Billionaire Astronauts Are A Symbol Of Our Regression

August 1st, 2021 | RR

In 1969, humans landed the first man on the moon. In 2021, a billionaire shot himself into Earth's lower orbit for eleven minutes in a dildo shaped rocket. Note the difference. Humans haven't successfully sent a human to another rock or planet in more than sixty years, but we're willing to let a bunch of billionaires proclaim that Blue Origin and Virgin Galactic have accomplished something historic. With their massive corporate welfare and infinite tax loopholes, Amazon and Virgin want us to believe this was done without help from the government and taxpayers. Furthermore, they want us to celebrate an achievement that only proves how much we have regressed since 1969.

Spare me the horseshit about probes being sent to Mars. Those billion dollar boondoggles are about as embarrassing as Jeff Bezos and Richard Branson calling themselves astronauts. In the past twenty-five years, we've spent a grotesque amount of money exploring a dead, barren, rusted out shithole while we could have been investing in new technologies and building probes to scout Proxima B—or curing various forms of cancer. We've spent the past twenty years starting wars and inventing extra genders, but all we have to show are a few high-def photos of sand dunes on Mars.

Whoopty fucking doo.

I'm not an inventor or a physicist, but 90% of us never will be. Our collective intelligence as a species is a joint achievement. We are supposed to inspire our children to reach the sky and to help them achieve their goals by teaching them discipline, values and ambition. I may not be an inventor, but my kids might be. Perhaps that's where our failure as a society stems. We're raising lazy, dumbed down slackers. It's not just Elon Musk's job to colonize other planets, it's our job as individuals and parents to build a better, higher quality society with intelligent members. So before you spout off about how I've never invented a new propulsion system or cured cancer and—therefore—shouldn't be allowed to criticize anything, get bent.

We're all in this together and we're all failing.

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Few are willing to admit how much we've regressed. Just because we have smartphones and can see our relatives around the world on small screens, some people refuse to let the cynicism and realism flow. Some will tout the new vaccines as proof that humans can accomplish anything, while the more realistic and cynical types will point out that the vaccines aren't even close to 100% effective and that vaccines aren't real cures. We've definitely made some progress, but that should be expected for any moderately “intelligent” civilization. Making tiny and incremental steps is great, but it's not as good as it should be for a species that has been building and destroying civilizations for more than 10,000 years.

The flying cars envisioned by 1960s sci-fi writers aren't even close to becoming reality in the 2020s. There are some good reasons for it, like the fact that most people can't even drive grounded vehicles with wheels. The last thing we need is dipshits crashing into skyscrapers or crash landing on people's heads. If we're lucky, unmanned drones might make most deliveries by 2030—but trust me, that all depends on luck and nothing else.

Think about the technology used in drones. We view them as a modern breakthrough, but they're nothing but plastic being lifted by old fashioned propellers. Humans spent sixty whole years making plastic light and durable enough to fly, but haven't made any major leaps toward new forms of propulsion. Now we're celebrating a bunch of fucking helicopters that have been around since the 1940s. It's slightly worse than cheering on billionaires in flying dildos.

When did we set our sights and standards so low? Maybe when we started giving all the kids participation trophies. Now, they all want to pat themselves on the back for almost  re-accomplishing some of history's greatest achievements. If falling short was a sport, Generation X and Millennials would be the top performers. We are now praising people who quit (Simone Biles), which is the opposite of what previous generations did.

1969 was the peak of human scientific advancement, then it started to level off and stagnate for a reason.

This can sound like an incorrect assessment, but only if you view our ongoing scientific advancements as proof that we are still making progress. Sure we have smartphones, wireless internet, realistic video game graphics and longer life spans, but I never said we've stopped advancing. Not yet. As we decline and continue our fall, there will still be some minor scientific advancements along the way. Eventually we will stop advancing all together, unless we get our acts together. This regression is an overall process within society that will eventually lead to the end of scientific advancement and discovery. It's already happening and we can see science becoming more like a religious institution that no longer allows for questions.

"If falling short was a sport, Generation X and Millennials would be the top performers."

Progress is no longer on an upward trajectory. In this case, progress means the overall movement of humanity towards a future of better health, more prosperity and greater equilibrium. Scientific advancement is a reflection of that progress. As that progress declines and begins to move backwards (regression), so does everything else. Scientific advancement is not only a driver of human progress, it is a result of it. When progress stops, so does science. When science stops, progress can't continue. The two are intertwined.

People Are Actually Getting Dumber

Global IQ scores have peaked and have now begun to decline, according to some experts. More than one set of analyses have named the mid 1990s as the time when global IQ scores began to decline. That was about the time Generation X started entering the workforce. Other studies point to earlier dates. A 2008 study in the United Kingdom showed that the average IQ among teenagers had dropped by two points between 1980 and 2008. An Australian study in 2003 showed no increase in childhood IQ scores between 1975 and 2003.

Many of the studies show a negligible drop within short periods of time, but a consistency that points to an overall and ongoing decline.

Arguments that point to IQ tests and scoring methods being out-dated, or culturally dependent, have been ruled out by most experts. Most IQ tests are a standardized measurement of a person's ability to find patterns, to rationalize and to solve basic problems. IQ tests are not a measurement of knowledge and education, but a measurement of ability. A high school dropout can have a far higher IQ than a college graduate. The tests and scoring methods have been in use for more than a century and have consistently shown an increase in global scores. This was called the Flynn Effect.

The recent discovery that IQ scores are declining has been called the Reverse Flynn Effect.

Let's not pretend we don't see it with our own eyes. The world has gotten dumber and we all know it. Even the dumb ones know it. The idiocy presents itself in every facet of our society, from our kitchen appliances to our government's policies. Stupidity is inside it all.

Remember going to your grandparents' house in the 1980s and seeing their old refrigerators and appliances from the 1960s and older decades? Some of our grandparents still have stoves, furnaces and deep freezes from 1965 that still work. That doesn't happen anymore. Modern appliances don't last more than 10 years. Some of it has to do with planned obsolescence, but most of it doesn't. The sheer incompetence of the average person is starting to manifest in the things we buy and in the politicians we elect.

As our average intelligence continues to decline, we'll start seeing more low quality products, more inefficiency, more poorly designed roadways, more destructive fiscal policies, more bankruptcies, more man-made disasters, more ships stuck in the Suez Canal, more car accidents, more accidental deaths, more devastating computer glitches and more disruptions in our supply chains.

Things won't get better unless we get smarter.

Being Honest With Ourselves

The first step in becoming smarter and fixing this problem is acknowledging that there is a problem. The responsibility to raise smarter kids falls on all of us. We don't all need to raise inventors and physicists, but we need to raise more rational children who can find the truth without letting their feelings influence how they deal with it. Facts and truth can be ugly things, just ask the religious institutions that had to come to terms with the Earth not being the centre of the universe.

Today, most teens and young adults think their feelings are the centre of the universe. It'll be up to our toddlers and newborns to fix that problem in twenty to thirty years. If they don't, humanity will lose.

Social and scientific progress are either moving at a snails pace, or they have stopped all together. If they haven't stopped yet, they will soon. We've turned traditional science on its head more times in the past ten years than Einstein would have been comfortable with—not in a good way. We have characterized gender dysphoria and other mental illnesses as normal, while rewriting our entire social contract in an effort to appease activists. The science around sexual biology is now being rewritten not to appease the truth, but to appease the feelings of a select few.

The “science” on cloth masks and the spread of viruses has also radically changed in two short years, but we won't delve into that here.

We've begun to police speech in ways that haven't been seen since Nazi Germany. Certain things can't be questioned and certain truths can't be spoken. What's scary is that it's not even our governments making these rules—it's the media and our very own friends. The global pandemic showed us who we're dealing with and what our neighbours are capable of. Our neighbours have turned against us and questioning the “science” has become dangerous.

Joe Biden even said it himself when he criticized Facebook for literally killing people with misinformation.

Of course, the term “misinformation” has itself become a tool to undermine and delegitimize any person or institution that questions the propaganda. Questions have become dangerous and science has been bastardized in ways none of us could have imagined in 2018. The level to which science has been bastardized is stunning and the way people have accepted that bastardization is a testament to how lost we've all become.

What's even more discouraging is how old methods have been re-introduced and have had the same outcomes they had in past times.

The use of fear to push the masses to willingly give up their own freedoms and to hand more power to higher institutions has been done several times throughout history with great success. Again, the fact that it's working in the 2020s shows how much we have regressed. There was a time in the 1980s when people would have soundly and dramatically rejected most of what has been done in 2020 and 2021—or so I'd like to believe. However, I could be wrong.

With all of this social regression, scientific stagnation is inevitable.

As our teens continue to consume themselves with their own narcissism, we'll witness yet another generation piss away its future with complacency, stupidity and an unwillingness to pay attention to the world around them. Too self-absorbed and busy posting selfies and videos on TikTok, it's safe to say we may have lost Generation Z. This means, our toddlers and newborns are the future and that the future rests in our hands as parents.

If we want to change the trajectory, we need to teach our children the value of truth. We need to teach them some self-discipline and quit being free-range parents that allow our children to waste their own lives and “discover themselves”. Furthermore, we need to teach them to aim high and to quit celebrating dildo rockets and plastic drones that can't fly anyone to the Moon.

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