Conservatives Become Unwitting Pawns In The Media's War

December 1st, 2019 | RR

A lot of people who like to call themselves conservative seem to have fallen prey to the left's Hunger Games. Like useful idiots and pawns, they seem more concerned about getting rid of Andrew Scheer than Justin Trudeau. Some will say that Scheer has no chance of beating Trudeau, or that he snatched defeat from the jaws of victory—but they're all wrong. Canada has never been a conservative country and winning elections has never been a walk in the park for Conservatives. History is where so many anti-Scheer conservatives go wrong and they seem unwilling to accept their country for what it is. As they have throughout Canada's history, conservatives are again setting themselves up for defeat in the next election.

You must have noticed how desperate the media is to oust Andrew Scheer. You must also find it funny how Jagmeet Singh and the NDP lost 15 seats, Justin Trudeau lost 20 and the Conservatives gained 26—but yet, mainstream news is hyping up Andrew Scheer's “failure”. There has barely been a peep from the CBC about how Justin Trudeau helped a resurgent Bloc regain Quebec, or about how the Liberal Party was wiped out of Alberta and Saskatchewan. Mainstream news is stacked with pundits and “conservative” activists calling on Scheer to quit, but staying quiet on Justin Trudeau's failure to win a second majority. It almost looks like a cultural war has been waged against conservatives to protect Justin Trudeau and that a bunch of useful idiots on the conservative team have joined in.

If you're a smart conservative, you know that whenever the CBC spends countless hours and days covering something, it's probably meant to benefit some underlying progressive agenda. Immediately after the election, the CBC began covering chatter within the Conservative ranks about Andrew Scheer's weakness and inability to beat Justin Trudeau. A week after the election, CBC reporters were talking to failed former Conservative MPs and candidates who were angry about Scheer's failures, while the actual Conservative Party caucus was meeting behind closed doors to unite behind Andrew Scheer. You would have assumed the opposite, though, because the CBC and other news outlets were busy trying to convince Canadians that Scheer's days were numbered and that the Conservative caucus was in upheaval.

Of course, the Conservative caucus and Andrew Scheer emerged from their meeting united and totally unaffected by the media's coverage leading up to Scheer's “moment of reckoning”. The whole “Scheer is in trouble” narrative collapsed—but the media wasn't about to give up. There were a whole ton of disaffected former Conservatives and Maxime Bernier supporters who wanted to talk.

Even though his party failed miserably and his leadership fell flat, Bernier's supporters spent the post-election weeks screaming “I told you so!” into the void. Andrew Scheer is a weak leader and they've all been trying to tell us this since day one. Now look! Had the winner been their French, flighty, flaky, former separatist leader—who talks like he just started English lessons last week—Trudeau would have lost and we would all have the pleasure of witnessing a Conservative majority.

Fuck off.

I haven't seen such a delusional group of people since Occupy Wall Street. The PPC crowd's concept of Canadian politics is as sound as Antifa's concept of economics. These may or may not be the same useful idiots who divided conservatives during the Reform era and helped Liberals hold power for twelve years, but they're on the right track to help Trudeau hold power for another decade. These people have joined Wexit and groups that want to see another CPC leadership divide the party.

In case you missed it, Wexit is now on track to form a federal party like the Bloc Quebecois—which could take more seats away from Conservatives in their only national strongholds. I'm not opposed to a strong separatist movement as a vessel to carve out greater independence within Canada (like Quebec did), but forming a useless federal party is not the way to do it. Undermining the Conservative Party's chances in conservative provinces like Saskatchewan and Alberta is not only unwise, it acts to strengthen Liberals and to keep Trudeau in power—without offering any guarantee of actual separation or autonomy. It was never the federal Bloc that kick-started the province's referendum, it was a provincial party.

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"It almost looks like a cultural war has been waged against conservatives to protect Justin Trudeau..."

Other “conservatives” have also called on the Conservative Party to boot Scheer and to hold a new leadership race. If you remember the last leadership race, it resulted in a 50/50 split that we're still dealing with now. The whole Bernier fiasco was a result of a damaging leadership race that the party has no need to repeat. The whole anti-Scheer movement started with Bernier supporters and the same people will likely return to do more damage if their preferred candidate loses again.

If conservatives really do not want to see fifteen years of Justin Trudeau, they will avoid making these ridiculous mistakes. If they don't want to aid and abet the media's attempts to destroy conservatism, they should steer clear of these three things.

Another Leadership Race

The media has been trying to create a groundswell of support for another CPC leadership race. Why? So they can divide the movement further and cover all the rogue, hardcore candidates that are sure to enter the race. The super so-cons, pro-lifers and anti-immigrant conservatives would come out of the woodwork to put their hats in the race, giving mainstream media another opportunity to point out the “unsavoury” elements inside the Conservative Party.

On top of that, they want to exploit the divisions just like they did during and after the last race. When Conservatives are divided, they lose elections. The CBC and mainstream journalists know that. This has been the case for decades, because Canada is not a traditionally conservative country. We only have room for one federal conservative party, which is why the movement has struggled so much historically.

When useful idiots on the conservative side start falling for the media's tricks, we all lose. Make no mistake about it—that's exactly what's happening here.

The media started this. They have amplified every dissident voice inside the conservative movement, making weak and quiet voices artificially louder. When Bernier pulled another one of his flaky moves by leaving the party, the mainstream media ate it up. They loved it and Maxime Bernier loved the attention. Even after all the attention, though, the PPC only managed to rake in 292,000 votes across ten provinces. Fast forward to after the election and the media is still giving Bernier and his failed supporters more attention than they would normally get. Had Bernier been a disaffected Liberal, he would need to light himself on fire outside the CBC studios to get any attention.

If by chance Andrew Scheer fails his leadership review and the party goes back to the drawing board, it's not game over. Trudeau is now on his second term and the longer an incumbency lasts, the easier it is to defeat. Just by nature, the next election will be easier for the CPC no matter who its leader is, but if the movement is divided like it was this time, it will be more difficult.

A Federal Wexit Party

All Albertans should support a strong separation movement. My own goal is to support a separation movement to help Alberta carve out more independence within Canada, in the same way Quebec did—but if Ottawa keeps treating Alberta the way it does, separation may become an inevitable reality.

Wexit's goal is separation. Their goal in creating a federal party is, in fact, to take seats from Conservatives and to keep Trudeau in power. This helps increase resentment, anger and separatist sentiments in Western provinces. If you don't believe me, I dare you to ask Peter Downing yourself.

The only problem is that a federal Wexit party accomplishes nothing in the event of another Liberal government. Even if the party wins seats, it won't solve anything. Even if it wins enough seats to sway the power in Ottawa, in what direction could it sway? Will it prop up a Liberal government, an NDP government or a Conservative government? The choices are slim and supporting anyone but Conservatives won't play well in the West.

If the party doesn't win seats, it serves only to split votes in vulnerable ridings and to give left-wing parties an advantage in places they might normally fail.

Imagine the scenario in which Wexit wins enough seats to prop up a Conservative minority. Then what? If the Conservatives don't bend to Wexit's demands, does Wexit pull the trigger, go to an election and risk another left-wing government? How would that play with conservatives in the West? Toppling a Conservative minority might act to infuriate supporters of Wexit, especially if the Conservative government is trying to get pipelines built and to work out a better deal for Alberta's economy within Canada. Most conservatives would pull back on separatism if Alberta received a better deal in Ottawa.

Under the previous Conservative government, Alberta was doing good. All it takes is some pipelines, fair equalization and fair treatment within Canada. If Wexit's goal is separation, it would be forced to topple a Conservative government under certain circumstances. If Wexit has the same goal as I do, it would prop up a Conservative government that works to strengthen Alberta's economy and build pipelines—inevitably reducing the need for Wexit in the long run.

A federal Wexit party only works if a Conservative government aims to undermine the West's economic prosperity, but that's not something any Conservative government has ever done. A Conservative majority automatically guarantees a government in Ottawa that will work just as much for the West as it does for the East. It happened with Harper and it would happen with any Conservative prime minister.

Attacking Scheer During An Election

The Rebel and various other conservative media outlets were bombarding Scheer with criticisms and attacks during the campaign. I understand their frustration with having a Conservative leader that treats them like a pariah, but it's possible they may have pissed off enough potential conservative voters in key ridings to blow the election. I'm not sure how far or deep The Rebel's influence goes, but when any “conservative” outlet attacks the only conservative party running to oust a Liberal government, the risk becomes real.

There is a difference between fairly criticizing goofy policies and attacking a leader because he gave you a mild case of butthurt. Scheer wrongly kicked Rebel reporters out of events and shunned the organization. Some Rebel personalities then—wrongly—retaliated by relentlessly attacking him and covering him negatively. In the end, Scheer shouldn't have shut out a friendly media organization, but The Rebel should have put its own vendetta aside.

I'm all for criticizing fellow conservatives, but when there's only one political party capable of fighting for the cause, it's not smart to cut them down during an election campaign. Had Maxime Bernier won the leadership, I would have saved my criticisms of his idiocy, broken English and weakness for after the election.

I support criticizing the Conservative Party and small C conservatives. I do it all the time. I don't buy the Ronald Reagan philosophy about never criticizing your fellow conservatives. If you're being a fucking idiot, I'll let you know. Just as Bill Maher is sometimes the voice of reason for liberals, conservatives need people who will talk them down from ledges once in a while. Standing by and letting fellow conservatives act like idiots doesn't work.

Right now, a lot of conservatives are acting like idiots.

If you spend some time reading comments on conservative pages, you'll see what I mean. There are conservatives who thought Bernier had a chance to form government and that the election must have been rigged because he didn't. There are conservatives who want to try another leadership race because their guy didn't win last time. There are conservatives saying the whole 2019 election was rigged and that everything that doesn't happen their way is due to a vast, left-wing conspiracy that was hatched in the darkest corridors of the United Nations. There are conservatives who thought Trudeau's Liberals would be wiped out and would lose their party status.

There are conservatives who just don't understand that Canada is not a liberal country and that changing the culture takes time.

The idea that Scheer is not a real conservative is purely asinine. That was yet another false narrative created by opportunistic media and PPC supporters. Now, strangely, the narrative has shifted to Andrew Scheer being “too conservative” by not marching in pride parades. Which is it, dipshits?

I've become tired of beating the same drum over the years. Canadian conservatism has a lot of stupidity that's in dire need of purging. If you think rehashing the Conservative leadership during a Liberal minority is a good idea, you're a part of the problem. If you think attacking the only conservative party capable of winning during an election is smart, you're why conservatives never win in Canada. If you think there is room for a second conservative party in a country where one can barely win, you're delusional.

If you think I'm an asshole, good. If even a tiny bit of what I've written here sinks in, I've accomplished something. The point isn't to get you to like people like me, it's to get you to come to terms with reality. You live in a liberal, left-wing country where abortion is rampant, drugs are legal and genders are fluid. I didn't make these rules, I'm just trying to get you to understand how to change them.

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