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Conservative Voter Poll, February 2017

Between February 5 and 7, subscribers to Poletical's CPC Leadership Tracker email alerts were invited to take a short online survey about the Conservative Party leadership race and policies. Only those who identified themselves as Conservative voters were invited to take the survey. 168 subscribers responded and only one vote per IP address was allowed. These were their answers.

Do you support Donald Trump's attempted refugee freeze?

66% - Yes
34% - No

Has Kevin O'Leary's gun range video, posted on the day of funerals for Quebec City shooting victims, changed your opinion of him?

60% - No
27% - Yes, I think of him more negatively
13% - Yes, I think of him more positively

Following the resignation of Nick Kouvalis from the Kellie Leitch campaign, are you more or less likely to support Leitch's leadership bid?

80% - Unchanged
13%  - Less Likely
7%    - More Likely

Do you support cutting Canada's corporate tax rate to zero?

52% - No
48% - Yes

Over the past 30 days, have you changed your mind about who you will support for leadership?

66% - No
34% - Yes

Of the 34% who said they have changed their minds, this is how their support has shifted:

This poll should not be considered scientific.

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