Clueing In, In 2015 

January 11th, 2015 | K. McGregor 

I think that 2015 is going to be the year the average Canadian is going to stand up and be heard over the protesters, environmentalist minorities, left-wing political manipulators and the liberal news media. Canadians can no longer cater to extremists who are bent on ruining the economy, like the Ontario Liberals, or the environmentalists that want to shut down oil sands, pipelines and jobs. After years of being told that global warming and oil sands will destroy the world, it has become obvious that it's not actually happening.

Imagine, kids in 1997 were being taught that there was a great global disaster coming by 2014. It was Global Warming. Students have been waiting for close to twenty years for a global disaster to happen. But nothing. No great floods, no catastrophic worldwide droughts, just business as usual. The chickens are coming home to roost for Al Gore and his gang. Two generations of kids have now grown up and are clueing in on the fact that it was just a ruse and that there is no man-made global warming. I'm sure that Al Gore and his followers were hoping they could get the carbon tax years ago so they could say that their carbon tax stopped the warming disaster. But they didn't. Even changing "global warming" to "climate change" hasn't fooled anyone. The kids are clueing in on Al.

Another fallacy that Canadians are clueing in on is the idea that Alberta oil is bad. For years we have been told that the Alberta oil sands are polluting our atmosphere with CO2. The Alberta oil sands have been trounced on by every environmental group imaginable. But questions keep popping up, like, why aren't the environmentalists bashing the US oil sands , or any other oil sands around the world? Why just Alberta? Now the truth is coming out. It's not just the environmentalists that dislike the oil sands, it's the competitors. 

If the Alberta oil sands get access to world markets, countries like Saudi Arabia and Venezuela will lose market share. The Saudis, just a few weeks ago, took off the gloves to try to drive competition out of the market, like fracking and shale gas by flooding the market with their own cheap oil. It's becoming obvious who's really behind the push to shut down the oil sands. I'm willing to bet a toonie that the environmentalists have been gleefully working with these foreign countries. Yes, Canadian's are clueing in on the fact that the oil is still flowing, just not from Canada. Other countries are getting the good jobs by driving us out of business. Now that Canadians know, I doubt they're going to take this much longer.

The environmentalists and foreign oil producing countries are a genuine threat to our society and our prosperity. They have been taking advantage of us for their own benefit by trying to shut down our oil industry and saddle us with an unnecessary carbon tax. Starting this year, in 2015, it's time to take a stand and shut down these derogatory influences on our economy.

Canadians have a chance to vote for economic stability and jobs in the 2015 federal election. Liberal leader, Justin Trudeau, has already said that he will introduce a carbon tax, even though Canada only accounts for 1.57% of global carbon emissions. Trudeau has also told Quebecers that he is against an oil pipeline to the East, differing from what he told Albertans. On the other hand, PM Harper is for pipelines, lower taxes and good paying jobs for Canadians. Average Canadians are clueing in on the left-wing baloney and this is the year they're finally going to rid themselves of it.