Corporate Media Deserves Backlash

June 1st, 2020 | TC

On May 29, the exterior of CNN's headquarters in Atlanta was defaced and severely damaged. As riots broke out in Minneapolis to protest the death of George Floyd, CNN was one of the three major news networks calling for “justice” in the death, even following the arrest of the officer responsible. Rather than allow the justice system to serve the people, CNN was among the voices encouraging protests and—in not so many words—civil unrest. On May 29, that unrest landed on their doorstep in Atlanta.

Much like the hype surrounding COVID-19, CNN was quick to hype the death of George Floyd and to call the rioters “noble”. Just as they hyped the Russia Hoax and all but justified violence directed at Trump supporters during the 2016 race, CNN was leading the charge against “racial injustice” and fueling the fires of dissent in America. That's why when images of CNN's headquarters emerged on social media, many of us could not help but nod with approval or shrug and say, “They had it coming.”

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What the attack on the CNN headquarters tells us is that even the left have grown tired of the mainstream media's sensationalism and hype. Viewed by many on the left as corporate, bourgeois media with an agenda, a consensus is emerging in the country that paints corporate news as an enemy of the people.

During the riots, CNN was not the only victim. Fox News reporters were assaulted and accosted at the White House and in Baltimore, and an MSNBC reporter was crowded and forced out of her shot by protesters in Minneapolis. Across the country, protesters have focused much of their attacks on mainstream media. This has lead CNN and MSNBC to question whether many of them are “Russian agents” and white supremacists.

As much as we want to roll our eyes at this notion, it is a good thing. Another consensus may be emerging in America about such riots and protests being funded by big donors. On the right, we see Antifa and left-wing organizations funded by big players. On the left, they see white nationalists and dissidents funded by foreign agents. Both sides draw us toward one fact that we can all agree on: most of these protests are not organic. The protests and riots that escalated among citizens organically were fuelled and hyped by mainstream, corporate media.

When it comes down to it, much of the backlash directed at corporate media is deserved. The attacks on mainstream media over the past week, since the death of George Floyd, have caused them to shift gears and face a reckoning. It has also pushed them to acknowledge—although selfishly—that much of the dissent and riots we have been seeing did not arise organically at all, but were funded by big players with deep pockets. It has forced them to see that much of their actions have helped fuel most of the organic dissent and division that has torn Americans away from each other.

Much of this backlash has shown Anderson Cooper, Don Lemon, Rachel Maddow and Wolf Blitzer that the people are growing tired of their, shall we say, propaganda.

"On May 29, that unrest landed on their doorstep in Atlanta."

We know now that much of the corporate media's message has been falling on deaf ears. To see left-wing radicals attack mainstream media and ravage CNN's headquarters is a sign of America's growing distrust for the “bearers of truth”. Polls show it, actions show it, ratings show it and these latest riots prove it. Americans of all stripes have heard enough from the sensationalists in corporate news.

The only audience left for CNN, MSNBC and Fox News is over the age of 60. The coming generations are showing a growing intolerance toward corporate media of all kinds, not just news.

Ratings for pretentious celebrity award shows, like The Oscars, are at historic lows. Box office sales are at their lowest in history. Facebook and Twitter are considered the “old people's social media” by anyone under 30 and major networks and studios in America are facing bankruptcy. A new generation of free-thinkers is emerging in America and our current establishments are facing an inevitable reckoning.

Eventually, a majority of Americans will decide to turn it all off. Turning off CNN will be the one thing we all do together. It will be the one thing that finally unites this country.

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