How To Hit Facebook Where It Hurts, Without Deleting Your Account

February 1st, 2021 | DS

Twitter is not a necessary platform. If you have an account, you should delete it. However, Facebook tends to give families an opportunity to stay in touch and to see photos and stories about their children and grandchildren, making it a more intimate and essential platform for some people. If you want to keep Facebook, but you're tired of all the censorship, there are ways to punish the platform and to hit your social media overlords where it hurts. This is how you can beat Facebook while keeping your account alive and active.

Ad Revenue

Facebook makes a big majority of its profits from selling ads and showing you advertisements from companies that pay for it. The reason this works is because people click on those ads and generate traffic and revenue for Facebook's corporate clients. To fine tune their ability to sell you products, Facebook uses algorithms to track you and to target you for specific content and products. If this scheme didn't work, Facebook wouldn't do it.

The reason it works is because you fall for it. Facebook has found a way to hack your mind and to figure out exactly what kind of links you're likely to click on, so it's not entirely your fault.

One of the main reasons for Facebook's censorial approach to content is its corporate sponsors and their preference for watered down and palatable material that is least likely to offend people. Since it's 2021, the window for what is considered offensive has continued to expand. Even a standard Disney character can now be considered offensive if enough people complain about it. This has made life particularly difficult for everyone, including the  dorks who run some of the biggest corporations in North America.

As long as you keep clicking the ads, the suggested posts and the sponsored links on your timeline, Facebook will continue making money and their stock prices will continue to rise. But to really beat them, it'll take more than just refusing to click the ads. Eventually, Facebook will be paying for server space and making smaller returns from hosting billions of accounts.

Hide And Report Every Ad, Confuse The Algorithm

For the past month, I have been hiding or reporting every ad that appears on my timeline. At the moment, I'm seeing a lot fewer ads and the ones I do see are obscure and bizarre—making it obvious that Facebook no longer has any idea what to show me.

In the past, there have been some ads that interested me, offering me discounts and showing me interesting products, but I have always refrained from clicking on them. Rather, I will remember the product, or the link that interested me, and Google it or visit their website later. I refuse to let Facebook be the gateway to whatever link that interested me on their platform. For the most part, though, I try to ignore every ad—including the interesting ones. Even by visiting a site later, off of Facebook, the company paying for the ad will see an improvement in traffic that they might end up attributing to Facebook. I don't want that.

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The best practice is to ignore and then hide and report every single ad that appears on your timeline.

To discern between which ads to hide and which ads to report, pay attention to what is being sold and how honest the advertisement is. For example, I often report ads for products that promise to deliver unrealistic results, or products that are straight up bullshit, like X-Ray glasses and herbal pills that promise to give me superpowers. I will most often report them as “misleading” or “scam”. Links from news sites or other websites that don't align with my beliefs get reported as “false news” and “spam”.

As for all the other ads and links that are honest, you can just hide them. If Facebook asks for a reason, make one up or click on “irrelevant”.

Within a few weeks of consistently doing this, you should notice fewer ads. The ones you do see might end up being bizarre, obscure and completely irrelevant. Over time, you will have completely robbed Facebook of the ability to sell you anything. If enough people do this, Facebook will begin to lose significant revenue, or be forced to change their tactics.

Clear Your Browsing History, Block Cookies, Quit Google

You can also clear your browsing history in Chrome, Firefox and Edge. Do this regularly or set the settings to delete daily. Facebook uses your browsing data and cookies to target you for ads, but giving them even less information will further confuse their algorithms.

If you haven't seen The Social Dilemma on Netflix yet, you need to watch it.

If you want to stick it to some more dudes in Silicon Valley, start using DuckDuckGo instead of Google. It is quickly becoming the go-to search engine for people who are tired of Big Tech running amok and trying to influence social behaviours.

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