Conservatives Should Count Blessings, Not Curses

April 1st, 2022 | JH

I’ve been listening to the Western Standard’s podcast “Triggered” recently and so should you. It’s a great package of current events and interviews featuring topics and conversations from our side of the great divide. One point of criticism I have for the show is in regard to host Cory Morgan and his rants. He delivers boilerplate conservative pet peeves on a daily basis and the intelligence of his opinions is better than average, but the problem is in his delivery. He’s urgent and clenched and pleading and exasperated. He too often sounds like a fed-up Dad trying to potty train obstinate children. As a listener it’s irritating and tiresome. This is a problem for all fed-up conservatives.

Conservative minded folks tend to have a high degree of dissatisfaction regarding the state of Canada. Hardly a day goes by without some kind of leftist action or policy, occurring to remind us how much this country doesn’t operate the way in which we wish it would. So, when you hear conservatives speaking about politics they often do so in a world-weary, cynical, or angry manner. They’re justified in this behaviour, but there are three things one needs to watch out for when venting about our current madness.

It’s not persuasive

Conservatives raging about Trudeau or progressives or the CBC or Covid or whatever else, are often not persuasive to the uninitiated. When speaking about these issues it doesn’t help to do so with a tone of spite or disgust or frustration. Doing so is an honest reflection of the feelings of the person venting, but it doesn’t help whatever argument or opinion you are stating. In fact, it undermines it.

Hysterical or judgemental emotionalism indicates irrationalism or turmoil. It makes it sound like you’re feeling more than you’re thinking and when it comes to talking politics in a casual manner, people won’t respect your opinion unless they believe that you know what you’re talking about and not just reacting emotionally.

Think about it from the flip side. Have you ever met a progressive type that thinks everyone agrees with them and then snidely and angerly goes on a rant about big business or Christians or whatever the latest thing is? Even if they are making decent points, they are unconvincing because the manner in which they are expressing themselves is so heated and raw.

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You should always assume that people around you are progressives (because they likely are, since progressivism is hegemonic),but open to alternative opinions. This way you can conduct yourself in a more balanced manner and allow your perspectives to be considered.

Even if your audience seems to be on your side, don’t take that as an opportunity to begin a bitch session about your political pet peeves. People who agree with you on one issue may not on another.

There may also be people listening who don’t agree at all, but politely keep their mouth shut and listen. If you wildly vent, they will only dismiss you and your perspective more certainly.

It’s too revealing

In today’s cancel culture world, I would advocate avoiding talking politics to people you don’t know altogether, but sometimes the situation arises and it happens. By calmly and confidently expressing your opinions you can allow yourself to be taken seriously without triggering the emotional ire of touchy progressives.

For example, you can express support for making marriage an exclusive institution between men and women with composure. Marriage should be a privileged and promoted arrangement in the interests of building a successful civilization. Gay marriage is not and never will be the moral equivalent of real marriage. If you state this in a calm and confident manner, without malice or annoyance then the listener will be more considerate even if they disagree.

If you feel strongly about this issue and allow it to get the best of you by using a snide tone and some impolite terms, leaves people judging you as opposed to judging what you’re saying.

I’ve met passionate political types that vent their wild opinions and all it leaves me thinking is…

“Wow. This guy’s messed up.”

A vehement anti-gay marriage screed is going to leave people wondering if the ranter has a homosexual issue that is deeper than the politics he’s propounding. I’ve thought the same with anti-feminists I’ve come across. It’s hard not to listen to them rant and just think, “Man, this guy really wants a girlfriend and he’s pissed that he can’t find one that will have him.” Whatever he said about feminism is lost in the venting and the true reveal is the inadequacy or issues in the psychology of the speaker.

One last thing about revealing: If you’re like me and are extremely right-wing, it is a good idea not to reveal too much too fast, regardless of how you say it. By venting, you increase the potential to slip up in a way that may cause trouble. What kind of trouble?

"Even if your audience seems to be on your side, don’t take that as an opportunity to begin a bitch session about your political pet peeves."

I’ve been around conservatives venting about issues of the day and I’ve let my guard down and vented along with them. The problem is that I am far to the right of most conservatives doing the venting and suddenly I’ll say something that is so far beyond their wheelhouse that it gets awkward instantly. Usually, it involves me defending Pinochet or acknowledging the reality of racial IQ differences, or about how much democracy needs to be abolished.

Reel it in.

Don’t get cancelled by making your arguments obnoxious. Don’t cause people to judge you rather than the content of your opinions. Don’t freak people out by going too far, too fast with your opinions or ideologies.

It’s too pessimistic

Venting can feel good sometimes, but the reality is that winding yourself up can be a bad habit and leave your ability to make proper assessments skewed. Too many conservatives fall into catastrophism regarding our current situation. Too many things are going wrong, and the end is near!

The reality is that things are always going wrong…and yes…it doesn’t help when our ruling class is disgusting and absurd, but life is messy and requires constant adjustments and attention regardless of who is in charge. It’s our job as conservatives to be practical and optimistic. Leave the negativism for the climate thumpers and the Covid cult. It’s usually the left, made up of frustrated utopianists, that have been the negative nellies of history. Let’s not follow their lead and instead try to avoid despair as history marches forward.

People have been saying, “This country is going to hell in a handbasket!” for as long as there has been handbaskets and countries. Make yourself more resilient and stoic and people will respect what you think and what you have to say to a much larger degree simply by virtue of your attitude.

Life is tough, but in many ways it’s never been easier. Count your blessings, not your curses and be the change you wish to see in the world. In the long run, reality will prove us right anyway, so in the meantime stay calm and carry on.

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