Anything Less Than A Majority Is A Loss

September 1st, 2019 | RR

If Conservatives don't win a majority in October, be prepared for a coalition between the Liberals, NDP and Greens. This is something people have been postulating for a while now, ever since it started looking like more of a reality—which it is. To keep his power, Trudeau will work out a deal with Elizabeth May, who already expressed a willingness to prop up Liberals to stave off a Conservative government. Worse yet, he'll try to find a way to work with Jagmeet Singh and the NDP, using the party's fear of conservatism as a means to make Singh look like a hero among his socialist base. Together, the three parties will make concessions and compromises in order to form a stable, left-wing government. Trudeau will cede to the absurd and destructive demands of Greens and socialists, creating a government that panders to left-wing mobs and activist groups from the furthest fringes.

A Liberal minority could see the support of Greens and New Democrats in the event of a no-confidence vote, but a Conservative minority would undoubtedly fall to a Liberal-Green-NDP coalition or agreement. Either scenario is a bad one, but the latter would be slightly worse for two reasons.

Hysteria And Hate: A Conservative Minority

We live in hysterical times. It has only been four years since mass Harper Derangement sent the Conservatives down the sewer drain, and the derangement hasn't fully subsided yet. In the event of a Conservative minority, there would be demands from activist groups across the country for the three left-wing parties to join forces. The media would lap it up and amplify the hysteria, making the manifestation of a coalition government inevitable.

The hysteria directed against a “Nazi” Conservative government will be generally bad, not just for conservatives, but for Canadians. The hysteria generated by a Conservative minority would unify the left and drive a wedge between normal Canadians. We've already seen similar events unfold in the United States since Donald Trump won. The simple act of wearing a MAGA hat or expressing support for Trump can lead to assault, public shaming and absolute hysterics that border on insanity.

The same will happen in Canada under a Conservative minority—not under a Conservative majority. The reason I say this is simple: we live in a Westminster system where there is no real way to bring down a majority government without an earth-shattering scandal. Even then, the same party would just change leaders and stay in power until an election. A majority government would cause the activists and mobs to give up and go home quietly until next time. But, it's open season on any minority government.

Due to the sheer instability of a minority government, activists and media would rile the masses to create a groundswell of support for a take-down. The best way to create a groundswell is with hysteria. Hysteria about women's rights and abortion. Hysteria about guns and mass shootings. Hysteria about white nationalists. Hysteria about transphobia and homophobia. Hysteria about evil conservatives turning the clock back and sending immigrants into concentration camps. You name it. The hysteria doesn't need to be based in any fact, it just needs to be repeated and amplified.

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"Trudeau will cede to the absurd and destructive demands of Greens and socialists."

That manufactured hysteria will lead to division, violence and resentment. Conservatives and normal Canadians who vote will be attacked, shamed and defamed, while leftists come together in solidarity to pat each other on the back for successfully defeating a bunch of Nazis. In the end, more Canadians will hate each other and the country will become an insufferable shithole.

Desperation: A Major Shift

If you thought the Trudeau government couldn't get any worse, just wait. To keep power in the event of a Conservative minority, Trudeau would be forced to make concessions to the Greens and New Democrats. Whatever that deal would look like, it would force the Liberals and Trudeau to shift further to the left on everything from environmental policies to social policies.

The Greens and NDP want even fewer pipelines approved than Liberals—and by fewer I mean none. The NDP wants a universal basic income and stronger hate speech laws to protect the LGBTQ2 community from opinions. The Greens don't think the carbon tax is high enough and Jagmeet Singh thinks Justin stole—and then watered down—his idea for universal pharmacare.

If you thought the Trudeau government was far on the left, you haven't seen anything yet. The response to a Conservative minority would produce a government that bends so far left, Karl Marx's heart would start beating again.

Everywhere the NDP has held a majority government, taxes and economic stagnation became the status quo. Ask Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba. The provincial NDP and federal NDP are bound by party constitutions—so don't let their voters tell you that provincial NDP governments should offer no reflection of what the federal NDP would do. Every provincial New Democrat is identical to every federal New Democrat. That's just a fact.

The Greens are so far left on environmental issues that fossil fuels would be just short of outlawed under a Green government. If Elizabeth May has any say in a Liberal coalition, fewer pipelines would be approved and a massive chunk of the public treasury would be redirected to “sustainable” and renewable energy. That could either mean higher taxes or cuts to other programs—but since we're dealing with liberals and socialists, it would probably mean higher taxes and zero cuts.

If you're concerned about deficits and public debt, a Liberal-Green-NDP coalition would be your worst nightmare. Neither party is capable of fiscal restraint and their efforts combined would balloon our annual budget deficits and national debt to dangerous levels. The higher our national debt, the less attractive Canada is to investors. The closer we move toward bankruptcy or insolvency, the less resilient our economy becomes. That's not my opinion, that's just an economic reality that we've seen unfold time and again.

Under Justin Trudeau, Canada is spending itself into oblivion. As a result, we have deficits which turn to debt and debt which turns to higher taxes. Eventually, taxes will reach a threshold where the economy will suffer, investors will be turned away and inflation will hit the ceiling. To service a debt requires taxes, which is why businesses shy away from countries with ballooning national debts. At some point, Canadians will have to pay what they owe and—if they can't—they'll be facing the same problems Greece and Italy are facing now.

The last thing Canada can afford now is a coalition of left-wing parties with no fiscal restraint or regard for basic economics.

Majority Or Bust

You've heard it before, but it has never been more true than it is now. Andrew Scheer needs a majority government in October or he won't have a government at all. Inside Alberta, we're guaranteed a Conservative sweep, but outside is another story. BC is a wildcard and Ontario is anyone's guess. Voters in both provinces have a terrible record of electing shitty governments and letting them stay in power. Kathleen Wynne was a nightmare that wouldn't end and John Horgan is a self-inflicted wound. John Horgan is the result of a bunch of emo-hipsters in BC who like watching their parents (from their basements) go bankrupt under soaring living costs and skyrocketing fuel prices.

BC will probably elect a few more Greens and make history, while Ontario and the GTA will re-elect Liberals. Conservatives have an uphill battle and the media isn't helping. You'll notice the media aiding the Trudeau Liberals by spreading a 15-year-old video of Andrew Scheer disparaging gay marriage, while trying their best to ignore the fallout from the SNC-Lavalin scandal. These are the times we live in and, to help Conservatives beat the odds, we need to show up at the polls in October.

If a pollster calls you, answer their questions. Conservatives have a tendency to admonish polls and hang up on pollsters, which is why conservatives have been traditionally under-represented in polling data. A jump in polling numbers helps breed enthusiasm and energy, and that's what conservatives need. The pollsters could fudge their numbers, but talk to them anyway. What's the worst that could happen?

If you live in a solid Conservative riding, help out some friends in nearby ridings that might be tight, like Calgary Centre and South Surrey-White Rock. Donate, volunteer, show your support on social media and share conservative news on your feeds. Don't let the current climate of censorship deter you, because that's the whole point. By scaring you and demotivating you with their censorship, our enemies win.

Don't let them win this October.

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