To Hell With Billionaires And Monopolies

June 1st, 2019 | Spartacus

You'll always hear some pencil-neck libertarian say something stupid like, “Corporations and companies can do what they want. If you don't like what they do, start your own corporation to compete with them.” You can tell that pencil-neck to build his own country and rule it how he wants. Until he does, he'll need to accept the fact that less of us are willing to put up with elitist billionaires and their monopolies. It's time to break up monopolies like Facebook and smash open the piggy banks of ruthless, socialist scumbags like George Soros, Mark Zuckerberg and Jeff Bezos. It's time to use the government and our laws to protect free speech, destroy monopolies and drain the wealth from billionaires and hoarders. If you don't like it, start your own fucking country.

You might also hear libertarians and some conservatives who tout “muh principles” say dumb things like, “So you think cake bakers should be forced to serve gays then?” You can tell those pencil-necks that monopolies hinder and destroy competition—which is exactly why monopolies aren't the same as small-time, local cake bakers. If a baker refuses to bake your inclusive rainbow cake, you can probably walk down the street to another baker who will. The same is not true about Facebook and Twitter, who have devoured and destroyed all their competition. Google owns Youtube, Facebook owns WhatsApp and Instagram, Twitter owns Periscope. The competition that did remain was quickly bought up and consumed by the same mega-corporations that pencil-neck libertarians like to defend.

If an alternative platform like Gab did become successful, you can be sure Twitter would buy it out and consume it before it even had a chance to compete.

To hell with libertarians, mega-corporations, billionaires and all of their monopolies. It's time for a change. This is how we solve our billionaire-monopoly problem and put the silly libertarians who defend them in their rightful places.

A 100% Billionaire Tax

No one needs to have more than a billion dollars in their bank account. No one needs a networth that exceeds one billion. George Soros and Jeff Bezos have more money than they'll ever spend. Most of them don't even give much of it to charity. If they did, they wouldn't have giant mansions and billions sitting in investments, trusts and offshore accounts.

To be nice and fair, we should let every citizen earn a maximum of one billion dollars. Once they go one penny over the limit, the government confiscates it and puts it into public trusts, grants and loans designed to bolster and enable entrepreneurs. Not one penny will ever find its way into the pockets of politicians.

Forget a 75% tax on millionaires—we need a 100% tax on billionaires.

A truly free-market designed to enable and help all individuals would be void and absent of any monopolies—all government and corporate monopolies. The best way to prevent monopolies is to limit how much we can earn. If you're one of those pencil-neck libertarians worried about “incentives” and about robbing individuals and corporations of their drive and dreams of an endless potential, keep in mind that one billion dollars is more than enough for anyone and it takes years to acquire. For every billionaire that hoards his wealth, there are a million people having their potential destroyed by monopolies that drive up costs, destroy competition and shut down free speech and free markets.

"A truly free-market designed to enable and help all individuals would be void and absent of any monopolies"

In “free-market” America, Facebook has managed to consume, monopolize and dictate a majority of the social media market. Mark Zuckerberg has shut down free speech, damaged individuals and companies that rely on networking, and he has single-handedly tried to control the flow of information on a platform of over two billion people. Google has taken over the internet with an algorithm that filters out dissident opinions and unsavoury websites, while Twitter has become the number one platform for celebrities, politicians and influential culture warriors who adhere to Jack Dorsey's political ideology. Those who don't adhere to the ideologies of the Silicon Valley techboys are un-personed, de-platformed and banished into a memory hole.

If one platform among a sea of dozens—or millions—of other platforms were to do these things, they would not survive. However, because of monopolies and their billionaire owners, we are forced to deal with an environment controlled by a small handful of ideological soyboys.

We need a 100% billionaire tax—but for it to work, it needs to be implemented globally.

Banning Certain Monopolies

The libertarians must be hissing about this idea, if we haven't already lost them and their weak, feeble minds after proposing a 100% tax on scumbags like George Soros. Outlawing monopolies would be a tricky business, but it would be an essential part of ensuring that latte-guzzling scumbags like Zuckerberg and Dorsey don't ever get an upper-hand on policing people's speech and controlling public discourse.

The simplest way to do this would be to put a legal limit on how much one company or individual can offer to buy another company or service. Most of this would already be taken care of with a 100% tax on billionaires and corporations, due to the fact that no company, corporation or individual would be able to earn a single penny more than one billion on any transaction or sale. Furthermore, if a corporation or individual already has a networth of one billion, they would not be able to earn any more profits without forfeiting their extra earnings to the public. If a corporation worth $900,000,000 tries to purchase another company worth more than $100,000,000—the transaction would be worthless for the purchaser.

Existing corporations like Amazon and Facebook would need to be broken into pieces in order to comply with the new ban on billion-dollar monopolies. Facebook would need to be broken into several pieces, each worth less than one billion dollars a piece. An easy solution for Facebook and its shareholders might be to sell Instagram, WhatsApp and other assets in order to bring the corporation's networth below the billion dollar limit. Secondly, Mark Zuckerberg would be forced to forfeit his shares in the company until his personal networth and overall annual profits drop below one billion.

Problem solved.

For monopolies that are worth less than one billion dollars or monopolies that arise unintentionally and without buyouts and takeovers, a democratically elected government panel with strict term limits would decide whether a monopoly impedes individual rights, public discourse or social harmony. From there, they would decide whether the monopoly needs to be broken up.

Buying Politicians

Billionaires like George Soros and the Koch brothers buy their way into positions of power by buying politicians. By limiting and confiscating their wealth, they would have less money to throw around. On top of a 100% billionaire tax, limits on campaign contributions for individuals and corporations will help cut down on the influence that billionaires have on policy and political movements.

Antifa and its many offshoots receive funding from several prominent billionaires and wealthy families. That stops with the enforcement of campaign contribution limits, a 100% billionaire tax and the banning of monopolies. With less money to spend and a limit on their networth, scumbags like George Soros won't have as much incentive to throw money at activist groups and politicians—knowing that they can only earn and benefit so much.

By having a limit on how much billionaires can earn, their financial incentive to influence politics decreases. There will still be a thirst for power and an instinct for self-preservation, but billionaires will be less inclined to stick their noses into political affairs unless their interests are in jeopardy.

Rest assured, their interests are in jeopardy. Starting now.


If any such policies like the ones described here were suggested by politicians or parties, you can be sure that these billionaires would pour their wealth and power into shutting them down and stopping them. You can be sure that your favourite politicians and bureaucrats would be easily bought off with enough money.

Just like us, the politicians and bureaucrats that run your country have kids to feed, mortgages to pay and debts to service. When the billionaires get into their heads, you can be sure they'll betray you for the right price. In such a case, it would be difficult to implement any of the policies described here. However, the power of the masses has always triumphed in cases like this. Look at Venezuela, Egypt and other countries that have had radical shifts over the past decade. The populist and nationalist uprisings across Europe and America show exactly what the right amount of passion can achieve.

With the right numbers, we can change the political landscape and steal the power from the billionaires who currently dictate policy in North America. Together, we can put them in their rightful places.

Don't lose your hope or your passion. Together we can—and we will.

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