Media Frenzy: Early Britons Were Black

February 14th, 2018 | S.P.
cheddar man

My Canadian friends, you may have heard the latest breakthrough discovery in science that comes from a 10,000 year old fossil found in Cheddar Gorge, England. This latest discovery has blown the kettle lid off of what was previously known about the whiteness of early Britons. The wonderfully challenged British press has gone absolutely mad over this discovery and has found remarkable ways to tie this new discovery with Britain's ongoing migrant crisis. How have they done this, you may ask? They have turned the new revelation about Cheddar Man's skin colour into a lecture on how the earliest Britons were not white at all and, therefore, how we all must now put our displeasure with the largest influx of migration in Britain's history to rest.

Let us look at some of the more cogent headlines coming out of Britain at the moment and what Britain's most wise journalists are writing underneath them.

From The Guardian:

First modern Britons had 'dark to black' skin, Cheddar Man DNA analysis reveals

It was initially assumed that Cheddar Man had pale skin and fair hair, but his DNA paints a different picture, strongly suggesting he had blue eyes, a very dark brown to black complexion and dark curly hair.

The discovery shows that the genes for lighter skin became widespread in European populations far later than originally thought – and that skin colour was not always a proxy for geographic origin in the way it is often seen to be today.

There is nothing wrong with that, right? Nothing to see here but an unbiased, purely scientific word pie of facts. Until we slither much further down into The Guardian's rabbit hole:

'He's one of us': modern neighbours welcome Cheddar Man

Rachel Andrews, who was tending the bar at the Black Dog Saloon, a wild west-themed cider pub at the foot of Cheddar Gorge, was not going to have a word said against the village’s most famous former resident.

We’re very proud of Cheddar Man,” she said. “There’s a really good, strong community spirit around here. We all look after each other and he’s definitely one of us.”


Current students at the academy are excited and inspired by this idea.

It’s incredible,” said Aiden Malik, 16. “The fact that he has the darker skin tone reminds us that we are all one race – the human race. That’s what’s most important. We should all respect one another.”

Malik and his friends reel off their diverse heritages: they have Pakistani, Irish, Greek Cypriot, Swedish, Sri Lankan, Guyanese, Indian and French roots.

No one is pure British,” said Isaac McAndrew, 15. “With the rise of extremist groups, like EDL [the English Defence League], people are getting more scared of immigrants. These groups tell people: ‘You need to get out of the country because we were here first.’ That’s just factually wrong.”

But the fun does not stop over at The Guardian:

Thanks to Cheddar Man, I feel more comfortable as a brown Briton

The results of 10,000-year old Cheddar Man’s DNA analysis have hit the headlines in the past few days, accompanied by a striking portrait that needed no words. Here was this bona fide European – indeed, an ancestral Brit – and the man was black. Genetic analysis suggests he had blue eyes, and that his skin was probably darker, even, than the portrait shows. Three hundred generations later, allowing for a little variation between individuals, about 10% of the genome of many white British people alive today comes from this man’s dark-skinned population.

Contrary to some comments made on the story, Cheddar Man was no anomaly – no lost, tanned tourist to the British Isles. Rather, he was of a group known as the western hunter-gatherers, who migrated into Europe at the end of the last ice age, like other ancestral Europeans found in Spain, Hungary and Luxembourg. As with our British ancestor from Cheddar, their DNA has also been analysed, and the results show that these Europeans, too, had the same dark skin.

Oh brother! My Canadian friends, it was not just The Guardian. The Mirror had a thing or two to say about white supremacy and the Cheddar Man:

Dark-skinned Cheddar Man is hard cheese for the racist morons of the far right, says Brian Reade

Cheddar Man is the savoury filling in a delicious Hope Not Hate sandwich. The juiciest irony being he lived next to the Somerset constituency of the MP everyone believes is the oldest known Englishman, Jacob Rees-Mogg .

The anti-immigration poster boy who the Mirror recently exposed as attending a dinner held by far-right group Traditional Britain, where the host talked of deporting non-whites to their “natural homelands”.

Cheddar Man obliterates the racist’s notion of traditional Britain, proving that since humans walked the Earth they have headed to this island for a better life.

Now if that was much too blatantly pro-migrant and ridiculous for you, our colonist family here in Canada had a more polite way to put it at the Toronto Star:

How Cheddar Man shatters accepted views of immigration

You’ve got to confess it’s worthy of chuckles and cackles.

A made-for-Internet scientific discovery that at the same time strikes at the core of modern racial strife. An announcement Wednesday that DNA tests on the oldest complete skeleton in Britain, that heart and ancestral home of many white people around the world, suggest that the first modern Briton was blue-eyed, yes, but very dark-skinned and curly-haired.

The Cheddar Man, named thus for the English village of Cheddar where his skeleton was discovered in 1903, is about 10,000 years old.

To add salt to a supremacist’s wound, scientists said that the genes for lighter skin likely came from, you got it, immigrants from the Middle East.

Oh what a delightfully amusing piece of made-for-internet fun this discovery has been! All of the far left's ideas about white supremacy have been proven true and oh what fun it will be to rub the Cheddar Man in our pale, un-European faces! What better way could there be to make Britons accept culturally diverse migrants from every part of the world than with science. Science!

The Science

How much of this science is indeed true? This should be a reasonable question being asked by journalists, but it has mysteriously remained absent in all of the stories we have examined here.

Many among the real alt-right have attempted to discredit the science with claims that it is simply impossible to determine skin and eye colour from DNA retrieved from bone matter. Unfortunately for the very alt-right that has been feeding the far left's race agenda, that claim is objectively false. The human genome is quite thoroughly mapped and DNA has been successfully recovered from several prehistoric fossils before. My apologies, real white nationalists—you are wrong and foolish.

Indeed, skin pigmentation and the genes and enzymes responsible for it have been well studied, but where the alt-right may be correct is in their claim that knowing the exact shade of Cheddar Man's skin is impossible. Scientists may know he had much darker skin than originally thought, but they cannot know for sure how dark Cheddar Man may have really been. The only certainty that can be retrieved from genetic analysis is that Cheddar Man was not as white as current, European Britons—this uncertainty is admitted by most biological scientists.

Where the science could be wrong is with Cheddar Man's status as a traveller, tourist or visitor to the area today known as Cheddar. Britain's press has made it sound certain that Cheddar Man was not a “tan-skinned tourist”, but their assertion may not be accurate.

Scientists have confirmed that most of the skulls found in Gough's Cave, where Cheddar Man originates, are not genetically linked to Cheddar Man. Many of those skulls have been dated to be thousands of years older than Cheddar Man. Very detailed studies have been published about the skulls from Gough's Cave and have also detailed cannibalism and survival rituals, as well as the genetic differences among the cave dwellers.

The same scientists who have studied Cheddar Man have as well concluded that only 10% of European Brits originate from Cheddar Man's Haplogroup U5. This is confirmed and talked about in Bryan Syke's book, The Seven Daughters Of Eve. The remaining 90% of Britons originate from a “whiter” lineage, as published in several scientific journals:

Western and Eastern Europe came into contact ~4,500 years ago, as the Late Neolithic Corded Ware people from Germany traced ~3/4 of their ancestry to the Yamnaya, documenting a massive migration into the heartland of Europe from its eastern periphery. This steppe ancestry persisted in all sampled central Europeans until at least ~3,000 years ago, and is ubiquitous in present-day Europeans. These results provide support for the theory of a steppe origin of at least some of the Indo-European languages of Europe.

It is without question that many Europeans have some sort of genetic linkage to Northern and Southern Asia as well as a region known as the Caucasus, which connects Asia and Europe. This, however, in no way changes the native status of modern Britons to anything less than the hereditary owners of modern Britain. Britons have a long, proud heritage and culture that is now being washed away by a parade of poorly informed journalists using science as a basis to accept mass migration into the United Kingdom.

This revelation about Cheddar Man has been used to further devalue and demoralize Britain's culture and national pride, even when a majority of hereditary Briton's do not belong to Cheddar Man's scientific Haplogroup. To say that Cheddar Man's skin colour is now a moral grounds in which to reject ideas of British culture and nationhood is patently false and wrong. The science of Cheddar Man should not, in any way, dissuade Britons from cherishing their lineage and ownership of their United Kingdom.