as the strongest and most durable family members to make the rough trek to Europe. Once they’re there, they can establish themselves and work to bring over their mothers and sisters and daughters.

The side effect of this is that Europe has loads of young men from oppressive countries who find themselves alone and surrounded by European liberal women swishing around with tight pants and flowing hair. The migrant’s Islamic culture coming up against Europe’s liberal culture combined with raging hormones found in young men…make rape far more likely.

As mentioned above, they shouldn’t even be in Europe for this situation to be a problem for them, but nevertheless, they are, so Ayaan’s solution seems to be predicated very much on education. If only the government would do better with outreach to these people and provide cultural instruction and outline expectations and grant mandatory sexual education, then they would know better.

There has already been a large amount of effort to get the message out to asylum seekers that rape is not okay and yet the problem persists. Perhaps ingrained radical Islam overrules any tepid government messaging, but perhaps also… the men the messaging is directed towards aren’t just hostile to learning but lack the capacity to learn in the first place.

When you look at a map of the world, every country has a general IQ. Ayaan Hirsi Ali hails from Somalia and she is a radically intelligent outlier. The IQ of an average Somalian is 68. An average German IQ is 100.

The pattern persists when looking at other source countries. Pakistan has an average IQ of 80. Libya too has an 80 average IQ. Tunisia is 79. Sudan is 78. Egypt is 76. Algeria is 76. Syria (the biggest sender of migrants in 2015) has an average IQ of 74. Bangladesh is 74. Ethiopia is 68.

Many versions of Islam proscribe marriage within families. In other words, inbreeding. This causes enormous health effects and plays a role in the intelligence of some Muslim countries. Gavin McInnes gave Joe Rogan a lesson on this during one of his podcasts I'll never forget. Whether inbreeding is to blame for the low-IQ of Muslim majority countries is besides the point. The practical problem is that most people from these source countries are just too far removed from the host population for assimilation to successfully take place, including successful sex education.

In the book, Ayaan flirts with using illiberal means for liberal ends, in other words… using the heavy hand of government to overrule personal liberty. Passing laws allowing the state to overrule and control these people and their ideologies, even though this is contrary to the spirit of true liberalism.

Putting aside the fact that the state itself has moved into wokeness and thus wouldn’t agree to the methods or the intention, just how illiberal are liberals willing to go? You might have to go pretty far, especially when your target audience is severely retarded?

But then again, why does Europe need to bother with any of this? What good can possibly come from importing thousands of low IQ people born and raised in hostile and illiberal cultures? For every Ayaan Hirsi Ali that sits as a diamond in the rough, you have to sift through thousands of mouth-breathing retarded angry young men. What good does any of this do for taxpayers like Hans the baker or Sven the candlestick maker? Has Ayaan considered that maybe the right-wing populists are... right?

An example of one successful country that isn’t mentioned as having these problems is Hungary. No rapes there. Why? Because the right-wing populist ruling class of Hungary wouldn’t let in the rabble. No rabble, no problems.

The countries that did insanely embrace the “let them come” attitude were run by leftist globalists. The worst of these offenders were childless, feminists like Angela Merkel.

I’ve heard two theories as to why female government leaders are almost always woke progressive types with a soft spot for radical Islamic migrants.

One theory is that the feminists that pursue politics are career driven and sacrifice family in pursuit of power. The people of the countries these women rule are then treated like their surrogate children. Unlike men, when women directly wield political power, their natural feminine instincts are misappropriated and what works on a personal level is catastrophic on a national scale. Feeling rather than thinking rarely works out for the best in matters of state. In short, women aren’t cut out for this stuff and the evidence for this is every female leader of any country that has ever had a female leader, apart from Margaret Thatcher.

The second theory is that there is a deep-seated swoon for strong men barging into a country and taking women against their will. Swarthy foreigners who are rugged and illiberal might actually have a secret appeal to women in charge that they themselves are unable to articulate. Perhaps these feelings of woke empathy and altruism are more romantic and sexual in nature than girl bosses care to admit. Ayaan documents this amongst the bureaucrats working with asylum seekers…

Perhaps not entirely wisely, some people decided to teach the young men about Western women in a different way. I have come across anecdotal accounts of asylum-seeker advocates and volunteers, typically middle-aged women, taking young migrant men as boyfriends. Unaccompanied minors of indeterminate age, known in the vernacular as “beard children”, are no doubt exotic and attractive to those women. (In one tragic case, a 70-year-old Swedish woman, an asylum activist and member of the local Green Party, was murdered by her Afghan lover.)

When I spoke with the Egyptian-German political scientist Hamed Abdel-Samad about this phenomenon, he told me he had heard similar reports in Germany. “Asylum workers told me that no single female refugee helper left the asylum home still single. It’s not benign. The men see these women as easy to manipulate, and it confirms their idea that all German women are looking for someone like him to satisfy her.”

Page 170 – Prey

Ayaan’s prescriptions for improving the reality of the situation are very moderate and obviously better than the status quo, but clearly tougher medicine is going to be needed to effect real solutions. Prey is a good beginning to allow people the confidence to acknowledge the problem and begin honestly assessing the situation.

Prey is also a good read for those of us outside Europe. The ideology that celebrates importing these problems and dealing with them in a woke manner is a threat to our well-being and needs to be taken more seriously. Woke Progressives are detrimental to good policy and understanding how things have unfolded in other regions can give us preparatory time to stand against the next wave of insanity that will inevitably produce the arrival of more problems on our shores soon.

Check out Prey and Ayaan’s podcast.

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