Activist Group Takes Credit For Ousting Bill O'Reilly
April 22nd, 2017 | Poletical News
bill o'reilly
The left-wing activist group, Color Of Change, has taken credit for helping to oust Bill O'Reilly. In an interview with Salon, the group claims to have used "old and new" tactics to have the veteran host fired.

The group's executive director, Rashad Robinson, said, "I mean, it's not a secret what we've been doing. It all seems very familiar." In 2011, Color Of Change took credit for having Glenn Beck fired from Fox News by boycotting and shaming advertisers into dropping their sponsorship of his show. 

The group partnered with other activist groups including UltraViolet, Sleeping Giants and Media Matters to disseminate the contact information of O'Reilly Factor sponsors.

An archived version of the Salon article can be read here.