Meet The Most Polarizing Candidates

November 20th, 2016 | Poletical
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Subscribers to Poletical's email alerts, who described themselves as Conservative voters, participated in an email survey between November 18-20. Over 200 participated and were asked to type the name of the candidate they would be least happy to see win the Conservative Party leadership. They were also asked whether they would support the CPC in the next federal election in the event that their least favoured candidate were to win the leadership. Respondents were also asked a series of other questions and asked to describe what they think is the most important issue facing the Conservative Party.

Here are their answers.

Do you support a national carbon tax?

78% - No
22% - Yes

Should the Conservative Party offer free memberships?

71% - No
29% - Yes

What should happen to federal income tax?

29% - Cut by 10-15%
22% - Cut by 5-10%
18% - Cut by 15% or more
16% - Leave as is
15% - Abolish

What should happen to the CBC?

61% - Privatization
24% - Abolishment
15% - Leave as is

Which leadership candidate do you least want to win the Conservative leadership?

30% - Kellie Leitch
23% - Michael Chong
19% - Lisa Raitt
15% - Brad Trost
13% - Maxime Bernier


What is the most important issue facing the Conservative Party? (respondent comments)

"The acceptance of social conservatives within the party and letting them have a say."

"Threat of progressives and libertarians taking over the party ranks."

"Smaller and less intrusive government."

"I am not going to vote for any leader that is actively pro-choice. Strong moral leadership, unafraid of the media. It is important that all MPs are allowed to vote their conscience."


"If Chong wins, I'm out."


"Environmental policies."

"Attracting youth vote."

"Kick Michael Chong out of the party."

"Denounce Leitch! She is a terrible person and the party is going nowhere with people like her."

"We need more Bernier, fewer so-cons if we want to win."

"Lose the radicals like Chong and Maxime. They are turning the party into Liberal light. We already have children running the playground in Ottawa. Get lost."