Tory Voters Vote Gingrich

Poletical Online Survey Results

According to the results of Poletical's non-scientific, independent online survey that was conducted between February 1st and 25th, U.S. presidential candidate, Newt Gingrich, is the choice of 36% of Canadian Conservative voters.

The results also contain surprising statistics about NDP voters, who chose U.S. presidential candidate, Ron Paul, as the second best choice to Obama by 41%. Paul's right-wing position on issues like healthcare and welfare make this a surprising and contradictory statistic for Canada's leftist social democrats.

As expected, Liberals stood with Barack Obama as their choice for U.S. president by 69%, with Ron Paul trailing far behind at 25% and Romney at 6%.

Out of 108 respondents, only the answers of 75 were counted because they were Canadian. Results from outside Canada were discarded, leaving 33 responses uncounted.

In total, 40% (30) of the 75 respondents identified as supporters of the Conservative Party Of Canada. 27% (20) were indentified as Liberal supporters. 20% are NDP supporters.

All percentages are rounded to an exact number.

The results are broken down below.

Total %: