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How To Win In The Age Of Climate Hysteria 

December 1st, 2019 | JH

One of the biggest challenges for Conservatives in the next election is going to be dealing with the new religion of Climate Change. Society has moved past the debate phase of Climate Change and it is now firmly entrenched as a moral imperative. The opposition on the Right has failed. Appeals to science, reason, economics, competitiveness, realism… all a failure. The Left created a moral narrative and changed the culture accordingly. Whether this was a product of zealous true-believers or cynical manipulators, or both, doesn’t matter. Canadians have once again veered left on an issue and the Conservative Party of Canada is jogging along behind the trend trying to figure out how to make sense of it all.

Progressives have been piling on Scheer for not having a serious enough climate change policy. “Move left in order to appeal to modern folks!” they claim.

The alternative has been the hard-right saying, “Get out there and fight by trying to convince people how wrong they are about this silly issue!”

The latter option might have worked ten years ago. It was somewhat effective during the whole Stephane Dion’s, “Tax on Everything” campaign in 2008. But it won’t work anymore. The brainwashing has been too pervasive for too long. People under 30 hold climate change as their faith. Believing in the climate change agenda is a moral shorthand for signalling to others that you are a correct-thinking individual that has a properly functioning moral compass.

How can the Conservative Party win an election when Canada has adopted climate change alarmism as a national religion?

Go green… bigly.

Here are ten ideas on how to do it.

1. Capitulate to the carbon tax

Accept the carbon tax…and increase it. Not because it makes sense or because it’s a good thing to do. Do it in order to cut the legs off from underneath your critics. Whatever the Liberals propose for a rate…make it higher. This will put the pressure on them to explain why they are being outflanked by Conservatives on this issue.

And then…


Cut the GST by more than whatever the carbon tax has been raised by.

The GST and the carbon tax are effectively the same tax dressed up differently. Accept the carbon tax in order to get the green squad off your back and then negate whatever difference it makes to the common man by lowering the GST. The benefit to this is that the same greedy consumers that sat up and voted Conservative in 2006 when Harper slapped that 5% sticker on the cash register will respond the same way when Scheer slaps a 3% sticker on the till. This time however, you get the added benefit of not blowing a huge hole in the budget AND you steamroll green criticism.

Triple win.

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"The GST and the carbon tax are effectively the same tax dressed up differently."

2. Attack Montreal

Montreal is dumping raw sewage into the St. Lawrence river. This is gross and environmentally destructive.

New policy? A massive tax against Montreal for dumping raw sewage into the St. Lawrence river.

Put the onus on Montreal and/or Quebec to stop doing this. Penalize the hell out of them for doing so. They’ll hate the Conservatives for it, but so what? They don’t vote Conservative anyway and the conversation will be focused on Montreal, the dirty city,dumping sewage in the waterways.

3. Attack Victoria

See above.

4. Make big public transportation promises but don’t deliver

Urban Canadians love their public transportation. Leftists love the idea of public transportation. The monorails depicted in those 1960’s “cities of the future” television shows and posters really gets them jazzed. The Conservative Party should consequently promise to make massive “investments” in this nonsense in order to remove criticism regarding their, “lack of plan”.

Doesn’t matter what is promised…just promise it. Probably not, but maybe you’ll even gain a couple of urban Toronto seats.

Once elected just forget about following through. Or set up some kind of funding arrangement full of strings attached to the money that the municipalities can never accept. Then tie up the process until the next election.

Public transportation blows and should never be the focus of a Conservative Party.

5. Announce recycling initiatives

Canadians have a love/hate relationship with recycling. They kind of hate the hassle, but they love the feeling of participating in SAVING THE PLANET MAN!!!!

If you have an IQ over 100 you probably know that recycling is mostly bullshit. Nevertheless, the rubes love it and associate it with CARING ABOUT THE PLANET MAN!!!!

You want more votes from Karen and Becky? Start a big national recycling framework. However the money is spent doesn’t matter. Just go big on recycling. Make people associate you with recycling.

Recycling = CARING ABOUT THE PLANET MAN!!!! It may be schtick from the 80’s, but it’s still going strong so embrace it.

6. Campaign on an electric bus

Trudeau was criticized for flying two planes around during the campaign and he was thus being hypocritical about there being a climate emergency. Of course, none of this criticism stuck, because when the Left does anything hypocritical it’s permissible and ignored.

Nevertheless, it would make a big statement for the next Conservative campaign to take place on an electric bus.

This serves two purposes.

Firstly, it kicks off the campaign visuals with an electric bus campaign. The contrast right from the start would make an impact. (Make sure the bus is infallible no matter what. No “bus broken down on side of road” visuals can take place.)

Secondly, the whole “flying back and forth across the country to campaign” thing is played out. The impact of Scheer showing up in an Ontario riding one day and a New Brunswick riding the next and then a B.C. riding the next…isn’t as effective as purchased advisors would have you believe. Most normal people don’t care about a local visit. Most normal people don’t notice whether it happens or not. Most normal people don’t let it effect how they vote.

Start in Vancouver (skip Vancouver Island altogether during a campaign…it’s a dead zone of leftists) and then just drive across the country. When you get to Nova Scotia turn around and drive back the other way. Spend a bit more time in Ontario obviously and skip P.E.I. and Newfoundland because the votes aren’t worth the hassle. In a 32-day campaign this would be more than enough at covering the country, it would be cheaper, and the novelty would garner goodwill and positive vibes.

7. More National Parks

Canada already has vast amounts of wilderness. As Stephen Harper mentioned in an interview…many people would like to see the entire upper half of North America turned into one giant national park. This has resulted in the eco-attacks on any and all industry in the country.

Why not weaponize national parks as part of green scheme? Create dozens of new national parks in the name of climate change.

The catch?

Create the parks in ridings that don’t vote Conservative. Turn most of Quebec into a national park.

8. Lower Immigration

Some of the most hardcore climate thumpers have taken to oaths against having children until climate change is “solved”. Reducing a carbon footprint is a lot easier if there are less footprints to go around. The obvious way to reduce footprints is to throttle immigration.

Canada is now accepting 350,000 immigrants a year. They are entering a country that has one of the biggest energy requirements in the world due to our frozen geography. If you truly believe in climate alarm you should be advocating for zero immigration to Canada, of course most alarmists don’t advocate this because the cognitive dissonance of two politically correct planks conflicting with one another is unsettling for them.

Conservatives could take a gamble and stake out a position for lower immigration levels in order to fight climate change. Admittedly, this is a gamble because instant cries of racism would be shouted from the leftist rooftops. If properly prepared for the debate, Conservatives could argue a good case.

People who want lower immigration due to cultural preference would play along. You might win some marginal support from unexpected voters and the political conversation around immigration would be radically changed.

Worth considering.

9. More nuclear power

Nuclear power is a blatantly obvious solution to reduce carbon emissions. Canada should have a state-of-the-art nuclear industry that functions as an international vanguard for nuclear science. This is a great opportunity for Canada to develop an industry and export our products and expertise. We’ve got the resources, the industry and the education to make it happen.

The problem is the voters. If Conservatives pitched going big on nuclear as a solution for climate change, the Karens and Beckys would be screaming about “What about the children!” Too many quiet, passive and dumb voters would react against a proposal like this and the effort to lead on the issue would probably be too politically costly.

The solution would be to float it as a consideration and try to use the nuclear industry to promote it as a positive solution. Once the Conservatives score a win, try to ram through as much nuclear development as possible.

This is probably futile though, since we are a country that isn’t allowed to build things anymore. Chalk this one up as an obvious good idea that simply isn’t feasible because democracy.

10. Slap a tariff on foreign oil

Let’s tariff foreign oil imports. Sure, the cost will trickle down to the consumer, but so what? It’ll hurt the regions that don’t vote Conservative the most and it will show how Scheer is willing to stand up to unethical foreign oil interests.

The next election is going to come sooner than people might think. The Conservatives need to be bolder and riskier. Scheer offered up microwaved Harper left-overs and it didn’t work. He’ll only get one second chance. Make it count.

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