Conservative Party Leadership Tracker - 2022

Only one vote per week, per Canadian IP address will be counted. Multiple votes from the same IP address, votes from outside Canada and votes from anonymous proxies will be discarded. Votes are confirmed, vetted and updated every Sunday and Wednesday evening. Votes are reset to zero every Sunday at 11:59PM. 

**Through the month of July, beginning July 3rd, results will be updated only once a week, every Sunday evening. Normal reporting will begin again on August 7th, resuming every Wednesday and Sunday evenings.

Cast one vote per week. Scroll for results and trends. Live in Alberta? Vote in this UCP leadership poll.




-May 4: Joseph Bourgault removed from tracker.

-May 1: Leona Allaslev and Marc Dalton removed from tracker.

-Mar 27: Michelle Rempel-Garner removed from tracker. Leona Alleslev added. First results, Mar 30.

-Mar 20: Marc Dalton and Joseph Bourgault added to tracker. First results, Mar 23.

-Mar 16: Roman Baber and Scott Aitchison added. First results, Mar 20.

-Mar 13: Peter Mackay and Michael Chong removed from tracker, confirmed they will not enter the race.

-Feb 23: Jean Charest added to tracker. First results, Feb 27.

-Feb 9: Brad Wall removed from tracker. Confirmed his intention not to seek leadership.

-Feb 6: Michael Barrett removed from tracker. Endorsed Pierre Poilievre

-Candice Bergen appointed interim leader, removed from tracker. (interim leaders ineligible to run)