Majority Of Canadians Prefer Private Healthcare

February 2nd, 2022 | SP

A poll from Maru Public Opinion and Nanos Research both reveal that a majority of our fellow Canadians support private healthcare. That may not have been the official wording of either poll, but it is indeed what Canadians want. Just as it was suggested in Quebec, a healthcare “tax” for the unvaccinated would act similarly to paying into a separate, two-tiered system and would tarnish the sacred ideals of universal healthcare for all.

For many of us who have yearned for private healthcare services in Canada, this is good news. For a long time, many of us have asked to be treated separately in certain cases. Many long wait times could be alleviated by allowing those who can afford it to pay for private surgeries and treatments at private clinics. Similarly so, Canadians who opt out of vaccination could pay a bit extra to seek services elsewhere, outside of the universal system—which so happens to be moving away from being truly “universal” by disallowing and charging extra for the care of unvaccinated Canadians.

My friends, if this is the sort of Canada you want to have, we are more than happy to oblige.

Let there be a second tier of healthcare services for the unvaccinated and others. Let there be a fee for entry. This would be a good beginning for a new debate on our healthcare system, on its failures and on how to reform it. The eternally sacred debate about privatization can finally, thus, be revisited in Canada. We can finally speak openly, without repercussions, about the values and benefits of a two-tiered healthcare system—or an entirely private one.

You see, in a private system, we could all mind our own business without the inherently totalitarian desire to control the diets and lifestyles of our neighbours. By paying our own way in a wholly private system, with private and customized insurance plans, we could be truly free. For some of us, insurance may not be a requirement at all. Some Canadians could afford private services without the burdensome rules of an insurance plan.

Let us be free.

This news that Canadians are willing to embrace a multi-tiered healthcare systems is music to our ears. It is the beginning of a new era in Canada, which opens the locked door to freedom and choice in healthcare and medicine. As we move closer to a private system, the tax burden would shift toward funding more valuable and existential requirements, like a stronger military and better national security.

The $300B spent yearly on universal healthcare could be more wisely spent, or returned to tax-paying Canadians for a stronger economy and an improved consumer index.

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Once we open this can of worms and opportunities, the possibilities will be endless. We could direct billions at ending homelessness, billions at feeding the poor, billions at taking care of veterans and billions at securing our national borders from foreign threats. My friends, the possibilities are truly infinite!

By finally ending our universal healthcare system, we could solve many, if not most, our of country's problems. With 36 million Canadians, the market is ripe for a multitude of private insurers to swoop in and offer affordable premiums and competing healthcare plans. The overwrought and often sensationalized failures of American healthcare would quickly be realized by a majority of Canadians as false, with affordable premiums and high competition in the health insurance markets. This new awakening would be revolutionary in Canada and would lead to compounded prosperity and personal wealth for all.

With only one-third of the costs of our universal system being returned to tax-paying Canadians in tax cuts, personal wealth and spending power would increase exponentially, leading to stronger markets, stronger businesses and a healthier economy. The remaining two-thirds could be redirected to military, national security, research, welfare and education.

All in all, Canadians would see limitless benefits from a wholly private healthcare system. By allowing for, and encouraging, a multi-tiered healthcare system for the unvaccinated, most Canadians are inadvertently acknowledging their desire for a multi-tiered healthcare system—which would, inevitably, lead to privatization. To the ears of the advocates of private healthcare, this is music. This has been what they, and we, have yearned and called for.

More so, this acknowledgement by a majority of Canadians, that Canada's existing healthcare system is not capable of handling crises, is much needed. The moment has finally come and the system's inadequacies have been brought into the light. If anything good was to have come from this pandemic, it was this. The exposure of our inadequate and failing public healthcare system was one very valuable moment of the past two years.

"For a long time, many of us have asked to be treated separately in certain cases."

The next step is to begin the debate on reforms.

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