Using The People's Party To Defeat Fake Conservatives

August 1st, 2019 | SP

Update: This was published before the passing of Deepak Obhrai.

I, my friends, am no fan of Maxime Bernier or his party, but if the Conservative candidate or MP in my riding was a liberal posing as a conservative, I would vote for a PPC candidate. There are a few liberal Conservatives in Ottawa that deserve to lose their seats in the next election and it is the People's Party that can help make that happen, either by electing a PPC candidate or by splitting the vote. Yes, you read that correctly—I said, splitting the vote in certain ridings. It is by no means something that I would encourage nationally, but it is something I would encourage as a means to cleanse the Conservative ranks. Swapping a fake conservative for another liberal is of no consequence, so we should use Maxime's party to get rid of the ones we know will not serve our agenda in Ottawa. If we get lucky and elect PPC candidates, all the better.

These are the ridings occupied by Conservatives who support carbon taxes, believe in white privilege, play too much identity politics or have pushed other kinds of ridiculous liberal agendas. By voting for the PPC candidate in these ridings, you will be helping to cleanse the Conservative Party of hacks, liberals and self-interested weasels.

Wellington—Halton Hills, Ontario: Michael Chong

Sylvain Carle is the PPC candidate in this riding. Michael Chong would be a tough one to beat in any normal circumstance, but a high profile, viable conservative alternative has never run against him. A PPC candidate could bleed enough votes to ensure Chong is replaced by a big L liberal in October.

During the Conservative leadership race, Chong pushed for a carbon tax. He also used identity politics to shamelessly accuse his opponents of racism and “dog whistle politics”. As published at Poletical back in September of 2016:

It doesn't stop at a national carbon tax. Michael Chong is wrong about a lot more. His response to Kellie Leitch's survey question about screening immigrants for anti-Canadian values was not only hypocritical, it was uncalled for. In his statement, he accused Leitch of using “dog whistle” politics to appeal to what we can only assume – according to Chong – is the Conservative Party's racist underbelly. The term “dog whistle” is often used to accuse conservatives of using code words and subtle gestures to appeal to white supremacists. The problem with Michael Chong using the term against Kellie Leitch is that screening immigrants isn't racist and – according to polls – most Canadians support increased measures for screening immigrants and refugees. Secondly, the term is extra rich when it comes from a guy who repeats the story of his Chinese heritage over and over and over again at every campaign event. Michael Chong has gone out of his way to use identity politics and his immigrant heritage to paint a portrait of what he thinks is the average Canadian. Chong has also spent a considerable amount of time reaching out to Canada's Asian communities, probably under the assumption that he would get their votes simply for being Asian.

When compared to Maxime Bernier's statement in response to Kellie Leitch, Chong's looks like a childish retort that resorts to accusing everyone who disagrees with him of racism. Rather than pointing a finger at Leitch and whining about racism, Bernier addressed the logistics of Canada's screening process and criticized Leitch on the grounds of logic, not emotion.

If you're not a fan of supply management, keep in mind that Michael Chong supported that too. One of Maxime Bernier's biggest fights in the CPC leadership race was against supply management. So, make what you will of that, my friends. If scrapping supply management is what really wets your whistle, Michael Chong is not your man.

"During the Conservative leadership race, Chong pushed for a carbon tax."

Calgary—Forest Lawn, Alberta: Deepak Obhrai

David Levesque is the PPC candidate in this riding. Deepak Obhrai, like Michael Chong, threw around accusations of racism like they were going out of style during the CPC leadership race. Just like Chong, Obhrai went after Kellie Leitch for proposing a “racist” Canadian values citizenship test.

Not only did Deepak Obhrai call Kellie Leitch's values test racist, he faked outrage and compared her to Donald Trump, who he repeatedly criticized and admonished during the leadership race. As noted by the CBC:

Leitch has used the policy to garner the attention of the press, but some of her fellow candidates say the kind of press coverage her "Canadian values" pitch is getting is actually hurting the party.

Leadership candidate Deepak Obhrai issued a statement critical of Leitch's plans on the same day Leitch sent out her email through Obhrai said Leitch's "Canadian values" test questions risk painting the Conservatives as an "anti-immigrant party."

"Ms. Leitch's proposal to screen every immigrant and visitor is nothing but Donald Trump's executive order, disguised as Canadian values, and crafted to keep Muslims out of Canada," he said in the statement.

"This is a dangerous environment to create in Canada, and I am outraged by this," he added.

Real conservative voters in Forest Lawn can send Deepak Obhrai and his outrage packing in October by voting for David Levesque. You can follow him on Facebook.

Aurora—Oak Ridges—Richmond Hill, Ontario: Leona Alleslev

You can't get much more liberal than a former Liberal who crosses the floor. Perhaps Alleslev was always more conservative than liberal, but we might never know. She hasn't given much detail about what her policies are or what kind of initiatives she would support, so there's no telling how conservative Alleslev really is or isn't. What we do know, without a doubt, is that she supported Justin Trudeau in the beginning.

As of now, her website states, “All federal political parties and many Canadians agree - climate change is real. As responsible stewards of our environment, we must do our part to minimize the negative impacts of human activity.”

Running for the PPC in Leona Alleslev's riding is Anil Dasaratha. We don't know much about Dasaratha, so his likelihood of winning is almost nil, but he offers the conservative voters in Aurora—Oak Ridges—Richmond Hill an alternative to the two liberals running in the riding: Leona Alleslev and whoever the Liberal Party chooses as its official candidate.

Vaughan—Woodridge, Ontario: Teresa Kruze

Described as a local community activist, Teresa Kruze is a model, actress and television personality from Calgary. Not enough is really known about Kruze, except that she has spent years in entertainment and news, with little experience in political policy. That may not be a bad thing, but her experience in local news and media may indicate her level of liberal bias. Her most troubling history involves her work with Chatelaine, which is a female magazine oriented toward social justice and women's issues.

Chatelaine has been written about here at Poletical for their incessant lying and misinformation about conservatives and Donald Trump:

It's important to be able to prove that someone is a racist before you call them a racist. As far as Steve Bannon is concerned, the media has been falsely equating him with white nationalism, despite his record at Breitbart, where he hired Jews and Muslims. Before he went into politics, Bannon bought a huge stake in Seinfeld—a sitcom produced by and starring Jews. The only unsubstantiated allegations of racism hurled at Bannon have been from his enemies and from his ex wife.

More recently, Bannon went on a tirade against the far right, in which he called them "a collection of clowns".

As for all the other “white nationalist and racist sympathizers” Giese talks about, no one else from Trump's inner circle qualifies except maybe for Jeff Sessions, who has been accused of racism in the past. There is nothing racist from Sean Spicer's past, Hope Hicks's past, Kellyanne Conway's past, Sarah Huckabee's past, HR McMaster's past, or from anyone else's past that anyone can point to. Jared Kushner and Stephen Miller are Jewish, Ben Carson is black and—who cares.

Chatelaine has tried to strike fear into Canadians about the rise of “white nationalism” and tried to portray Donald Trump and his supporters as racists. It has acted as a typical vehicle for left-wing propaganda, making it unlikely that Teresa Kruze wrote fairly about politics and culture.

Kruze has attended conferences about empowering women in business, which again, my friends, is not a bad thing... but when considering her history in media and with Chatelaine, it should make us cautious.

The Conservative nomination for Vaughan—Woodridge is not settled yet. A mysterious woman named Frances Tibollo is competing for the party's nomination in the riding, but with Kruze's higher profile, we may be able to assume she will be the winner. If so, the PPC candidate in the riding is Domenic Montesano. You can follow him on Twitter here.

Vote PPC Where It Matters

A minority Conservative government could be propped up by the People's Party in the event of a poor election outcome for conservatives. We should not fear vote splitting as much as partisans would like us to. In particular ridings, we—as conservatives—would be better served by PPC candidates than liberal Conservative candidates. Michael Chong, Deepak Obrhai and various other “red Tories” will not serve our agendas in Ottawa, meaning that we must make sacrifices in order to make Canada a better country and to reshape it in our own image.

I would not recommend voting PPC in other ridings, except perhaps in Maxime Bernier's own riding, where he is likely to win. The ridings I have listed here should be the focus of PPC volunteers and strategists going into the 2019 election—as they will help strengthen the cause and spirit of grassroots conservatives across the country.

Learn more about beating fake conservatives here.

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