Calgary Councillors, Alcohol In The Office 

January 21, 2015 | Poletical News 

Some Calgary city councillors have admitted to the Calgary Herald that they have consumed or had alcohol in their offices. Although it's perfectly legal, many Calgarians have expressed outrage over the revelations of drinking on the job. To make matters worse, a few councillors have shrugged and expressed nonchalance about their own preference for alcohol while on the public payroll or while occupying public offices. Because most Calgarians would face termination for some of the same offences, some comments from councillors have only added fuel to the flames. 

Ward 8 councillor, Evan Woolley, told the Herald that he has consumed alcohol in his office while doing work late at night. "I've had a scotch in my office if I've been here late, doing some reading," he said. "We're all adults," he added. 

No matter how grown up they are, most Calgarians still aren't allowed to drink alcohol while on their employer's property.

Ward 14 councillor, Peter Demong, told the Herald much of the same. "I have a bottle of scotch at city hall," he said. 

The most astonishing comment was made by Ward 5 councillor, Ray Jones. "I don't think I've had a drink in the office since, oh, September? October?" he said. His comments give the impression that drinking in the office is commonplace, not a big deal, or something of a normal occurrence. But he added that it doesn't happen very often for him.

Mayor Naheed Nenshi made mention of receiving reports of councillors being "blotto" and engaging in other questionable activities. Neither Nenshi or Ward 4 councillor, Sean Chu, drink alcohol at all.

More can be read about this new controversy at the Calgary Herald