Culture Happens Before Policy

April 7th, 2021 | RR

Culture wars are exhausting. Fighting fire with fire takes a toll on everyone's mental health and reputations. No one enjoys having to betray their own principles to win the small battles, or to climb down to the same level as their degenerate opponents, but it's a requirement to win the long game. None of us want to boycott or cancel our enemies, but their ruthlessness has put us between a rock and a hard place. Our past efforts to lead by example have only put us further behind and our opponents further ahead. In the end, if we win, we hope to rebuild the world in our own principled and civilized image.

That sounds pretentious, but so what? Our enemies are pretentious and evil.

A few years ago, I never would have used the word evil to describe what we know today as modern liberals and the far left. The word sounded too biblical and hyperbolic, but things have changed. Over the past few years, we have seen bizarre and amoral ideals entering grade school curricula and what used to be scientific truths scaled back and replaced by the equivalent of a new religion based on utopian fantasies. A new and intense religious zeal has entered mainstream culture. Even worse, we have seen an unprecedented level of hypocrisy from the people who are supposed to be our leaders and an unprecedented level of complacency from the general population.

Things are far worse than I ever imagined they could be.

From an irreligious perspective, the word evil would mean anything (or anyone) that seeks to upend and destroy the liberty, progress, history and culture that has brought us to the most prosperous time in human history. Actively working to undo the core principles of our society is pure evil—and it's exactly what the modern left is trying to do. They are successfully silencing their opponents, erasing our history and deconstructing our institutions in an effort to replace it all with something that goes against the very principles that make us who we are.

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The most sinister part of it all is that their actions are being endorsed by corporations, enabled by politicians and shrugged off by a complacent population. Their ideals have bled into mainstream media, leeched into academia, infected the minds of our children and changed the trajectory of our culture. In a few short years, we have seen decades worth of indoctrination take hold of our society. The Millennials who were taught the virtues of Marxism by their professors and Hollywood idols are now taking over our institutions, our corporations and our courts. Soon, our prime ministers and presidents will be Millennials who resent free speech, hate their own country and believe in equity over equality. If you think Trudeau is bad, just wait.

Things are far worse now than I ever could have imagined, but they're going to get worse.

On our side, we have pseudo-intellectuals who think that policies matter more than culture, unaware of the fundamental truth that politics is downstream from culture and that policies don't stand a chance unless they align with the cultural attitudes of the time. We've spent too much time tolerating these kinds of dimwits over the years—and their actions and their whinging have done nothing but hold us back. If you hear another “conservative” tell you that he doesn't care about fighting the culture wars because he's too busy fighting for policies, ask him how he plans to get the population to accept those policies.

We Are Losing The Culture War

Liberals keep winning in Canada because they've been fighting the culture wars and winning. Before Stephen Harper, Canada went two decades without a conservative government. In fact, conservative governments have always been a rare occurrence in Canada. Since 1935, Liberals have won 17 out of 26 elections, or 65% of the past 26 elections. A majority of our time since 1935 has been spent under Liberal rule in Canada. Why? Because Liberals and left-wing activists know that power is dependent on culture. To win the long game, they must either adapt to the culture, or change it.

It's debatable if anyone but liberals and socialists have ever been players in the culture wars. On both sides of the border, mainstream culture is influenced by one ideology. The only time anyone but liberals had a grip on Hollywood was before the 1970s, when movies derided laziness, socialism and communism. Now, the opposite is true. In 2021, Hollywood derides capitalism, American exceptionalism, patriotism and free speech. As a result, two entire generations have been taught to hate capitalism, resent free speech and to feel guilty about their prosperity and privilege.

In recent years, Americans have begun to move away from mainstream news and entertainment, while Canadians seem to be more mesmerized than ever by the glitzy, glamorous charlatanism. The difference it has caused in our culture and our attitudes is like night and day.

Trump's presidency was, in some ways, a direct result of Americans rejecting the liberal culture that has permeated throughout and driven their culture since the beginning of the sexual revolution. In Canada, reactions to Trump's presidency were in line with that of liberal Hollywood and most of the mainstream media. That's not a coincidence. America's liberal mainstream culture has been infecting the minds of Canadians the whole time we have been neighbours, but we've never questioned it—and we still don't.

While Americans build new enterprises and go to war against liberal culture, we Canadians continue to embrace it. Much of that has to do with our lack of entrepreneurial wit and our propensity to believe whoever the media deems “experts”. The only person in Canada who has had the balls to throw his money, clout and spirit at breaking the liberal mould is Ezra Levant. He can be a crybaby and a hypocrite, but he's one of our most powerful warriors at the moment.

Until we start breaking the mould in Canada and throwing more of our weight behind winning the culture wars, we won't ever have a government that aligns with our values. We'll have nothing but temporary blips on the radar, like Stephen Harper, and charlatans like Brian Mulroney. The current incarnation of the Conservative Party is worse than what the PC party was under Mulroney, Clark and Campbell. If they ever manage to get elected, they won't represent our interests or values.

It has been proven that conservatives can win votes by being conservative. It's not like there are no right-wing or conservative voters in Canada—they just haven't been able to find someone who represents them. In addition, they tend to be more stubborn and individualistic than leftists. It takes only one wrong move on a fundamentally important issue to lose their votes. Many of them find no value in voting for someone who will do nothing to change the status quo.

To start winning, we need to be more active in the culture wars and encourage quiet conservatives to speak up.

More right-leaning Canadians need to be given a voice. That's what Poletical has been trying to do on a minimal budget and with no profit for nearly ten years. As more of us get heard, our messages and ideas will resonate more loudly and across a wider spectrum. As our ideas and messages seep into the general public, we'll be able to step further into the mainstream zeitgeist. From there, anything is possible.

The Effects Of Culture On Policy

You may never bother to think about how far left Canada has veered on a number of social issues. That's kind of the point. When a culture becomes so ingrained in our minds, we stop noticing. Just like we stopped noticing what a staple Tim Horton's and crummy coffee have become in our lives as Canadians, we've stopped noticing how routine and regular it is to abort babies.

In many Latin American countries, abortion has moderate restrictions and in some countries it's straight up illegal. In parts of Europe and the United States, abortion is still a hotly debated and contested topic. In Canada, we don't even talk about it anymore, which is strange, considering that more than half of Canadians agree that abortion should have some restrictions.

"Our past efforts to lead by example have only put us further behind and our opponents further ahead."

On the issue of abortion, Canada is further left than most countries around the world, with some notable exceptions in Europe. In Canada, there are no legal limits on abortion and they are almost always funded by taxpayers.

Take a moment to think about that.

Immigrants from Brazil are often perplexed by Canada's wide open and free abortion policies, since the practice is illegal in their country and widely considered to be murder by a majority of the population. Any time the debate comes up in Canada, proponents of pro-life policies are immediately demonized and called fascists by a vast majority of journalists and politicians. In a country like Brazil, murdering an unborn fetus is more controversial than the idea of forcing a woman to carry and give birth.

The cultural difference between Brazil and Canada on the topic of abortion is striking.

Even our arguments in defence of free abortions are strikingly arrogant and astonishingly bigoted. Some may have just read the last paragraph and immediately defaulted to calling Brazil an ass-backwards, primitive country, when—in fact—the opposite is true. Brazil is a democratic country that is considered to be one of Latin America's up and coming superpowers. The country has a growing middle class, a burgeoning economy and a transparent election process.

Still, today, Brazil is facing an immigration crisis as its borders continue to be overwhelmed by fleeing Venezuelans.

In Brazil, there is still a healthy debate about abortion, but the culture is firmly set against it. As a result, the country's policies continue to defend the lives of unborn children—except in cases of rape. Meanwhile, in Canada, our culture is exactly the opposite. Fully funded, limitless abortions are so common that we don't even talk about it. Our cultural protectors in the mainstream media work to shut down the debate and portray defenders of pro-life policies as crazy wingnuts.

In Canada, we think of our cultural views on abortion as superior. We roll our eyes when we see the debate come up south of the border and we scoff at “primitive” Latin American countries with our inflated sense of grandeur. Instead of accepting the cultural attitudes of other countries, we set out to change them and proclaim that one day they will “catch up” to the rest of us.

If there is a definitive example of white privilege, it would be most accurately depicted by a typical, white Canadian.

Because the left controls and protects Canadian culture, we are bombarded by negative stats about clandestine abortions, women's rights and human rights whenever we talk about or challenge abortion policies. There is virtually no reasonable or fairly balanced opportunity to debate abortion in Canada. This is the result of a culture that is dominated by left-wing ideology. Whether it's in news, politics or entertainment, Canada leaves no room for the debate. Therefore, our culture stays firmly fixed in one place.

The slim majority of Canadians who support putting some restrictions on late-term abortion have no opportunity to speak. (70% think abortion should be illegal in the third trimester) Furthermore, they have no similar voices to relate with anywhere in news, politics or entertainment. When it comes to pro-life opinions, they're non-existent in Canadian media. To an ordinary person, it seems like the debate was settled long ago and that there are no dissenting voices. The silent dissenters, who think abortion should have limits, are made to feel alone and isolated, which further encourages them to remain silent out of fear of being ostracized and condemned.

That's how cultural suppression works and how the left has been able to dominate our culture and our elections since 1935. If we want to start implementing our policies and getting Canadians to accept our ideas, we need to take control of the cultural trajectory. Until we do that, our most amazing and fantastic policies won't stand a chance.

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