30% Approve Of Calgary Council 

April 1st, 2014 | Poletical Poll 

Through the month of March, Poletical asked Calgarians whether they approve of Naheed Nenshi and Calgary City Council. 391 single votes from Calgary IP addresses were counted and divided into four quadrants. Overall, Calgarians approve of Naheed Nenshi's performance as mayor, with support for the mayor strongest in Calgary's Southwest. City Council, on the other hand, only received 30% approval from Calgarians. The highest level of disapproval came from Calgary's two northern quadrants. 

56% of Calgarians approve of Naheed Nenshi's performance as mayor, while 41% disapprove and 3% are undecided. 

30% of Calgarians approve of City Council's performance, while 56% disapprove and 14% are undecided. 

The story changes when votes are divided among four of the city's quadrants. 

Calgary SW: 56% Approve of Nenshi, 37% Approve of City Council

In Calgary's Southwest, 44% disapprove of Nenshi. 39% disapprove of City Council and 24% are undecided.

Calgary SE: 48% Approve of Nenshi, 26% Approve of City Council

In the city's Southeast, Calgarians are equally divided and 48% also disapprove of Nenshi. 61% disapprove of City Council and 13% are undecided.

Calgary NW: 55% Approve of Nenshi, 22% Approve of City Council

In the Northwest, 45% disapprove of Naheed Nenshi's performance. 67% disapprove of City Council's performance and 11% are undecided.

Calgary NE: 36% Approve of Nenshi, 5% Approve of City Council

32% of Calgarians living in the Northeast disapprove of Naheed Nenshi's performance and 32% are undecided. 65% disapprove of Calgary City Council and 30% are undecided. 

Multiple votes from the same IP addresses were discarded and no votes from outside of Calgary were counted. The poll was shared on Facebook, Twitter and Reddit from March 5th to 25th.