How Caitlyn Jenner Will Expose Democrats

May 1st, 2021 | TC

Caitlyn Jenner, the retired athlete formerly known as Bruce Jenner, will be running for governor of California as a Republican. She will be running on a fiscally conservative platform to unseat the newly recalled Democrat governor, Gavin Newsom. Jenner joins a big list of Republicans who are also looking to replace Newsom, including former congressman Doug Ose and businessman John Cox. Jenner's entrance into the race is likely to accomplish several things, one of which is exposing Democrats as phony, circumstantial allies of the transgender community.

When push comes to shove, Democrats will abandon their most basic principles to win an election and to attack an opponent. The same way Democrats have ignored the Biden administration's children in cages and the ongoing border crisis, they are sure to make an exception in their rule to respect and treat all transgender Americans with basic dignity. In the race to stop Caitlyn Jenner and her fiscally reasonable agenda, Democrats will pull up every possible speck of dirt to smear Jenner and her character. Everything from her personal flaws, past mistakes and her status as a former man will be on the table for Democrats. Jenner's run for governor in America's most liberal state will bring out the worst in Democrats and expose them as the opportunistic liars they are.

Republicans should rejoice.

Before Jenner's entrance, Gavin Newsom attempted to label his opponents as extremists, despite most of them being very ordinary and very straight-edged Republicans. It will be interesting to watch Democrats and Newsom formulate a strategy of attacking Jenner personally, while simultaneously attempting to paint themselves as tolerant and inclusive. Republicans and managers of Jenner's campaign should keep track of, and vigorously attack, any Democrat that misgenders Jenner or takes a swipe at her moral compass. Any personal attack on Jenner should be framed as an attack on the transgender community in America.

This is what Democrats would do and what they have done.

The Democrat argument, that women and members of the LGBTQ2 community are discouraged from politics by such heavy and deep-cutting attacks, should be used against them. Very quickly, California's transgender community will learn how circumstantial the left's support really is. They'll see Antifa clowns and Democrats mocking Jenner, taking shots at her history and disrespecting her on the national stage. As the first transgender Republican to ever seek office, Jenner will expose Democrats in all of their hypocritical and delusional glory.

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Jenner will run on a platform of tax cuts and deregulation, which will be sure to make Democrats cringe and wimper. As people flee California in droves for freer states like Tennessee, Texas and Florida, the state's biggest businesses and corporations are yearning for a candidate like Jenner to temper the GOP's severe economic reforms with some libertarian social policies. Not knowing what to attack first, Democrats will eventually aim for Jenner's character and personal life when they realize that most Californians are eager to change the state's economic conditions.

When Democrats realize that attacking Jenner on her economic policies won't win votes, they will go for her jugular. Unable to attack her as a bigot or anti-LGBTQ conservative, they won't have any other choices. This will expose them as the frauds they are.

Caitlyn Jenner is the GOP's perfect weapon in California. At some eventual point in the race, a Democrat will be forced to apologize for inappropriately attacking Jenner or for misgendering her in a purposefully bigoted manner. Jenner's candidacy brilliantly disarms her Democratic opponents and forces them to go low.

When the worst of it fails, Democrats could find themselves pulling up a fatal car crash involving Jenner in 2015, or resort to dragging the Kardashians and Kanye West into the fray—somehow. Democrats will find themselves flailing in California's upcoming recall race when trying to defend Gavin Newsom. Their efforts will fail and it is increasingly possible that Jenner could make history by becoming California's first transgender Republican governor.

It would be a first for America, too.

No trustworthy polls have yet been released with Jenner's name on the ballot, but many Democrat sites and pundits are smugly declaring that Newsom will easily be re-elected. Left-wing rag, Vox has suggest that the transgender community is “dreading Jenner's run” for governor, citing only one dissident voice while acknowledging several members of California's trans community who have come out and called Jenner an inspiration.

There is no guarantee that Jenner would win with her current platform or her status as trans. Californians, as well as Democrats, have always talked a big game but failed to put their dignity where their mouths are. Despite calling themselves advocates and defenders of transgender politicians and figures, Jenner may not live up to the high and hypocritical standards that Californians and Democrats have set for members of the LGBTQ2 community.

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