The Left Just Doesn't Get It 

August 1st, 2013 | J. Hodgson 

These are ten things Canada's leftists just don't get.

#1. Nobody cares about climate change -

In 2008, Canadians had their chance to definitely vote in favour of focusing on climate change and implementing strident solutions for this non-existent problem. Stephane Dion built his whole platform around addressing the issue of climate change. It failed miserably, but that hasn’t stopped eco-leftists from banging their heads against the wall.

Result: The more time that passes, the more ridiculous this issue looks to mainstream Canadians. With every wrong prediction and zany claim, the climate thumpers look more and more like environmental apocalyptic cultists.

#2. Nobody is a climate change “denier” -

The eco-cult slapped the word “denier” onto anyone not conforming to their apocalyptic alarmism. This associates those who don’t care about climate change with holocaust deniers utilizing a crafty little bit of semantics. Nobody denies that the climate is changing. It’s always changing. It always will change.

What “Deniers” deny, is the outrageous alarmism in regards to the non-problem and the eco-socialism pitched as the solution.

Result: The more hysterical the climate thumpers become, the more they've marginalizing their own solutions in the minds of mainstream Canadians. This helps us ruin both the climate change scare and the socialism that is extolled as a solution.

#3. Canada is not The United States of America -

Canada’s left is infatuated with U.S. happenings. This feeds into their political viewpoints to such a massive degree that they have become detached from the reality of Canadian life. Habitual Daily Show viewing, supplemented with the likes of Bill Maher and NPR and whatever else America’s left dribbles over the border seems to have confused Canadian leftists. They emulate things like Occupy Wall Street and look like wannabes in the process. They get outraged about things like the Trayvon Martin shooting, and leave mainstream Canadians scratching their heads.

Result: Leftists are dividing their focus on U.S. happenings, thus leaving Canadian issues undermanned. They simply look like they don’t realize they live in Canada. Normal Canadians think it’s out of place and strange.

#4. Criminals belong in jail -

Canada’s left has enormous trouble understanding that Canada is a land of law and order. It’s even in our British ‘hand-me-down’ motto. Peace, order and good governance. When people break the law, they need to be put in jail and kept away from people who don’t break the law. Canada’s left is all about sympathizing with the perpetrator. The ‘hug-a-thug’ crowd doesn’t realize that Canadians don’t care about root causes when it comes to crime. Just get rid of them because they’ve crossed the line.

Result: Canada’s left look naive at best or morally bankrupt at worst. Championing criminals as though they are oppressed victims of society doesn’t to look favourable to the people who make up the very society that is being criticised.

#5. Stephen Harper is not a Republican -

Ever since Paul Martin desperately warned Canadians about Harper’s scary right-wing agenda, many leftists have enjoyed pretending that Stephen Harper is a Republican. In the minds of leftists, a conservative means you’re like a U.S. Republican. Guess what? Conservatism knows no borders and Canada has always had a wide variety and very unique blend of political ideologies.

Result: By pretending Stephen Harper is someone he isn’t, leftists look like they don’t have a firm grasp on assessing how things really are.

#6. Conservatives believe in science -

When Harper announced measures of media protocol for government employed scientists, Canada’s left went crazy claiming that Harper was muzzling them. When Harper announced some budget reductions for Environment Canada, leftists claimed it was because conservatives don’t believe in science! The reality is that policy protocols and budget adjustments are a way of life. Every organization has them. Suggesting that someone doesn’t believe in science is an accusation that makes the accuser look like a hyperbole driven moron.

Result: Leftists think they’ve got a shortcut for defining conservatives, but in the mainstream arena it looks like they’re trying too hard. Way too hard.

#7. Thomas Mulcair will never win -

Mainstream Canadians barely even know who Mulcair is. They remember Jack Layton and they (sort of) gave Jack a chance in 2011, but it’s not 2011 and Jack is gone. This doesn’t seem to register with NDP supporters. They are posturing as though 2011 wasn’t a high water mark and it’s leading them down a path in which their expectations for 2015 are grossly out of line with mainstream Canada.

Result: The entitlement culture the NDP are revelling in looks absurd to normal voters. They got lucky and now they aren’t even trying to earn what they’ve got.

#8. Canadians don’t know what ideology means -

Leftists take great pride in proclaiming that any policy that conservatives support is simply based on “ideology”. They think this is a slam dunk argument that reveals conservative bias, but actually...everyone has an ideology...especially leftists.

From Wikipedia: An ideology is a set of conscious and unconscious ideas that constitute one's goals, expectations, and actions. An ideology is a comprehensive vision, a way of looking at things (compare worldview) as in several philosophical tendencies (see political ideologies), or a set of ideas proposed by the dominant class of a society to all members of this society (a "received consciousness" or product of socialization).

Result: When leftists try to smear conservatives with an “ideology” tag, they are speaking only to those who already agree with them. Non-political types don’t know what an ideology is, they base their opinion on what’s put forward. If it makes sense to them...they favour it.

#9. Canadians don’t hate Stephen Harper -

Leftists revel in hating Harper. They also live in a bubble, in which everyone hates Harper. The truth is, however, that most people don’t hate him. Most people during an election voted for him. Do leftists accept this fact? No, they don’t. They endlessly rile themselves up about how the majority of people voted against though there’s an "Against Harper" party that took the majority of votes or something. They also overlook the fact that most people who can vote...don’t. If you hate somebody so little that you aren’t willing to vote against them, then it means you don’t really hate them.

For the vast majority of Canadians, Stephen Harper is just the current PM. They don’t love him or hate him. He’s just a hockey loving, Tim Horton’s drinking public sector employee. Maybe they’ll vote for him next time...maybe not.

Result: Leftists look nasty by revealing their hatred of Harper. Assuming everyone thinks or should think likewise, puts one at an enormous disadvantage in life.

10. Indians are real people -

When looking at Canada’s historical relationship between white people and Indians, leftists are plagued with white guilt. As the decades have gone by, leftists in power positions have adopted policies of socialism combined with apartheid in order to pay penance for the historical sins. This has lead, of course, to even more racial destruction on reservations from coast to coast.

What to do?

More socialism! Faster and harder! More apartheid! Faster and harder! Leftists tend to talk patronizingly about “our Indians” when addressing policy supposedly designed to help Indians. They don’t seem to realize just how insanely racist they sound to mainstream 21st century ears. 20th century “solutions” combining socialism and apartheid haven’t worked and trying to use the politics of pity to keep doing more of what hasn’t worked, is simply insane. Real, normal people are tired of the pity party leftists throw for Indians. Real, normal people are willing to extend the decency and respect towards Indians by treating everybody else!

Not perpetual victims. Not little red babies that need white people guidance.

They are people. Period.

Result: Leftists are speaking in patronizing terms about Indians and suggesting same old 20th century white guilt solutions to perpetuate problems. This doesn’t work with savvy 21st century folks. Even better? When they admit that they don’t respond to this nonsense, leftists get angry and think it’s racism. This further alienates the normals from the leftists and their insane ideas.


It’s a good time for Canadian conservatism. For a minute there I thought the conservative ascendency of the past 30 years might be in jeopardy when Trudeau took over the Liberals. We don’t need our own Obama in Canada and I was fearful that the left may be getting its act together.

Nothing to worry about.