Conservatives Reflect The Perils Of Diversity

February 1st, 2020 | AR

Warring factions separated by ideology, ghettoization of tribes, vile anger exchanged between various sides, an absolute refusal to cooperate and a stubborn disagreement on the direction everyone should be moving. I'm not talking about Malmo, Sweden, which has become a hub of daily bombings, violence and disharmony due to an excess of cultural diversity. I'm talking about the Conservative Party of Canada, which is being ripped apart from the inside by a very different kind of diversity: ideological diversity.

No matter the type of diversity we are talking about at any single moment, diversity becomes a poison when it saturates the blood of any society, economy, culture or political party.

Canada's other political parties, which live mostly on the left side of the political spectrum, have very little ideological diversity. In many cases, Liberal and NDP voters even have a distinctive look and personality type, often repeating the same talking points, shopping at the same stores, wearing similar hairstyles and signalling the same kind of virtue. Rarely do we witness these other parties tear themselves apart over issues of immigration, taxes, abortion and same-sex marriage. Despite separating themselves into different parties, NDP, Liberal and Green Party voters are identical in their belief structures. More often than not, they agree and support one another in economic and social matters.

The Conservative Party is another story all together.

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We recently watched Maxime Bernier, an ideological libertarian, break away from the Conservative Party over what he calls “moral and ideological corruption”. We watched Andrew Scheer lose a general election for failing to satisfy the varying factions within Canada's conservative movement. He was called “too weak” by some and “too conservative” by those within his own party, creating a strong enough block of disaffected conservatives to lose the whole election to Justin Trudeau.

As the party gears up to elect a new leader again, we are seeing another large crack break open, which has the potential to tear the party apart for good.

If the Conservative Party were a society, it would be in the midst of violence, tribalism and bloody revolution. Rather than words, we would see an exchange of bullets, bombs and physical aggression. The Bernier Nation would have separated from the Conservative Confederation, probably leaving pools of blood in its path, whilst the other remaining factions in the confederation battled it out for supremacy and dominance, eventually resulting in a balkanized and broken society.

If the Conservative Party were a nation, it would resemble a dying empire that succumbed to diversity.

Grenade attacks and bombings have turned Malmo, Sweden into a warzone. Over the past ten years, crime has risen 250% in Malmo and more than 50% across Sweden. This year, which only started one month ago, Sweden has had six bombings. In 2019, there were 257 bomb attacks in Sweden.

Swedish police do not share the ethnic backgrounds of criminals arrested for committing crimes in Sweden. The reasons for that are made clear in hints dropped by media and police. The country's intelligence chief, Linda Straaf, told the BBC last year that many of the criminals have similar backgrounds, saying, “Many are perhaps second or third generation immigrants.”

Swedish writer, Mira Aksoy, told the BBC, “Since they are in the same area, they are in the same mindset. It's easy for them to connect to each other. They don't feel like they should become a part of Sweden and they stay in their segregated communities and start doing crimes.”

Most of Sweden's bombings are attributed to gang violence, which comes from immigrant gangs made up of second and third generation immigrants who failed to integrate into Swedish society. Europe's The Local in Sweden reports:

Most of the shooters and victims are unemployed young men with immigrant backgrounds, under 30 years of age, living in disadvantaged neighbourhoods and often without a high school diploma.

Sweden is becoming an example of failed immigration and integration policies. Acting as a failed experiment in diversity, Malmo is seeing immigrant ghettos forming around the city, where second and third generation immigrants never become a part of Swedish society. Instead, they join gangs, Islamic organizations and criminal enterprises that use violence to dominate the streets.

"If the Conservative Party were a nation, it would resemble a dying empire that succumbed to diversity."

Failing to speak the same language, follow the same customs and refusing to adhere to Swedish rules, many immigrants go on to commit crime and violence. Much of it is as much ideological as it is cultural and ethnic. Such levels of diversity have proven to breed conflict, disagreement and segregation, causing different ethnic and ideological groups to isolate themselves into ghettos and factions. The same has happened in England, where ideological Irish groups have committed acts of terror and violence in order to upend the state and to fight for an ideological cause.

All of this is exemplified when a nation chooses to strip itself of purpose and identity. 

Ideological diversity has nearly torn apart Spain, Russia, Sweden, the Middle East and Canada, with strong separatist sentiments rising on the fresh soil of ideology and moral conflict. To make it all worse, each country has had movements that have tried to strip them of their own cultural identities. Justin Trudeau has declared Canada a “post national” country with no identity of its own and no official banner for Canadians to unite underneath.

Political parties are often no different than societies and organizations that fall apart when their internal organs begin to rot under the pressure of having to satisfy every new ideological or cultural yearning. Factions form, pieces break off and the old foundation crumbles into a heap, making way for a new and balkanized system created by differences in opinion, morality, custom and culture.

Both World Wars were started in Europe, among segments of a fallen Roman Empire that was once united and faithful to a uniting cause. What was once a sprawling and cohesive empire has broken into a disjointed, conflicted group of countries that have made several failed attempts to unite ever since. Germany, France, Greece and the UK were all swallowed into one homogeneous Roman Empire, only to eventually tear it apart from the inside. Attempts to unite the factions under the European Union are failing, just as they were destined to. Inside the once cohesive Roman Empire, Italic tribes, Germanic tribes and Celtic tribes formed and slowly grew to erode the society from the inside. Not all of it ended badly, as we have several wonderful cultures as a result, but the battle for cultural and ideological supremacy will never end.

For a solution, we could look to leftist mobs and the Liberal Party of Canada, where ideological warring and infighting seem nearly non-existent.

All of Canada's left-leaning political parties seem united under one common, moral principle. That moral principle may not be good in our eyes, but that perceived goodness and justness is what unites the left around the idea that governments can be trusted and used to achieve good in the world. Their moral and boundless trust in academia is another.

Above all, Liberals know who they are and what they stand for. They know what to call themselves when faced with social and economic predicaments.

Conservatives must find a common ground and a moral principle that unites them. It should not be any of the things that unite the left, but something wholly different. Something entirely contrary.Academia, media and socialism have all been determined to be foundations for the left's moral corruption. I won't attempt to give the answer as to what the one uniting force could be for the Conservative Party, as that was never my job, but I can most definitely identify the lack of moral principle that the party is currently struggling with. Somewhere in the mess of it, there must be one uniting cause or idea that could unite the party's warring factions and give all conservatives one, uniting moral purpose.

It must be more than just defeating Justin Trudeau, cutting taxes and trimming the size of government. These are all valuable things, but they have no moral foundation to connect them and they are all temporary. Not all conservatives believe that the smallest government is the best government, or that cutting taxes is the solution to every social and economic problem. One day, Trudeau will be gone and those who have placed their stake in defeating him will have nothing left to achieve. Conservatives must find a deeper, more meaningful cause. Under one unified cause and purpose, founded in true moral justice, the broken tribes of the Conservative movement would put their differences aside and unite.

I do not yet know what that cause is, but I know we are missing it.

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