B.C. Chooses Lesser Evil

June 2nd, 2013 | J. Hodgson 

“Socialism is a philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance, and the gospel of envy, its inherent virtue is the equal sharing of misery.” - Winston Churchill

On May 14th, the voters of British Columbia surprised the consensus makers with a strong vote of support for the BC Liberal Party. Once again the talking heads and the over paid pollsters were proven wrong by the common sense of the average person.

I was fully prepared to write an article detailing the death spiral of the BC Liberals and by extension British Columbia itself. I was even ready to start a specific blog about the aftermath. In recent years the BANANAs (Build absolutely nothing anywhere near anything) and the NIMBYs (Not In My BackYard!) have taken centre stage in BC and helped to further brand the province as a bad place for business, with a “can’t do” culture. The BC brand stinks of injection sites, poverty industry leeches, reefer madness, Beachcomber-style hicks, angry Indians, granola crunching communists, outrageous housing prices, mass ethnic ghettos, eco-Marxism, taxes, laziness and rain.

How do you build success on that?

You don’t...and in British Columbia success has been waning. Between the international economic crash in 2008 and some bad policy decisions by the BC Liberals, it looked like voters were ready to pass the torch to another party. The problem was that the only organized, legitimate party ready to take over was the NDP. This would be like jumping off the roof of a building in order to avoid being stung by a couple of wasps.

So how did the reversal happen? Why did the pollsters get it so wrong? Did Christy Clark just run a great campaign? Was there some kind of vote splitting going on? Did the Green Party steal too many votes? Did the collapse of BC’s Conservative Party lead to more BC Liberal votes? Or is this an example of something else? I suggest it’s something else.

The reason the BC Liberals won the election is because Canada, in 2013, has thoroughly rejected NDP socialism. Only in Manitoba and Nova Scotia are the NDP governing. In the Saskatchewan homeland of the NDP, the party is almost extinct. During a recent discussion with an NDP supporter in Regina, they confessed that the operational wings of the party are down to only a couple hundred people. The infrastructure for the party has fallen apart and a rebuilding has not taken place. In many other provinces they are an inconsequential fringe party. 

Thomas Mulcair’s national NDP is quickly losing favour due to Justin Trudeau’s more moderate stance on current issues. The “Orange Crush” is being proven an electoral fluke based on a disgruntled Quebec and a novelty politician with a cane and a mustache.

In other words, the defeat of the NDP in British Columbia was due to the general movement in Canada towards very moderate right-of-centre governments. As has been stated by many others before, the BC Liberals are a coalition of Federal Conservatives, old Social Credit supporters, and middle-of-the-road centrist voters. This big tent party of normal people are responsible for overpowering the very loud leftists that dominate the political/media scene in British Columbia. Mainstream Canadians don’t want radical leftist solutions to invented problems. They want prosperity, law and order, freedom and good governance.

British Columbia is dismissively thought of as a lefty haven for progressive politics, but the results of the May election tell a different story. The silent majority of hard working, common sense infused people, decided to speak with a unified voice of reason. They spoke out against Adrian Dix and his band of lunatic leftists and stopped the destruction that was sure to rain down upon the west coast. They listened to the protesters and the media and the unions and the eco-frantics and they said, “Enough”.

Congratulations British Columbia...you dodged a bullet.