How Activists Change Our Language To Beat Us

March 3rd, 2020 | Spartacus

Any linguist will tell you that language and words define culture, influence attitudes and guide social behaviours. A certain word can manipulate how we understand an entire subject or issue, which is why left-wing activists and strategists have worked so hard at re-defining common political issues by changing the language we use to understand them. Some of the changes are blatant and have been subject to ridicule, while others have been more subtle and widely used without most of us noticing.

I'll start with the less obvious ones.

The Developing World”

True meaning: shithole countries.

We hear this phrase often and don't think much of it. It's basically a more politically correct way to describe the third world and its various shithole countries. Countries where social, economic, scientific and cultural progress have either been non-existent or moving at a snails pace are called “developing countries”.

The term is an elitist liberal way of referring to the exact same countries that Donald Trump infamously called “shithole countries”, except in a more subtle but equally demeaning way.

Liberals will imply that these countries are not shitholes, but rather that they are behind the rest of us in pace and progress—for whatever reason. The term helps fit the left-wing world doctrine because it implies that these countries will, eventually, catch up to the rest of the “developed world”. With several wealthy developed countries giving billions to less fortunate and “developing” nations, the idea is that these countries will eventually reach an equilibrium with the developing world—and that we will all, eventually, be able to hold hands and sing Kumbaya together.

By eliminating any and all politically incorrect phrases to describe countries without a power grid, clean running water, civility, stable governments and adequate healthcare, the left thinks it can push a political agenda that suggests these countries have hope. This kind of language helps to bolster wealth redistribution schemes at the UN, where many of these developing countries hold seats and vote on resolutions that siphon funds out of wealthy democracies like Canada and the United States.

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“Developing” countries like the Democratic Republic Of Congo, Ethiopia, Somalia and Libya lack stable governments and are controlled by ruthless dictators and puppet democracies that never use the money they receive to help their own people. Their leaders use organizations like the UN and World Bank to benefit themselves, while pushing the world to adopt terminology like “developing world” to justify the wealth redistribution schemes that fatten their wallets. Some may argue that the World Bank also benefits by putting developing countries into debt.

In reality, much of the developing world is not really developing or moving forward.

Undocumented Citizens”

True meaning: illegal aliens

Democrats and left-wing activists have adopted this term in the United States in order to push an agenda that will help secure lower wages for the illegal aliens they have cleaning their pools and doing their gardening. Furthermore, their agenda benefits corporate donors and wealthy industrialists for many of the same reasons.

On both the left and right, there is an idea that population decline and GDP growth can only be helped with open borders and an influx of immigrants. Corporations and politicians benefit from changing the way Americans understand illegal immigration by opening their minds and, eventually, their borders.

By referring to immigrants who are illegally living in America as “undocumented citizens”, they create much of the same mentality as the term “developing world”. The term implies that these illegal residents will one day, eventually, become documented citizens. By eliminating the “offensive and dehumanizing” terms that have come before it, Democrats and corporations can garner sympathy for illegal aliens and re-frame the immigration debate in the minds of the population. The new phrase helps set the expectation in the minds of Americans that illegal aliens will eventually become citizens, or that they might as well be citizens now.

Irregular Border-Crossers”

True meaning: illegal migrants

This one is a term being widely used in Canada to describe illegal migrants passing through America and piling up along the borders of Manitoba and Quebec. The term is less often used in the United States, but is becoming a more widely used term in parts of Europe where Syrian refugees and migrants flood the borders of France, Germany and Italy.

Unlike the previous two phrases, this one required a seemingly higher degree of mental gymnastics to come up with.

In a plan to do away with the term “illegal migrants”, left-wing activists devised a term that would sound more sympathetic and scientific to ordinary Canadians. This new phrase implies that these illegal migrants are just doing what everyone else does when they try to get into Canada, citizen or legal visitor: crossing the border. The only difference is that they are doing it irregularly.

"Some of the changes are blatant and have been subject to ridicule."

This new term was quick to become the target of mockery, so we won't bother going too much into the details. The bottom line is that a tweet from Justin Trudeau created the problem at the border and that media and Liberal strategists had to find a quick way to flip the script. In reality, irregular border-crossers are nothing more than illegal migrants trying to gain entry into Canada by sneaking around normal border stops.

Minor-Attracted Persons”

True meaning: pedophiles

This is one you'll start to hear more often as the left attempts to ramp up its continued LGBTQ2 agenda by adding another digit. To be fair, much of the true LGBTQ community is opposed to pedophilia and the push for their movement to accept what we are now supposed to call “minor-attracted persons”.

A minor-attracted person is a pedophile. This new term is designed to encompass all people who have a sexual attraction to children, pre-pubescent or otherwise. The idea is that many people who are attracted to children will not act on their urges, but that they should be accepted for who they are. This is nothing more than a slow push to decriminalize pedophilia and to normalize any behaviours associated with it. Sadly, the LGBTQ community is being used by some left-wing groups as the vessel to achieve this goal.

The LGBTQ community has come a long way and worked hard to remove stigmas and to be accepted by society, making the infiltration by repressed pedophiles even more disturbing and nefarious. The push is designed to similarly remove social stigmas associated with pedophilia, with the eventual outcome being social acceptance. To many repressed pedophiles within this new movement, suppressing their sexual urges and fetishes causes them significant mental harm—therefore, they feel talking about it and decriminalizing the behaviour will solve their wealth of emotional pain and alienation.

This new movement of left-wing activists and repressed pedophiles has different degrees. Some want nothing more than the freedom for pedophiles to talk about their urges and fetishes, as long as they never act on them. Other, more extreme elements of the movement, want pedophilia decriminalized and treated more softly in the justice system, while lowering or eliminating the age of consent. Neither element is good and both work to normalize pedophilia.

This new term to describe disgusting pedophiles is designed to garner sympathy and to disassociate the behaviours and urges of pedophiles from the historically demonizing and negative word. In order to stop this from happening, we must not allow them to replace pedophile  with minor-attracted person. When you hear or come across this new terminology, correct it.

We cannot allow the twisted political ideologies of our opponents to re-define our culture.

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