Is The CPC Incompetent Or Just Shady?

April 1st, 2017 (updated April 3rd) | R. Rados
conservative party

I want to know which campaigns were responsible for fraudulently creating over 1,300 memberships before I cast my vote for leadership. It's been weeks since the revelations were made and over one week since both Lisa Raitt and Maxime Bernier called on the party to trace the memberships and IP addresses they were sold from back to a culprit. Heading into April, we still have no names or penalties being doled out.

I don't want someone who can't be trusted leading the Conservative Party, but what I want even less is a party establishment that tries to protect leadership candidates who've broken the rules. If the party is trying not to interfere in the leadership election by planning to wait until it ends, they're being shady. If the party still has no idea who was responsible, they're incompetent. There's no excuse for failing to follow the breadcrumbs.

Luckily, tracing IP addresses isn't the only way to find out who the culprits are. Actually doing some investigative work requires competence. Doing so would involve extensive interviews and audits, as well as trying to find out what all of the fraudulent memberships have in common. In any case, there are usually suspicions that lead to such discoveries in the first place. The suspicions came from somewhere, therefore, they should lead back to somewhere or someone.

Canadians don't want an incompetent or shady political party running the country. We already have one of those and we're tired of it. If the Conservative Party wants to prove that it can be transparent and trustworthy, it needs to name the people or campaigns responsible for breaking the rules before we cast our votes. If it really wants to make an impression, it should go further and do what should be done by disqualifying the offender(s). That would save us some room on the ballot.

It leads me to believe that—if the party already knows who was responsible—that the campaign or candidate is one with a good chance of winning. If the responsible campaign belonged to a bottom tier long shot or outsider, it would be easy to either dole out a fine or disqualify them without significantly changing the outcome of the race. If the Conservative Party is being deliberately shady, I have a sneaking suspicion that the guilty party may be one of the top or middle tier candidates.

If the party really has no idea what's going on in its own leadership race, we have much bigger problems. The Conservative Party has no right to rule the country if it can't even figure out who's cheating in its own internal contests. Figuring out who cheated isn't rocket science.

The Conservative Party needs to tell us who tried to cheat. We need to know now and we need to know before we cast our votes. If the party wants to dole out a fine rather than disqualify the guilty team, that's fine. We can decide whether we want that candidate to lead our party when we vote. It's time for the Conservative Party to quit acting incompetent and shady. Neither image will get them elected in 2019.

If the Conservative Party refuses to disclose who the cheaters are until after the race, no worries. We'll remind voters of their incompetence and shadiness again in 2019. This is their opportunity to make themselves look transparent and trustworthy. If party members would rather sit idly by and let this pass, they aren't the kind of people I want to have anything in common with.