Bill Burr Hits Every Nail On The Head

August 1st, 2022 | RR

Bill Burr's newest Netflix special, Live At Red Rocks, hits every nail on the head. Arguably, it might be one of his best shows to date. He tackles every subject with ruthless honesty and puts some of our hottest topics into a different perspective for normies and ordinary people. Allowing Burr to tackle these subjects on a mainstream platform is noteworthy, important and highly effective at influencing normal people who have spent most of their lives consuming corporate narratives. Bill Burr makes them feel less guilty about their own thoughts by expressing himself on a national, mainstream stage. Bill Burr speaks for everyone who has stayed silent and been afraid to address modernity with honesty.

Here's a quick rundown with minimal spoilers.


Burr starts by poking fun at both sides of the argument. He takes shots at the liberal hypocrites who want everyone to wear masks, but then goes after the conservative lunatics who spent the years after 9/11 being patriotic, loving their government and vowing to protect their fellow Americans. To a more right-wing audience, his opening monologue might ruffle some feathers—but if they stick around, they'll be pleasantly surprised by the rest of his show.

Cancel Culture

“One great thing about this pandemic shit, is it kinda slowed down a little bit of that cancel culture.”

Burr goes on to talk about the movement to cancel dead people, like John Wayne, for things they said fifty years ago. His references to Sean Connery are priceless.

Woke White People

Being woke was reserved for black Americans in the early days of the term's inception. If you were woke, you were tuned into the effects of white racism, colonization and black empowerment. Nowadays, entitled white liberals have adopted the term and applied it to themselves to show the world how virtuous and noble they are.

Bill Burr does a hilarious job of destroying entitled, woke white people.


Bill Burr reflects an extremely ordinary view on abortion that reflects every ordinary person's position: women should be able to choose, but also—abortion is exactly like killing a baby. Referring to fetuses as clumps of cells or as “not a baby yet” opens the door to zillions of analogies, but Burr picks the perfect one.


It's not new to Bill Burr fans, but his takes on feminism have only kept getting better over the years. His monologue about running into a lesbian is brilliant and his calling out of woke progressives for being able to identify and judge construction workers (and other obvious looks), but not lesbians, is on point.

Burr's most brilliant point about the WNBA emphasizes the hypocrisy and one-sided nature of feminism, which ties into his other, more accurate and dead-on criticisms about a particular group...


Bill Burr has been attacked by feminists not only for his criticisms of their ideology, but for his criticisms of women in general. For any man who has been in a relationship with a woman, it's obvious why Burr's criticisms of women gets women so riled up. It's because his criticisms about women are so accurate and honest.

Burr takes a lot of shots at himself and men throughout, but it's only fair. We aren't perfect either. Fortunately, men can usually take criticisms a lot better than most women, which is why we don't rally mobs to cancel female comedians when they joke about us. All of these this ties in to what Burr is trying to say.

Everything from cherishing unhealthy body images to female athletes getting paid less can be summed up by one true fact about most women: they don't like competition. Women would rather tune out the WNBA in favour The Real Housewives, who spend most of their time tearing each other down and attacking other women.

Women promote obesity because they want to be the prettiest girl in the room, not because they actually want to support other women who happen to be overweight. They don't watch the WNBA and other female sports because they have no real desire to see other women succeed when they are fitter and more athletic than they are. Despite making up 51% of the world's population and being “scientifically” proven to be smarter than men, women haven't been able to conquer the world because they spend too much time trying to destroy each other.

If women could get along like men do, they wouldn't need our help.

Bill Burr's overall point is that women should support each other and stop relying on men to “be more feminist” in order to make the world a better place for them. If more women really cared about other women, ratings for female sports would be higher, they'd sell more tickets and—in turn—they would make more money as athletes.

Values To Teach Our Daughters

If any of this offends you, maybe you should think deeply about the overall message. Bill Burr has a daughter, I have a daughter and millions of men who agree with him have daughters. The whole “but what about your daughter?!” retort is nonsensical to most of us. I also have a son, so what's your point? I want the world to work for both of them.

Bill Burr's monologue about women in his latest Netflix special isn't really misogynistic at all. What he is criticizing and making fun of is misogyny itself. The misogyny that sets women back the most is the misogyny that exists among themselves. A lot of it is coming from other women.

A truly feminist upbringing would involve fathers teaching their daughters (and sons) to respect all women as much as they respect their mothers. Seeing another woman succeed is not something to be jealous about. Women in sports should be viewed by other women as heroines, not objects of enviable competition. Tearing other women down is not virtuous or rewarding. We should all teach our daughters to look up to and encourage women who are smarter, prettier and more successful—the same way young boys look up to Kobe Bryant, Elon Musk and Tom Brady.

If you don't believe misogyny is a problem among women and a significant setback for modern feminists, that's another debate. If you believe it is, then you should know our daughters are the key to fixing it.

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