CBC Suggests Unionizing Military
March 15th, 2017 | Poletical News
Contributing to the CBC, Robert Smol has suggested that Canada's military should be unionized. The CBC has been running segments in which people record their opinions in front of a white screen. One segment in the series of "View Points" features Smol arguing in favour of unionizing Canada's Armed Forces.

This argument has aired on CBC's prime time schedule with The National. Smol's argument was originally published on February 20 on the CBC website.

For the CBC, Smol wrote

"Unionization is about trust and empowerment. It means giving the military rank and file the right, as a group, to self-advocate and negotiate for improved salary, benefits and working conditions within government-approved parameters. It will also give individual members the means to more effectively air their grievances. Invariably, the result will be faster and better treatment when it comes to injuries and disabilities, and it will mean quicker and more efficient remedies when benefits are denied."

Smol's suggestion has since been pushed and reiterated on several CBC platforms.