Venezuela Punishes Bread-Makers
March 17th, 2017 | Poletical News
Venezuela's collapsing economy continues to face unprecedented shortages. In an effort to "crack down" on bakeries using flour to bake other items besides bread, the Venezuelan government announced in a statement that it had charged four people with illegally using price-controlled flour to bake croissants, cookies and sweet rolls. In the process, the country's National Superintendent for the Defence Of Socioeconomic Rights said that two bakeries were also seized by the government. 

Under strict controls, nationally priced flour is to be used only for baking bread that must reach a certain mandated weight. The bakers charged had been baking bread that did not meet the weight requirements set forth by Venezuela's socialist government. Some bakeries were also charged with selling overpriced bread and baking other items illegally.

In a move that appears to be taken from the pages of a satire magazine, Venezuela's latest action to punish bakeries is only one of many moves by the government to control the country's economy and short food supplies. 

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