Poll: Racism Less Of A Problem, But Minorities Are More Racist

June 1st, 2019 | SP

Well, my Canadian friends, the science is settled. Racism is less of a problem in Canada than it was viewed to be in the 1990s. That's according to a new poll by Ipsos that was commissioned by our beloved friends at Unifor-controlled Global News. Now the purpose of this poll, friends, was to prove that racism is indeed a problem in Canada and that minorities have been more prone to being victims of it than whites, as the poll does show, but in the poll are hidden some fascinating tidbits of information that Global was reluctant to share. 

In the 1990s, more than 60% of Canadians made the claim to pollsters that racism was a problem in the country. That number has since declined to just 47% in 2019, according to the Ipsos poll.  In 1992, that number sat at 69%. Global News' headlines about this poll, however, tried to tell us that "half of Canadians think racism is a serious problem in Canada", of course, failing to mention that these numbers have declined by 22% in nearly thirty years. 

Another important piece of information left out in most Global reports on their very own, commissioned poll, suggest that non-white minorities are more likely to think racist thoughts that they would not be willing to express publicly. 

Even more stunning, is the poll's revelation that 32% of non-white minorities in Canada (compared to 22% of whites) believe that having racially prejudiced thoughts against other races is perfectly normal.   

The Ipsos poll shows that 48% of whites in Canada admit to thinking racist thoughts, while 58% of non-whites admit to thinking racist thoughts. Yes, my friends, you read that correctly. 58% of visible minorities in Canada admit to thinking racist thoughts and 32% think it is absolutely normal to do so. These numbers are higher than the number of white Canadians who feel the same way. 

So then we must ask, how could the mainstream news networks and media in Canada continue to push the notion that we have serious problems in Canada with white supremacy? These poll numbers, from Global themselves, suggest that non-whites are thinking more racist thoughts than whites and more non-whites than whites feel it is perfectly normal to hold racist views against people of a different skin colour. 

Now, my Canadian friends, before I go any further, please allow me to invite you to read the Ipsos poll results for yourself by clicking here

Recently, we taxpayers have been subjected to our own political leaders proclaiming that white supremacy is a "serious threat" in our country. When politicians on our side refute those allegations, our public broadcaster initiates lectures and attacks on their characters. As seen in a recent CBC article: 

Scheer initially seemed reluctant to come out strongly against white supremacy and white nationalism, but he did finally denounce it as a threat to Canada after Conservative Senator Leo Housakos suggested it wasn't a threat (which the senator later corrected). Although arguably belated, this shows the party is beginning to take these issues more seriously (though it should be more proactive in the future, instead of waiting until it finds itself facing harsh criticism for tepid or non-responses).

What a superb lecture from our publicly funded CBC and what a superb sell-out Andrew Scheer has become when it comes to denouncing white supremacy in Canada. What a superb human Mr. Housakos is for collapsing under the weight of media scrutiny. According to this recent report by Ipsos, whites with racially incendiary views are less of a problem than non-whites with similarly racist viewpoints. But yet, here we are, forced to watch our politicians bend to the will of left-leaning publications and political parties who make such erroneous claims. 

If we are to continue down this path of fighting white supremacy, should we not also acknowledge the racism and views of non-whites? Please leave your thoughts below:

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