Chow Down, Toronto 

July 1st, 2013 | D. Stone 

In most polls among Toronto voters, Olivia Chow beats Rob Ford in a one-on-one race. Her chances slip dramatically when the field of candidates grows. Tabloid newspapers like the Toronto Star have been desperate in their attempts to destroy Rob Ford. The cause of their desperation isn't a mystery, it comes from the fact that Ford is conservative, out-spoken, loud, and completely unsympathetic to progressive and left-wing causes. Personally, my own feelings toward Ford have grown since his alleged "crack video scandal". This sympathy and respect has taken hold of Toronto voters as well, as polls show Ford's approval rating on the rise. The gap between Chow and Ford has also narrowed in polls. 

Rob Ford has vowed to run again, and there is no reason why he shouldn't. His only competition will be Jack Layton's widow, despite the Toronto Star's attempt to bolster John Tory. The Toronto Star has adopted an "anyone but Ford" strategy, now that their crack video smear has been a complete failure. The Star seems willing to endorse a different conservative if it has to...just to get rid of Ford.  

Rob Ford continues to boast that he helped Toronto save a billion dollars. It may not be entirely true, but Ford has saved the city money -- maybe not a billion, but a lot. In light of the senate expenses scandal, let's take a look at Olivia Chow's expenses as an MP since 2009. In 2009, Chow claimed $530,000 in expenses. Those expenses included dining out, luxury hotels, and various services that most Canadians wouldn't be willing to blow their own budgets on. That same year, the Prime Minister's expenses were just over $280,000. When added to Jack Layton's expenses for that year, Chow and her husband spent over one million worth of taxpayer money on common luxuries that most of us can't afford. Chow likely spent a comparative amount in 2010, 2011, and 2012. To top it off, the power couple even voted against an MP transparency bill.  

In 2000, Chow had to resign her position on the Toronto Police Services Board for defending rioters in Ottawa who threw Molotov cocktails and threatened police. Like a true hipster, Chow shouted, "Revolution breeds confrontation" repeatedly, while officers did their jobs trying to contain violent outbursts. Such political expression, especially against police, is prohibited by members of the Toronto Police Services Board.  

The Toronto Star would like to see a three-way race between Ford, Chow, and Tory. Tory's run would split the conservative vote and give Chow an even bigger advantage. They don't want a different scenario, let alone a fourth candidate who might subscribe to left-wing principles. In such a case, either Ford or Tory would have an advantage. Tabloids like the Star are playing politics and they will do anything to ensure a Rob Ford loss, even if it means endorsing conservatives.  

Since the crack video scandal, Canadians have begun to see the true colours of some of their country's so-called news papers. Blogs and conservative websites are criticized for being biased. Papers like the Star act like the very same websites and blogs they criticize. They have stopped at nothing to smear the conservatives that threaten their agenda. Ford's untouched approval rating speaks volumes about the Toronto Star's failures. Either Canadians have stopped listening, or they continue to read the Star for their own amusement, in the same way that people read the National Enquirer and watch WWE and soap operas. It's all in a day's fun, but no one takes it seriously. 

Olivia Chow is an NDP MP. That should say it all. Her party is hell-bent on taxing and spending Canadians into oblivion. Her own disrespectful spending habits with taxpayer dollars should be enough to convince Torontonians to keep this woman from destroying their city.