MacKay Not The Front-Runner

January 28th, 2020 | Poletical

With the elimination of Pierre Poilievre, Poletical's upcoming CPC Leadership Tracker update is sure to shock many followers and observers on Wednesday. 

The tracker is updated every Wednesday and Sunday night with rolling results and multiple votes and foreign votes discarded. With more than 1,000 returning votes already on record, Wednesday's results show the media's presumptive front-runner struggling to maintain a standing in 4th place among a total of 10 candidates.

Peter Mackay struggles to hold 4th place in the CPC Leadership Tracker, with lesser known candidates coming close behind in 5th place. The results will be updated between 6 and 8pm MT tomorrow, January 29, showing Michelle Rempel, Erin O'Toole and Candice Bergen leading Peter Mackay, who was assumed by many to be the new front-runner following the departure of Pierre Poilievre, who has led in the tracker since it was launched on January 12. 

Results will show Ontario lawyer, Leslyn Lewis, following in 5th place behind Peter Mackay.

Stay tuned and track the CPC Leadership here

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